Radiant Possibilities

With little action at home base here after three weeks of searching, we have decided to view some houses in another town, one north of here in a totally different community. Online, there were about eight possibilities in our budget, which gave us some hope and the resolve to try another tack.

This is happening tomorrow, and I drew a card for the journey:



I am not a big fan of Sun cards but this is a beauty, you really get a sense of warmth and enveloping light and protection. One of the things it signifies according to John Matthews, is a “…a joyous acceptance of good things.”

Optimism, light showing the way forward, fulfillment of a long awaited dream, certainty, triumph. I feel like playing a march and saluting. It bodes well.


Happily Joyous Under The Sun

I have a sandcast sculpture of a sea otter that I gave my Mom once and then got back when we sold the parental home. She called him Joey, and he sits on my bookcase in the living room. Gavin Maxwell forever cemented otters in my mind, so I like having a small sculpture of one.



It’s that kind of day, full of play and joy. It’s okay to be playful and happy says Otter. So grab a clam, roll over on your back, and munch away happily with the sun on your face, buoyed in the water of life.



Rocking the Outcrop Heights

Big Horned Sheep


Steady on their feet, scrambling around deftly in high, rocky places, these sheep take pleasure in every day things. The feel of the sun, his surefootedness, new territory to explore, has this sheep almost smiling with happiness.

Looks like a good day ahead.

I was writing in my two journals last night but my wing must have been hanging without support because all the muscles in my chest on the right side hurt and tendinitis has flared up as well as pelvic pain and arthritis in my index finger. The interconnectedness of things in the body always surprises me.

I need to start on a drawing today, so I must sit at the table where I have proper support, and wear my tendon cuff, like the Big Horned Sheep steadying himself on rocks, no matter how tiny the outcrop.



The Clarity of the Sun

I had to flee to the computer as my husband is watching the movie Anchorman. This made a lot of money and produced a sequel, and my mind boggles at the remorseless emptiness of it all. Holy cow, is this the best the human mind can do? We are in trouble.

Time to draw a card…



It’s a soldier in the desert of love, reaching to the rays of the sun as his higher calling in life, and to seal the paper cut he got shuffling a card deck.

Where was I? The Sun means a good day and I had a good day after not being able to sleep until 4 a.m. I made a homemade turkey soup and watched a bunch of TV and generally vegged out and relaxed.

The Great British Baking Show is on PBS in 25 minutes. Thank god I am to be saved from my aimless life of dumbed down comedy!

They are doing desserts tonight. Dessert/Desert…coincidence, I think not.



Happy Doodle-Doo

XIX ROOSTER – Call to Awakening (The Sun)


Leaping up at 7 a.m. I rushed out to pick some spinach to blend with pear and apple in a Nutri-Bullet drink. While the unit does seem to leak, it is in the threads between the cup and screw on unit with the blade, and might be because I tilt it taking it off the base. I will try tomorrow taking it straight off vertically and see if it leaks. I saw one guy mentioning putting a bit of olive oil on the threads to seal it better, so I will try that trick as well.

Rooster is in the pink today as you can see. Strutting and sunny, thinking that some sunflower seeds might be good in a smoothie, he loves the way his patterned feathers shine in the sun.

While grumbling this morning and moaning about dying and hating my body, I felt better after a shower and having my fruit drink, doing the dishes, feeding the pets, and putting four mysteries on hold at the library.

Ain’t so bad Rock.


Stitch in the Warmth of the Sun

Daily Draw February 19th, 2013

My cat Stitch is down at the vet. They are keeping him in to do blood work, urinalysis, and a fecal exam. He definitely looks like his teeth are infected but he is so emaciated there might be an underlying problem, hence all the tests. He eats a lot and has energy but has lost two pounds and is down to six pounds so not good. He is only 8 years-old too so it is shocking to see him deteriorate.

I reach for the Tarot of the Absurd, because I trust that deck to tell it like it is about this situation.

19 – THE SUN


Stitch is my baby boy, so this is quite apt. The warm breath of The Sun embraces him, he is happy and content. I feel better knowing he’s being looked after by the woman who has been our vet for 24 years. I feel this looks good for health and healing. Cleaning, purifying warmth.

I just want to focus on that sweet little boy all curled up and safe.



Sunny Jim

Daily Draw December 13th, 2012

My first card with the Fragments of an Illusion Tarot



I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face. There is a sunflower in the foreground and at the back is water and waves with sunlight glinting on it.

Perhaps a hint here of being too much the centre of attention. It’s not all about me after all. Mostly though, I could use a little light and warmth and some powerful energy.

I was gaily nattering away this morning about sewing and knitting some free patterns for dolls. I have all the materials here and don’t need to buy anything, but the spouse went into a big sulk nonetheless, sucking the light from the day at 10 a.m. Not nice. The masculine energy of the sun can burn too.

I shall putter away while the light lasts, knitting my sock. I am fatigued having slept very little, so perhaps a session rolling tissue paper flowers in red and fuchsia would be the thing?

This guy seems to think anything goes on a sunny day.

Update: Later today the spouse out of the blue told me to order a doll, and it would be my Christmas present. The baffling world of marital turnarounds strikes again. The doll I ordered is an Inuit doll called Saila (pronounced Sigh-la) and in looking the name up I see it occurs in other languages, but is usually a surname with the Inuit.

While browsing I came across this:


What card did I draw today? Uh-huh. Sunny Jim indeed.

Saila in her throat-singing outfit. Which I also happened to order because she needed shoes. The leggings will look good with all the zippy skirts I’m making her.