Lenormand Five for Health

I am using the human body associations that Sylvie Steinbach uses in her Lenormand book, coupled with additional nuances of meaning from the excellent book from the Celtic Lenormand. I like Chloe’s insights from that book and often use them although I am not using that deck today. Today I am using the Lenormand Wahrsagekarten which has German notes for meanings on additional cards in the deck.

My question was: I’m worried about my health, what can I expect?

9 Bouquet; 10 Scythe; 25 Ring; 2 Clover; 19 Tower


9 BOUQUET – (face, smile, hair) Beauty, recovery, wellness, happy times, blooming, Spring, renewal. Maybe a literal nod to health improvements making hair and skin look much better?

10 SCYTHE – (teeth, mouth) Cutting without hesitation surgery, surgeon, harvest, shock, cutting down what was. Tough love will bear fruit, drastic change, cut out habits or things that don’t serve the highest good.

I was a bit worried about this because of the surgery aspect. Perhaps I can take it as a warning that if I don’t make changes I’ll be heading for surgery? Because of the nicer cards around this I thought I’d take it to mean simply cutting out. The mouth association reminds me of eating unhealthy foods and cutting those out. Since I fell last week I have been eating properly and feeling a lot better.

The German word for scythe is sense, as outlined in the explanatory cards, which is not the English meaning of sense but I like the dual aspect between German and English. Use your sense in change.

25 RING – (lymphatic system) I do have some problems in my legs with circulation and lymphatic problems. Here is my clue to wise up. The idea of completion, commitment, and a satisfying solution is good here. Chloe had a few extra ideas in her book about breaking out of a cycle or person that ties you to an unhealthy way of being. Bind or lock an intention in place, honour your commitments. The spouse often eats twice as much as me, so portion control is difficult but not impossible.

The lymphatic system is something we take for granted, but as we age it is worn out and sometimes damaged by our Western lifestyle of eating. Ring also makes me think of cinching in a belt or indeed leg irons or shackles, a negative meaning.

2 CLOVER – (ethereal body, aura) Whatever the ethereal body is (a Theosophical term) and I don’t believe in auras, so maybe I could say “energy spirit” instead? Luck, opportunity, hope happy endings, unexpected outcomes. Seize the opportunity, seize what life presents. Positive thinking toward life is a better energy to emit for sure.

19 TOWER – (spine and back) Guards, protects, officialdom, buildings, high ideals, big goals. Solidity, refuge (like the birds find refuge in the Tower as depicted on the card), authority, structure, security, isolation. Gain perspective.

I like Chloe’s idea of gaining perspective with this. Isolation is helpful and the high ideals of commitment to the cause are good. I think the sense (!!) of being too isolated or too inflexible echoes here. Inner security is like a tower that cannot be assailed by outside circumstance, and buildings do move slightly in the wind.

I have problems with my spine and back which would be greatly improved by eating properly to decrease edema and inflammation, and losing weight. The spine is the inner core and yet remains flexible, absorbs shock. I’m wondering if the ‘flu I had several days ago was actually my body saying “Enough!” and purging itself? Since then I’ve been eating properly, and doubly so after I fell, like the shock of the scythe, sometimes the body takes action.

This seems good with some caution connected to the scythe.


Lotus in the Hen House

Up and at ‘em this morning, I cleaned the litter box, had a shower, put in a laundry and opened a box with the label “small books” which was my written euphemism for card decks when I was packing to move. I pulled out The Relax Deck so am using it today with the Celtic Lenormand.



I regiment them into flanks, which cards enjoy should you wish to please them.

That kid is harvesting eggs, having fed her chicken just the right food and kept the hen house clean with fresh water available and given Miss Hen a bit of scratching outside in the sun. She could do no better and now has the reward of fresh eggs. Kids don’t often realize when young that a chore can be a burden, they consider it play.

A nice thought for today as I continue unboxing books. We unpacked about eight boxes and then had to go to Home Depot to buy extra shelf thingies for the bookcases. Some seem to have gone missing in the move. Armed with six packages of various pegs, I feel sure we can forge on successfully today. Beginner’s mind as I continue today.

The Lotus Blossom is about losing your spiritual self amid material concerns, so a focus today on my inner self will restore harmony. The playful Child would stop to enjoy the bloom of the lotus.

The Tower is about coming together, getting the home shipshape for security. Being alone without isolating yourself completely can help nourish you, so working on our home again today is good quiet time.

The spouse called a furniture repair person to fix two old pieces that broke during our move. Hopefully tomorrow he can get them fixed and we can carry on putting things on and in them. Another task inching along.


Stroking for Soup

Daily Draw May 27th, 2013

I was up at 1:30 a.m. until about 7 a.m. with leg cramps and nerve pain so I had quite a disturbed sleep to say the least. I’m a bit weepy and exhausted today, so I’m making some homemade soup and puttering away at keeping the kitchen clean and doing laundry. When all else fails for comfort there is hot soup–T-shirt saying #87–thus sayeth Judith.



It’s Amadan, the Stroke Lad, whom I’ve met before in this deck. In this case I’m sure it refers to my recent obstructions in healing. I am trying to hunt up a practitioner in somatics but it seems hopeless, so I bought a new book that has clearer photographs for the Hanna Somatic exercises and I’ll try to forge on by myself.

You do what you can. My new phrase “I cannot worry about every little thing” keeps going through my mind. Part of a Tower experience it seems to me is how you meet it or adapt to it. Also I like the idea of structures that have imprisoned you breaking apart with this, and that this card represents my need to break free of a lot of things.

Maybe real physical repair is on the horizon for me? The big, old breakthrough experience of the Tower can be very good, although startling.


Strokes and Bolts

Daily Draw July 27th, 2012

I had my computer turned off again yesterday as we had thunderstorms and rain, which we badly needed. I feel safe doing a laundry today since we had some rainfall.

That’s two days this week my computer has been off and I really got caught up on my reading, and brushed the dog yesterday, and had a bike ride today. I am still pretty sore but doing bits here and there, mostly cooking and cleaning.

I’m going to have a quick draw with the Tarot of the Celtic Fairies today.




No matter where I go, this comes back. I am wondering if instead of thinking of dire consequences, I should think of old patterns being torn down? Maybe, maybe it’s time for the big change to finally gain momentum?

The figure on this card is Amadan, the “Stroke Lad” who strikes people with unexpected disabilities. God, I hope not. Amadan can be both malevolent and benevolent and enjoys administering the “Fairy Stroke” causing paralysis, crippling, or death. We derived our term “stroke” for cerebral haemorrhage from this folk tale. Amadan means “fool” but his touch can be crippling, so he isn’t a funny fool.

Well, I don’t want to have a stroke, so I shall keep Amadan in mind.


Back in the Amusement Park

Daily Draw July 25th, 2012

Yesterday started out fine and after a bike ride I spent 1.75 hours in the garden reading a book under a nice maple tree with my dog while we enjoyed the cool breeze. When I came in to make lunch I discovered that the refrigerator had died. It was inevitable but still, I hit the panic button as I couldn’t get hold of my husband and I don’t drive. I finally called my neighbour and we discerned that it wasn’t a fuse, and then she offered to drive me to the next town to the appliance store.

So I went down and bought a fridge and they delivered it 4.5 hours later and set it up and took away the old fridge. My husband kept calling me a soldier and saying “My hero!” I ache all over from cleaning up the old fridge and wiping down the new one and several trips to the recycling bins and the garbage and scrubbing the floor to get it ready for the new fridge.

Hey, it works! The miracle of a fridge that isn’t 28 years-old.


This seems to be my time for Tower incidents. That was a doozy yesterday, let’s hope today is quiet while I rest up and stop aching all over. It’s kind of like being on the Tilt-a-Whirl ride at an amusement park and feeling a bit wobbly afterward but not throwing up. However, you don’t want to go on the ride again.




The Bull Imperative of Fortitude

Daily Draw April 23rd, 2012

I’m having one of those weeks where everything hurts from tip to toe.

19 – TOWER

So when I drew these two today I felt some strength of mind returning to me when the Tea Leaf Fortune card book said “The Bull represents a situation or person that you must not back down from. It will require all of your strength and fortitude to face this person or situation, but it is imperative that you do not back down.”

The Tower of strength and long life would seem to back this up. I feel like giving up totally. Phttt.

The Solidity of Towers

Daily Draw April 18th, 2012

First, a little treat for my compatriots in home decorating. Yes, it’s the magic chair, displaying its fondness for the red Jacobean fabric I am making a pillow of. I desperately want to use a striped fabric for piping but I need to buy some cording. The rest of my room is a wreck but I made a start at least.

19 – TOWER

A card comparison today with the Tower card from The Illustrative Lenormand Oracle. Remember kids, every card deck needs a friend, and Lenormand decks are so gregarious they need many, many Lenormand friends.

Unlike the lightning destruction of the tarot Tower card, this one is going to stand for years. Solid and upright and somewhat isolated and detached, It is this detachment that I suggested when I placed a gatehouse in front of the tower engraving on the card in The Illustrative Lenormand Oracle. I wanted a sense of separation, an extra barrier.

The LWB for the middle card from the Lo Scarabeo Lenormand Oracle Cards mentions detached analysis and rejection of prejudices, so that ties in nicely with not feeling bad if you like to withdraw.

Those of us who are introverts often agonize over our attitude toward socialization, but I am quite happy puttering by myself, popping out now and then for a chat about books. I finally reconciled myself to upholding my own dignity and respect. I am this way, like the solid tower, withdrawn but steady, catching the wind, flying my flag.