The Smooth Cool Feel of Decisions

I drew this pair a few days ago and was reluctant to part with them as I felt they had something less transitory to say to me, I wanted to sit with them all week and ponder.



The feeling I got from Justice is that she is hiding in fear, rather tentative or insecure.  Decisions loom large. I smiled at this because in our continuing saga of home renovations, it has become apparent that we need new siding, gutters, soffit, downspouts and three new bathroom windows. We also need to have the concrete path and stairs by the front entry ripped out and replaced. We spent all week consulting with contractors.

The financial reality was a blow. We can’t afford concrete stairs so hopefully we can have cedar ones built. Then we need to buy new exterior lighting. We will be painting all the wood trim ourselves to save some money. It’s still a blow.

So we went out and bought a sofa bed. Take that reality! We have nowhere to put guests and I wanted to rectify that before all the money went in a couple of months. Sigh.

The Star rarely comes up for me but I think of it as a gentle, flowing kind of card. POSITIVE transformation, take the time for hope and change. It’s going to work out even though we both feel paralyzed at the thought of spending so much on getting this house fixed and watertight. And there she is pouring water out on the card, she must have seen our gutters overflowing.

Never mind, life is like this for everyone, I feel my hand slipping through the liquid of reality, the smooth, cool feel of growth and change.




All Is Well Under The Star

PEACOCK – The Illuminator – XVII – The Star


I got my new printer today, which doesn’t have the best scanner but I LOVE this Star card. Peace and beauty and guidance and hope. Hopefully this bodes well for the printer.

I bought a Canon after a friend recommended Canon and the installation was much better than the evil Brother. I like that this book says “acceptance of what comes your way” which for me would include some good advice and a new printer which does what I want. Patience and encouragement, I am moving in the right direction.

All is well.



Cheese is Ephemeral Next to the Suffering of Cows

Up at 3 a.m. again. I went back on the vegan diet yesterday and my inflammation went down quite a bit, so I must realize that I have to change the way I eat permanently. I was getting anxiety about making an evaluation appointment with a physiotherapist so I put that on simmer for a time.

Now I have an infection in my right thumb. Really, I have to laugh. I should change my name to “The Polysporin Kid” and be done with it. I think my body needs a hug.

17 – STAR


I rarely get the Star, but this seems peaceful and full of light today: radiance and hope for the future.

I once had a blue budgie named Puffin. She was a crabby bird—poor little soul, we woke up one day and she was dead on the floor of the cage and her companion Welly, our first budgie, had to sit with her until we found her. Welly stood for “Wellington Boot” (a nod to Billy Connolly’s Welly Boot Song.) He was a cheery, lovely, green bird but I’ve always felt I let him down, I find it hard to think of him. Over the years I’ve had numerous cats and dogs and these two birds and I often feel I let them down.

Ah dear, down the memory lane of pets. Two days ago I was racing through a mystery book, and having been fed twice, my cat Stitch flaked out on a pillow on my lap and stayed there for three hours. He was absolutely out of it. I felt so close to him, it was nice, as he is not too robust these days and tends to worry himself and get agitated over eating due to his inflammatory bowel disease. I had a flannel blankie over him so he didn’t get a chill. He was happy and safe and loved, so peaceful compared to how skittery he has been.

I’ve been hugging all my pets more this week, with feelings of closeness and unity. There is a hint of spirituality with this card, the feeling of connection to all animals.


Stars Amid the Finks and Chimeras

Daily Draw February 18th, 2013

What a week, what a week. I have taken to calling my brain “The Fink Who Won’t Sleep” as he is keeping me awake. I cancelled an appointment at the naturopath in early March as I don’t feel she is helping me much and I’d rather spend $100 on yarn or patterns or something uplifting instead of a useless appointment.

I have been amazed at my patience, having wrangled unsuccessfully with my gauge in knitting for some years, I seem to have discovered some double knitting yarns that I can knit with, which gave me quite a lift. I am currently working on a nice little dress for my Maplelea doll and I printed out a paper piecing pattern last night to make a crazy patchwork bag to go with the dress. I have a knitting pattern for a purse but I wanted to do some embroidery, so I’m using bits of silk in the paper piecing. The knitted bag is going to go with a second dress I have planned with this pattern. The world of possibilities opens up when you get gauge. Imagine!!

I was waiting for a circular needle in the mail to finish off another doll dress I started and they have shipped my needle to I have high hopes for that. This will be my first time using a circular needle, and I learned a new way to cast on in the middle of a row of knitting. Learning new things was why I bought the doll for Christmas so this is fun.

I have some sewing patterns I bought for this doll on Etsy too so they should come this week. But I’m still quite down, it’s hard to keep the creative impetus going, but plans are better than mooning around doing nothing. Can you look at this and feel sad? Imagine a crazy patchwork purse with it. Now things are cooking again.




And to go with all this I pull a card from the Dreaming Way Tarot:



A card of hope. You may think you are pouring things out and depleting yourself, but you are actually allowing the possibility that they will mix and create a magical chimera.

You just never know. You are right where you need to be.


Step On His Head

Daily Draw September 19th, 2012

I received the wonderful Tarot of the Absurd by Jessica Shanahan in the mail yesterday, which I had arranged a trade for with another tarot friend since I don’t have the cash right now. I have to go to the dentist this morning and am finding it hard to settle, but I wanted to draw a card from this deck.


How can anyone resist this deck?

The bull must refer to the constellation, so who are the others? Maybe the Big Dog and the Herdsman? Or perhaps it’s Orion? The Archer is supposed to have a long skirt, so that might be him, but his ears seem to be stoppered up. I like the turnabout here as the usual woman looks at the star figures with her binoculars.

The thing about constellations is that someone’s imagination makes them what they are. It is difficult to see Orion with his big and little dog, scorpion, and hare up in those little dots, yet someone in time got the bright idea to connect them into shapes and apply the mythology to them.

In the same way, we can create patterns in our own lives. So let your hair down and create! I get the feeling that chap’s mouth opens when you step on his head…let me verify this empirical evidence….yes this is so, he has to let the pressure out when you step on his head because his ears are stoppered up.

Sing and shout to the stars when you feel pressured, bay at the moon. Skip about in the sky peering at new things and let the light of Sirius be absorbed by your mind. Remember that before a human applied thought to the stars they were random specks of light in the night.

We can’t be having that sort of random nonsense. Build the story, you are the creator. And today is the day to do it!

After the dentist of course, in 1.5 hours of star time.


Raven Light, Sheerie Light

Daily Draw March 20th, 2012

I had to take a break although I drew a postcard at home yesterday which was another Susan Seddon Boulet print called Raven’s Love of Light done in oil pastel, ink and pencil.

This reminded me of holding the light of my dying dog close to me.

And here she is sunning herself in the garden two days ago; an old and wise soul.

Yesterday I had the surprise of my life when a package came in the mail for me from my friend Steve. You picked the right day Stever, I needed a pick-me-up.

He sent me a delightful I Ching deck and the Tarot of the Celtic Fairies deck. I love my folklore and mythology so I was delighted at all the characters and atmosphere in this deck. I spent some time putting the cards in order and then going through the booklet, and today I spent some time separating the cards into piles and shuffling them out of order before my draw.


This is a deceptive Sheerie using false stars to lure people to their doom! Mwuahahaha. So I got out my books on Celtic mythology and another book on fairies to have a rummage. Not surprisingly, I can’t find any entries. Aha, on the Internet they refer to it as a Water Sheerie which is in one of my books and is apparently the Irish term for a Will o’ the Wisp, the light that shines over marshes, often attributed to bog fairies, and the English term for this is Jack o’ Lantern, from which the Halloween pumpkin is named. Sometimes the lights are helpful but more often malicious. I think Tolkien drew on this legend when describing marshes in The Return of the King. Frodo doesn’t listen to avoid the lights, tsk, tsk.

Wikipedia has a huge page of folklore regarding this phenomenon.

So today, he is beckoning into the dark paths of depressive reflection, but I must resist. While tempting to slog through the gloom chasing after lights of the past, I must get on.

McCool in a Short Coat

Daily Draw June 28th, 2011

Two cards wanted to come out to play from the Celtic Tarot:


There’s The Star again, I keep getting this card repeatedly across decks. That’s me with my two dogs on The Moon, hiding and fleeing in the dark.

I notice the tree growing out of the gold cup on The Star, like the tree has leaves of gold. She is quite bedazzled by that ring, but she doesn’t seem to notice there’s a tree with golden leaves growing out of a gold cup behind her. A reminder perhaps that all that glitters is not gold—literally—and that she is failing to notice what is really valuable.

I thought I’d better look up the details of these figures, and neither one is in my Encyclopedia of Celtic Mythology. I must try and hunt up a more comprehensive book on Celtic mythology to go with this great deck. (I did find an older used edition of the Dictionary of Celtic Mythology by James MacKillop that I have ordered.)

Sadbh was a young girl who was turned into a deer through enchantment. She was told to go to the castle of the Fianna, where the enchanter would no longer have power over her. As soon as she entered the castle she took her proper form again and Fionn mac Cumhail (Finn McCool, the coolest guy in town) fell in love with her and married her and she became pregnant. The two dogs on the card are Fionn’s dogs, who accepted her and didn’t harm her when she came to the castle.

Unfortunately, she was lured out of the castle by a vision of Fionn, and thinking he was really there she ran out to greet him and came to harm by her original enchanter who turned her back into a deer again and she ran off and was never seen again. Fionn kept searching for her for seven years and eventually came upon a wild boy who looked liked her and was their son, but never again was Sadbh seen herself.

Miluchradh a.k.a. Milucra was the goddess of Loch Doghra, the Lake of Sorrow. She was of the Sidhe, with beautiful white arms, and put a spell on Fionn because she was jealous that he had fallen in love with her sister. She lied and said she’d lost her special ring in the lake and Fionn jumped in to find it for her, and gave it back to her and she disappeared, and when he came out of the lake he had turned old. He eventually dug up a cup of gold with the help of his men, and drank from it and turned back into the vigorous younger man he was, but he hair was always grey after that. Where he threw the cup down, a tree grew and it was said that if you fasted and then looked at the leaves of the tree in the morning, you would know what would happen on that day.

I LOVE it, there is nothing like a good story in the morning. It does give me hope because there is a whole world of history and mythology and story out there that I am ignorant of. The light dawns every time I pull a card and knowledge and story are of benefit on any day; that is what is really valuable

I had a little ramble about cards and value on my other blog. I hesitated to post it because people take these criticisms as a personal attack. My comments are honestly detached observations about trends in tarot that are meaningless to me. I am interested in sociology and why trends take hold and such. Trends narrow the world, as anyone who has shopped for a short coat during a season for the fashion of long coats will know.

I like a short coat myself.