Laurels That Sort of Rest

I thought of the phrase about not resting on your laurels with this. Laurel leaves and victory and accomplishment ring out today because I finished painting my tree mural yesterday after ten days.


I am very sore and I have my diptych over the fireplace yet to do, but I am feeling a bit scatty. I find when I complete a huge task it is often this way. I am partly let down after the euphoria of completion, and partly tired, and partly so jazzed up with excitement that I can’t settle myself to the next task. Now what?

LAUREL – (Prunus lusitanica) – RESOURCEFULNESS


Resourcefulness, full of resources, full of ideas, but attention is fragmented. Lisa says to take time for your true intentions to become clearer. Hold your vision and create smaller steps for your goals. As I saw with painting the tree, I can’t do too much in one day lest I set off a chain of pain, so this card is supporting that.

I have a couple of drop caps to draw and want to take the day off and take it easy. Next week our front steps are hopefully being built, I also have to go to the bank, and relatives are coming for five days. It’s not really the time to start something big but I might try to seal my wood panels preparatory to putting gesso on them.

I don’t want to lose this great momentum but I’m not able to focus either.

Sunday IS a day of rest. Happy Sunday!




Inseparable Inspiration

While waiting for the spouse to finish sanding, I am posting a card I drew from The Healing Deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.



Still struggling with selecting the background from the card in Affinity Photo. It was so easy in Photoshop but it’s a bit odd in Affinity. Next time I shall try a colour selection and see if that works better.

The back of this card says that prayer and meditation bring a feeling of connection to higher forces, which will make you feel inspired and inspiring.

I’ve got the entire first coat on after adding two finer snippets of branches last night. This is the final tree, I must beat down the inspiration to add more as I go in for a second coat.


I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. What is worse, painting tree branches at the top of your mural as the sweat pours down your face, or getting your teeth cleaned?



Gothic Tree is a Pain

I barely managed to get this jigsaw done of the Jeu Gothique playing cards. I got the image for this from Roddy Somerville’s Playing Card Sales site. I hope Mr. Somerville is well, he had such a passion and interest in cards and offered so many great decks on his site. Many, many of my most interesting playing cards are from him.


The reason I can’t use the computer much is that I’m painting my tree in the hall. I managed to draw it in chalk on Friday, then on Saturday I managed to paint the lower 2/3 of it before having to stop for pain.

Today is Sunday and after eating and taking some aspirin, I’m strapping on my tendon cuff and s-l-o-w-l-y going to finish the top so that one whole coat is completed. I hope so much that I don’t hurt my shoulder. I just want to complete one coat, maybe 45 minutes work, and then I’ll leave it for the day and hopefully be able to put a second coat on half of it tomorrow, and half the next day, and thus finish it.

I am very pleased with it so far, but the pain is getting to me and I have to manage it in increments so I don’t end up spending weeks not being able to do anything.


Happy Sunday!