The King of Swords and Two Ladies

The King of Swords, that virile fellow, has been dating two women and is indicating a preference for the younger Page of Coins from the Ancient Minchiate Etruria rather than the Japanese lady on the 7 of Hearts from the Ukiyo-e Playing Cards.


Given his penchant for intellectual world-building and vision, I’m not sure this earthy Coins Page is a suitable match, but he has been mesmerized by her practical ability with finances. Unfortunately after he becomes used to her hair streaming in the wind while she delicately skips about in her fine sandals, he will begin to notice her lingering stubbornness when he wants to hire an architect to build a new palace. She will say to him “Look at this Coin, do you really need a new palace, isn’t it enough to disport through the kingdom in a handsome bear cloak with me by your side as Queen in new dresses woven with gold?”

“Well no”, he will remark after indicating the new style of architecture from Milan, and even her youthful bosom will not sway him from his will to build, to throw his mental power into a new project. At that point he will dream about his more demur and compliant mistress with the dark hair and imagine her letting her hair down and brushing it over his forearm while he shows her the new architectural plans and sketches for statuary, including the Venus he wants her to pose for.

He will call for her to come to him in rustling silks and gold, and she will sing songs of world-building ventures as he closes his eyes and smells jasmine.

You can’t be too careful in choosing the right partner if you are a King. Differing enthusiasms about world-building can strangle you like a long, draped scarf.





Jokers Out of the Box

Daily Draw November 25th, 2011

I grabbed a few playing card decks last night and pulled some Jokers out just for fun. I always think I can do every deck I own but I own 59 playing cards and had to edit it down.

These are somewhat conventional Jokers in the type of pattern we are used to seeing. I didn’t pull out any regular fellows in the English pattern because they are so familiar. I think the first Joker in the Anglo Miniature deck is so clever.

I love the juggling exuberance of the Joker in the Millennium deck. Macbeth by William Blake is on the Shakespeare card, which is from a pack that uses Blake’s work.

The devils on the Crusades deck are quirky, and like Frank Lloyd Wright, I simply love Japanese prints.

This type of Joker with the herald and/or the blank area for writing is my favourite kind. They seem to have been popular in earlier times, as these are all from reproductions of historical French decks. I’m not sure if this was a peculiarity of French decks only but I find them charming.

These are from two transformation decks with artwork by various artists on each card. I love the art of John Bellany and was pleased to see him in this deck. Albert Irvin is a well-known British abstract artist and his big, blocky Joker is appealing. I don’t know the other artists but that’s why I like such decks, I can learn about artists and styles of art.

These are just amusing. Simon Drew’s art is exceptional to begin with but the puns have me in heaven, chuckling away, every time I see one. I have shown the black Joker on the blog before but you can’t have too much of a good thing.

I went to a lot of trouble to hunt up and buy the Dead Hand deck. I don’t use it for poker so can’t attest as to the fun of the game but the idea is so fresh and interesting that I had to have a pack. I love the words on the Joker on the left:

’cause games are a lot more fun when you can stab a friend in the back.

It makes me laugh every time.

So there are some jolly Jokers fur fun and art today.

More Minor Disappointment

Daily Draw November 18th, 2009

Time is walking softly toward a new year.

From the Ukiyo-E Playing Cards by Piatnik:

Ace of Spades
3 of Diamonds
2 of Clubs



Another Ace, this is my week for Aces as well. Ace – A conclusion or ending. Death literally of figuratively. Conclusion or death of circumstances.
3 of Diamonds – Petty, domestic conflicts. Petty differences blow up into a big feud, which rather reminds me of my family rather than my spouse. I like the shadow figures behind the screen in this picture.
Gee, that 2 is determined to stick to me. More minor disappointments. Has this man just missed the bus behind him?

I finished a project yesterday that I am mailing off to a lady, so in that sense there is a conclusion. I actually feel better now that it’s done. I’ll keep an eye out for the petty conflicts, I am a bit irritable already due to a stuffy head and cold. The minor disappointments might refer to mail received, so I’ll try to ramp down the excitement so I’m not disappointed.

Ukiyoe Signs

Daily Draw May 6th, 2009

I am pairing the Synchro-Signs with the Ukiyoe playing card deck by Piatnik.



I chose seven tiles today to go with the seven on the playing card. The 7 of Clubs is pretty basic, it means sexual desire with no love or attachment, just plain old sex.

With that I get disruption, inconvenience, something I have no control over in Quake. The Butterfly symbolizes transformation, usually in a good way. The Castle, in conjunction with these other cards, is about material and financial security or possibly building a business. Don’t overstretch yourself but also realize that you can go further.

The Elder could be about a mentor or older person, or it could be about inherited or genetic health problems and taking care of your body if these are playing a prominent role recently. Volcano might be unnatural suppression of feelings or forms of expression–you should respect all forms of creative expression (including sex I take this to mean.).

The House piece is about family, perhaps inheritance or genetics or harmony of the Self and taking care of your house. The Pathway is about the journey through life. Upsets and delays can happen but it’s more about which way will I go or what is my calling.

I haven’t used these pieces in a specific place, just as clarification for the main card of the 7 of Clubs. This can sometimes be a tricky thing to do. In the book Mary McNaughton lays the tiles out in groups like Potential, Constraints, Actions, or Hidden Aspects, to pinpoint meaning. Here, my meaning is pinpointed by what I am pairing the pieces with. So in this instance, they all revolve around the 7 of Clubs.

Taking care of my house after experiencing something I have no control over. Transforming, feeling secure, taking care of my body, unnatural suppression of feelings that must be respected, and choosing my pathway, getting along the road after an upset and delay.


I forgot to add this earlier, I had randomly picked the last two stanzas of Petrarch’s poem #191 to tie into this draw:

Green grass and flowers of a thousand colors
scattered beneath that black and ancient oak
entreat her lovely foot to step on them;

the sky’s aswarm with sparks, with shining fire,
and seems to be rejoicing everywhere
at being made so clear by eyes so fair.