Affliction, Shadow-self, and the Dog in the Car

K’OUEN – L’AFFLICTION – I Ching 47 – Exhausting (Huang translation)
SHADOW – I face my shadow-self bravely


This Page is so young, so bursting with enthusiasm. James Ricklef refers to this enthusiasm as living life like a dog in a car. That tail wagging, ready-to-go, hanging your head out the window to see what’s coming up kind of feeling.

Which is not something I’ve felt for a while since being undermined by health problems, but the Yi King card (which is in French) refers to solitude and patience as a way out of affliction. When you are exhausted sometimes the best thing is to do nothing, to be patient.

The card from The Healing Deck mentions anxiety and self-doubt that poisons relationships and weakens our resolve, hardly things this Page would feel or think. Allow your light side to triumph, but allow time, bide your time, be patient. Reflection, interior solitude, let the faiblesse, the weakness and dimness pass.

This Page wears a mask, cut from a lion apparently whose dead legs hang down from his costume. Perhaps a way of feeling good is to put on the mask and act as if you felt well, as if you were strong, and then wait in your solitude for your light side to triumph.


The Great Accumulation of Nourishment

Daily Draw November 8th, 2012

I actually drew this for Tuesday, two days ago, and forgot to post it, but it is relevant for the week so I’m putting it up now.

This is from Yi King – Tarot Oriental by Paul Iki which is not a tarot deck but an I Ching deck in French.

Ta Tch’ou – #26
Le Pouvoir du Fort

This is usually called Great Accumulation or The Taming Power of the Great or The Great Nourisher. Paul Iki translates it as..hard to say but I’m going with The Power of the Strong but you could say The Power of the Great. Meh—translation!

The thing that struck me about this card is that it talks about pulling back and having patience. Success on the path your are taking, but taming your passions. Progress with precautions, and temporary obstacles.

I get quite anxious that I am not feeling well some days. I pulled back substantially this week on food choices and am being cautious and chipping away at things, taking my supplements. I am storing up nourishment, and accumulating good health.

That’s pretty good power.


I Ching 28 Amid the Eye Hurtses

Daily Draw January 4th, 2011

I am a day late posting this but I had the flu and was in and out of bed yesterday. Oooh the head thing, the eye hurtses.

I used six of my I Ching decks for this one. I could have used more but they start to get cumbersome to move up and down and scan.

I Ching Cards by Ghao-Hsiu-Chen
28 – Excess

One sentence on the card “Salvage victory from defeat instead of waiting for disaster” reminds me of the proactive Kabbalah draw recently. The tree on this card has had too much water and is close to breaking, or rotting from weakness, saturation.

This is another card about balance.

I Ching of Love by Ma Nishavdo (LS)
28 – Under Pressure

I notice the heart is under pressure here which literally gives me the idea that I should watch out for my blood pressure. The sun is peeking out though and there are some smaller stones taking the pressure on themselves to help the heart.

It’s a serious situation, one that feels like you are trapped, but joyous serenity and trust will get you through it.

Yi King – Tarot Oriental de Paul Iki
28 – Ta Kouo – La Faille

The fault or weakness. Big danger requiring exceptional initiative to surmount. Success and ultimate triumph with the right precaution and prudence.

Sometimes it’s hard to battle the current but with others helping you can avoid reefs and danger. While the boats are struggling in the waves they are passing the rock and being bounced about. One chap is having great trouble holding onto the rudder, others are using long poles to try and steady the course, to provide balance.

I Ching Tarot by Kwan Lau
28 – Da Guo- Great Exceeding

Another mountain to climb but it can be done bit by bit with flexibility and resilience. To withstand trauma you need tolerance and forgiveness—you can go anywhere with that. You need an anchor and stability in life. Trees and people rejuvenate themselves, there is new life after a bad experience. You need proper support and confidence to turn from the dangerous circumstances.

The I-Ching Tarot by Cheung Kwong Yin
28 – Overload

Lengthy treatment of illness, perhaps overloading the boat with expectations that are too high. If you shed old things you can renew yourself and thus gain the strength you need to go on.

Irish Fairy Cards by Jaya Moran
28 – Color Healing

This is about freshening your life and uplifting your spirits with the rainbow. Each colour means something like passion, security, maturity, love, certainty, and wisdom, and they shower down as you open your heart. Play with colour as often as you can and wear it too. As you trust your intuition and dreams, you are ready to be healed. Enter that new life.

Alfred Huang, in his book The Complete I Ching, says that Great Exceeding is the literal meaning in Chinese, although others translate it as Preponderance of the Great, or Excess.

The gua follows the #27 gua called Nourishing so there is the idea that you need to couple nourishing with Great Exceeding, the extraordinary action you need during the time of great exceeding needs nourishment. I like that idea because you need a lot of energy to build strength and stability. Your ridgepole or beam is sagging, you are out of balance.

If you are too firm or inflexible you will break, and if the situation is too big to control, that is a weakness that you need to adjust. No matter how difficult, you can solve the problem this way. Soften the path, take action in a balanced way. You want to move to solve the problem but not get in over your head; be humble, work with others.

I have drawn this card before, and I think it aptly defines the way I get overwhelmed. My expectations are too high, I swing from one extreme to another, giving up as I get overloaded. If you bum out one day, you can grab another pole and get that boat balanced.

The idea of blood pressure and nourishment and extraordinary action taken with balance is a good idea to hold throughout the year.