Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 6: Protection

If you bother me I’ll clobber you with my chestnut conkers.

PROTECTION – Okanagan Oracle
4 DRAGONFLY – MAGIC – SOUTH GUARDIAN – Wisdom of the Four Winds
II – The Mystic Rubaiyat by Penelope Cline
Here with a Loaf of Bread beneath the Bough,
A flask of Wine, a Book of Verse – and Thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness –
And Wilderness is Paradise enow.
TALL TAIL – Charley Harper Birds Postcards


Oh no, another brown card. But wait shoppers, we have several shades of greens and golds, and chestnut, beige, and black so not just brown.

Wilderness is paradise with the planning power of squirrel and the swiftness of the road runner, the iridescence of dragonfly among reeds, a canopy of oh so many greens, and you picking up conkers for protection as you pull the sleeves of your black sweater down to keep your hands warm.

Storing energy for protection. I had a day yesterday when I pulled these cards where I sat around in my nightie and thick red sweater all day, needing a shower but wanting to snuggle under blankets and read and watch dog shows on television. A bit like Fall, the feeling of Autumn, but it’s Spring and I must go about today after my day of rest and protection, thinking green thoughts of growth and the shimmer of dragonflies in the heat.

Reeds make a good breathing tube, like a tall cactus in the desert reaches for sky.




The Great Mantid Imperative

While discussing The Hermit card in the Animal Totem Tarot on May 13th, I was moaning that I wasn’t able to find a suitable mantis figure. Someone heard my plea, and an amazing occurrence happened yesterday when I received a large plastic mantis figure all the way from Hawaii in the mail. Obviously someone recognized the absolute NEED for something like this.


Yes, he’s heading for the dining room to check out those cat figurines in the new cabinet.

Today, Mr. Mantis and I decided to explore card decks in my collection that feature mantids. Rare is the artist who recognizes the need to feature one of these insects in a deck, but there are artists hip to the vibe, fortunately for our examination. UPDATE: I discovered that Paulina Cassidy is working on her new deck the Spiritsong Tarot, and it will have a mantis as The Hanged Man as well as other animals on each card.


Wow, six of them turned up for the party. The little green guy in the Osho Zen is sitting on the man’s hand, but if you look closely you can see his triangular head turning sideways as they discuss the outrageous prices of Meissen porcelain. Yeah, that would get anyone talking.


So ends our exploration for today.

There seems to be an essential need for a piece of artwork featuring a mantis with a cat figurine, have you noticed this?



Spores Drift and Fall

Daily Draw September 1st, 2011

I decided to draw two cards today from the Wisdom of the Four Winds.


Today when I read the “inner strength” words I thought of physical strength and muscles, connective tissue and nerves, like the tendrils and roots of the rata.

I did a study of the Rata card once in conjunction with a random passage from The Alphabetic Labyrinth book in the weeks right after I got fired. Yup, here we go…I paired it with a snippet about monks and the themes in illuminated manuscripts on July 19th, 2005. Before I had this online blog I kept printed tarot journals of such things.

Rata grows on a host tree and starts from a tiny threadlike vine and grows larger until it envelops the host. It doesn’t kill the host, merely grows there. The parallel with cancer occurs to me and yet it also means growth of good tissues in the body. Inter-dependence is balance, not destruction. One thing feeds another.

The tree fern is also strong and puts forth a spiral-shaped frond with its spore, hence the unfolding, new birth. This card too highlights balance, the balance between light and dark, reaching for light to grow from the forest floor: you have to feel something before you can heal and push toward the light. I like this line from the book, “All is opportunity within the balance.”

I really got into a mess back in 2004/2005 because of the lack of balance in my life and it has taken me years to sort it out, and I’m still working on the residual physical healing. It’s amazing how the thoughts generated by the brain can affect the body. I’ve always known that but it took my own protracted problems with physical pain for me to understand how deep the connection is and how important it is to lead a balanced life. It’s much harder to get healthy once you’ve buggered things up, but like the patience of slow growth and these two plants, it can be done.

Spores, like tiny cells replicating, dividing, replacing dead cells and regenerating, slowly the spores drift out and fall, taking root, existing and becoming strong in the new balance.

That’s my hope anyway.

Light for the Adventure

Daily Draw April 15th, 2009

One of the joys of daily draws is that I come down and my older cat follows me and jumps up on the computer desk and we have a cuddle. She likes to sit over my arms and lean against me and drool while I pat her. She is nine years-old and came here when she was a kitten; I picked her out of the litter. Her mother was a sealpoint Siamese and her father was a flame Himalayan. She looks like a Himalayan with a medium coat and tortoiseshell points, and has blue eyes like a Siamese but pale and hidden under her bushy eyebrows. She may only live five more years, just when we are so close. She sleeps on my bed every night and won’t settle unless she does. Truthfully, I don’t settle unless she is there either, it’s our routine.

Today’s card is from the Wisdom of the Four Winds deck. I’d forgotten how good this set is. The book is a wonderful hardcover, with poems and thoughts and coloured pictures of the cards. The layout is very pretty, as are the cards.


What a lovely image of mountain, sunrise, trees, and water. Would that every day started with a scene like this. One of the most beautiful sights in the world is light over rippling water, it makes you feel calm and happy and reflective. The sun brings heat but also illumination, the light we crave washing over us, brightening the day and our thoughts.


I am Te Ra

I move to send the seasons
The sharing of hope filled days
Within the greater circle
That is of the ancient ways

Fire burning across the realms
Of endless space and true time
The beginning and the end
Mystery sown within the rhyme

Light honouring the shadow
The gently lifting it high

I am the Gift of Life

The book also mentions that the sun sends reflected light from the moon as well, so it’s with us always, this light of the sun, which is something I never considered.

New beginnings and significant movement is what this card says, and a wider picture of light for the adventure.