Whuppity Do Dah Do

Daily Draw March 21st, 2012

Oh wow, yesterday was the first day of Spring!


The hag-like woman is the Whoopity Stoorie, called the Whuppity Stoorie in my book The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fairies by Anna Franklin.

The story comes from Lanark, Scotland where a farmer’s wife whose husband has gone to sea, pressed into service by a press gang, is left alone to cope with the household. When her pig got sick, this hag appeared and cured the pig but demanded the woman’s only son in payment unless the wife could guess the fairy’s name.

She must have given the woman a day or two (don’t they always give you three days in fairy tales?) so the woman had time to wander about and her luck was to come upon the fairy gloating over her upcoming prize and singing:

“Little kens our guid dame at hame
That Whuppity Stoorie is my name”

The very moment which we see in the card. It pays off big time to walk in the woods.

Yesterday I tried to walk in the woods but had a lot of pain after about 7 minutes or so and turned back, limping. I get scared that I’ll hurt myself and never walk again. Perhaps today I shall try a very short walk again to gradually build up my muscles?

I could hug a tree on my walk and listen to the Whuppity Stoorie cackle her song by the merman pond, which is full of water and singing frogs. Signing frogs and singing robins: the best things about Spring.