A Graffiti Moment of Celebration

KING OF SPADES – The walls are the publishers of the poor. [Eduardo Galeano]

(I swear I did not pick Eduardo specifically after his death on the 13th, he just popped out.)


We received our tax rebate in the mail yesterday (earlier than expected) and my husband surprised me by saying I could order the Animalis Os Fortuna Tarot. So I did, and most definitely feel like a Three of Cups moment today.

It’s warming up, we went to the library for a fresh infusion of books yesterday and had the windows open. Today is supposed to be nice too. I’ve been getting my head around moving again. Yesterday while out, I saw a former co-worker which got me down, but then I thought “No, we are moving and starting a new life.”

The King of Spades in the system I use for playing cards, often symbolizes an older man, so I think he’s probably my husband, and he provides insight and direction. Thinking of walls and graffiti, as the King does, it might be a good day for journalling and drawing.

I’ll take that!





The Three Amigos in the Desert



It’s a slow Monday in Water Cup Desert, but these three chaps have gotten together to sip the soy out of their cheery cups. They did a laundry and are now watching their clothes dry in the sun on the clothesline.

They occasionally get up and putter at something: making lunch, sweeping the floor, refilling their glasses, putting water in the ice trays to freeze in the icebox, that sort of thing. Kitty likes his two friends Binky and Blinky because they remind him of the first Sandman comic and the mask that Dream wore.

My, isn’t it warm today? Not a breeze to disturb them as they enjoy each other’s company. Maybe they should invite Bundie around to sip the soy? Well, maybe later, it’s pleasant with just the three friends, sitting in loving contentment.

“Slurp.” Gosh, where are Kitty’s manners? The dice roll their eyes, expanding and contracting in the desert heat.



Fortuna Finds a Trilight Bulb Illuminating Her Work

Daily Draw December 7th, 2012

I decided on a 3-card draw today and I am using the Artist’s Inner Vision Tarot. The deck was published in 1999 and I remember back in my early tarot days dreaming and wishing over this one. At the time, collage on cards was quite innovative, but now we see this sort of this all the time in ATCs and altered books and art journals, as well as card decks.

It’s not my favourite but it holds up some how and many of the cards are visually stunning.



Things are turning, go with the flow, accept change. Accept because anything else is a waste of energy. For me, this is an important notion lately.

Mr. Glad Heart in the middle is holding his trilight, wondering why the trilight bulbs are so darn expensive, but bringing the light and celebrating nonetheless. I also think he is standing up for himself, but in a joyous, celebratory manner, not a confrontational one.

The young and fruitful Princess is a lady of enthusiasms like all the Pages. I am not youthful but I can adopt a youthful attitude about change and new beginnings. I like that in the book they refer to a “ground-level start” and this reminds me of the accounting ledger I am trying to decorate where I have laid a ground down already and then got stuck. I am calling it the Blobby Flowers Journal and started out with great intentions of being loose, but am getting strapped up in my mind.

The cards are all reminding me to let it go and let it happen, let it revolve. Go have a cup of tea and glue those stems and leaves down. Then what happens, and then where will we go? Switch on the trilight and don’t worry about.




Blechy Jell-O Days

Daily Draw October 21st, 2012


This baby is supposed to be mixing up a delightful cocktail of significant change and the start of something new. In fact, he got into the Jell-O and tried to mix a third colour which is pretty dull and unappetizing.

Thus went my day, although I did manage to bathe a dog and get the other dog detangled a bit, I just hurt all day and was tried and cranky. Even slicing fruit into this cocktail would not have helped.


I Whoop it Up in Peruvian Blue

Daily Draw August 7th, 2010

Oh great, the Queen of Wands zoomed by me yesterday, giving me a wave and looking alarmed at the nine foot beast I knit that was supposed to be a felted purse strap.

Change of plans: “Flexibility” is my name, and I have paired 5 new skeins of wool to go with the old wool and I’m making a cardigan. I have to knit and wash swatches first to try and come up with a gauge so the thing fits and doesn’t turn out to be nine feel long like the strap. Never follow other people’s patterns; it’s a good rule.

I am in agonies for spending money, but I’ll get something nice out of it in 100% wool, and I need clothes as all the old ones are too big.

So after being frazzled to the max by all this I draw a card to get a feel for direction………….


That’s the ticket, never give up when you can celebrate and swish around in the blue/green sea and use Palomino Blue wool in Berroco Peruvian for sweater sleeves and ribs, and Cascade 220 wool in a lovely variegated colour called Garden for the body of a cardigan. Right?

Damn right.

Orange Filter

Daily Draw February 8th, 2010

From Stella’s Tarot.


Mmmm, do I smell orange trees? These ladies are going to start their day with cups of freshly squeezed orange juice, but it’s the smell of the fruit in the air that’s starting the day off right. It’s ripe and it’s ready, like the day before them.

Comfort, healing, satisfactory result. I am trying to get a program on my computer to read a particular file, so after writing the programmer I am hoping for a satisfactory result.

Other than that I’m grumpy and headache-y so some fresh fruit might be comforting and healing. I’m going to go read a book quietly in the bright southern light of my living room and see if that helps.

It doesn’t feel like a celebratory 3 of Cups day, but things change, and I have a choice with mood or to take steps to better my mood.



I noticed some refreshing ideas in the Threes of the deck in comparison to the same old ideas from the Rider-Waite deck that abound in other tarot decks. I also noticed again how much I liked Robert Place’s artwork. In a world filled with dreary photo-collage decks and the one-trick pony atmosphere of those who appropriate the artwork of others to create their “own” deck, Place shines as someone who truly creates an original deck.


This is Mary Magdalen and two companions approaching the tomb of Jesus. The usual interpretation of this card is of celebration, but I like his subtle thoughts about support groups and people you can count on to give you help in discovery and the transformation of your life. Because of the biblical story, one gets a sense of incredulity turning to “This is really happening!” and the excitement of change, and commitment to an ideal or credo as well. It’s an inner celebration and anticipation that suffuses your soul. I often get a bit of that feeling of extreme, transforming joy with this card in other decks but here we have the reflection of faith and martyrdom, and strength of character and calling. There is a quiet seriousness underlying this one and the spectre of crucifixion in the background.


I am not a fan of the three stabbed hearts on this card because everybody draws that and I find it tiresome. Robert Place has turned it into the Immaculate Heart of Mary though, which is usually shown being pierced by seven swords for her seven sorrows, and her pain and suffering are deeper than a mere sweetheart leaving you, which is often depicted with this archetype. The persecution, torture, and murder of a child is a fearful thing where the heart sinks and doesn’t feel like living. It seems fear and hatred are contained in that heart, and yet a wreath of roses springs to life. Empathy for others instead of self-pity for yourself is held in the heart of Mary.


In Catholicism the Immaculate Heart is an image of a physical heart symbolizing Mary’s compassion, joy and sorrow, but more about love of God than humanity; less emphasis on embracing and sacrificing for the world as in the Sacred heart of Jesus devotions. It’s a subtle difference, perhaps born of the classic patriarchal view of the Church where women are submissive and inner directed, and men go out and change the world. Another way of putting it might be to imitate Mary’s virtues and thus connect to God rather than directly responding to Jesus as in other devotions. I think that’s it anyway, it is somewhat confusing and mired in hundreds of years of Church history and change.

Roman Catholics often connect to God through saints or the mother figure of Mary. It seems quite alien to a Protestant, and yet I can imagine a feeling of accessibility and nurturing through the Catholic devotional way. That’s why I like studying the Saints I suppose, it’s different, but friendly in its connection to the faith and strength of others as a conduit to God. I get a sense of that here, in that no matter how bad or painful things are, you can connect to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary; she will be your vessel. Again, such a deeper meaning for this card and full of ideas and human history.


I had never heard of this legend of Saint Luke painting Mary’s picture until I bought this deck. What a wonderful story, even though it’s probably not true. Place describes it as “the first icon” which is a greatly inspiring phrase. My first awareness of Luke was years ago in Taylor Caldwell’s bestseller Dear and Glorious Physician. I don’t remember a scene in that of Luke painting or mention of his artistic ability but I simply might not remember. I think of this tarot archetype as the Master Artisan card, where the apprentice now heads up his own shop and workers. You’ve got to be good to paint the portrait of the Mother of God, right?

The same scene is painted on the Three of Pentacles in the Golden Tarot of the Tsar which is a lovely deck printed with gold foil backgrounds and accents and really gives the feel of Russian icons, and thus strengthens this idea of Place’s of the first icon being painted. It’s hard to scan these foil backgrounds as they often look black, so I’ll try for a photograph to show this card properly. Its richness is a fine comparison for the ideas in this card. I love Russian icons, I think many people do, and they are still painted and collected all over the world.



This one really seemed fresh to me, what a great card! This is one card that I often find ambiguous because the classic Rider-Waite image shows a man on a cliff looking out to sea at a boat. The boat could be coming or going, it could mean loss or your ship coming in.

In this card the boat is under full sail, chopping through the water, and Robert Place specifies that it is approaching. So, expect more of the same or expect needed reinforcements to arrive. That seems pretty clear, and the boat looks quite purposeful on a steady course with visible wake and spindrift. The phrase “expect more of the same” could be good or bad so there is some ambiguity left here, but I found the picture charming with the ornamented Bishop’s croziers hanging over it all.