All the Little Foxes and Their Friends

Daily Draw June 7th, 2012

Today I am doing a comparison of foxes in my various decks due to the card and comments in this post. The obvious comparison is the foxes in the Lenormand decks but I found quite a few in other decks, both tarot and oracle.

Before I start on cards I wanted to mention one of my favourite graphic novels from The Sandman series, The Dream Hunters by Neil Gaiman with artwork by Yoshitaka Amano, I’ve mentioned it before on the blog but it illustrates a classic Asian myth about the fox lady. This comes up on some of my cards too, but the art in this book is so dreamy and evocative, perfect for the story. I recommend you buy it if you love foxes. The cover of my edition is reflective gold so hard to scan accurately.

The Shadowscapes Tarot had the most foxes, a whole suit of them plus a few extras.

I found a few on I Ching cards.

Several stories with foxes in the Fables of La Fontaine are illustrated in these playing cards.

And here are the wonderful Lenormand decks and their attractive foxes.

An assortment of foxes on various decks:

Lisa Hunt has painted foxes in several decks.

More foxes, looking bushy-tailed:



Daily Draw June 1st, 2012

I have been scrambling to get my house tidied up for a home visit from someone who is bringing their dog for us to possibly adopt, so although I am working on a Play Architecture card, I haven’t finished it yet. I can however, see my dining room table for the first time in several months. When you can see the table, you can sit down and finish projects that you found buried there. And I also found a plate hanger so can hang the plate printed with provincial wildflower paintings. “P” words, perfectly in a row.

From The Endless Gallery
by Bill Sienkiewicz

The Endless Gallery is a collection of various artists’ versions of Neil Gaiman’s characters from The Sandman comics. Today’s card is rather mysterious and dreamy. She is hidden in the wallpaper, peeking out at that tantalizing apple, and there is a flurry of what look like Black-Naped Terns.

This particular character seems to be Desire, who is beautiful and can be either male or female. Desire is supposed to blend into whatever environment it finds itself in and is very cruel. The tracery above the figure looks like an upside down heart and this character’s sigil is a heart of cut glass. Desire casts a sharp shadow and a wavering, translucent one which is suggested in the artwork here. It is the twin of Despair although they don’t look at all alike, Despair being characterized as an ugly, immensely fat woman, with heavy black circles under her eyes and a turned-down mouth of misery.

Desire is the dangerous one though, the epitome of cruelty. She will dangle that apple until you starve to death dreaming about it. She will cut your heart, and waver in and out of the shadows, never seen entirely but taking over your mind.


A caution today about desiring above all else. Not a good idea, lest you meet Despair.

Morpheus Recommends Decongestant

Daily Draw October 12th, 2011

I have a bad cold so don’t feel like talking. My knees are bad so coming down the stairs to the computer is harder too. It comes and goes, but I find with the onset of Fall I am getting quieter generally. One of those things, it’s like waves.

I’ve been busy trading things for yarn. When you have little money, and this is usually my situation, trade is a good thing. One nice woman in the States offered me a magazine I’d been trying to get for a pattern. It would have cost me $15 to buy the back issue and she had an extra copy, albeit damaged, so she offered to send it and I accepted.

Another friend of mine sent me some gorgeous postcards from Hawaii, which shall go into my collection. Some lovely photographs and several more illustrative cards which are unusual.

I am almost finished my second Malachite Sock. I’ve been devouring three Ian Rankin mysteries in the past two weeks.


If you are interested in knitting, (and who the heck isn’t, right?), here is a free pattern I am going to use. I always figure that when you make one little creature, it must have a sidekick. I have a thing for owls, along with another friend of mine, so this seemed auspicious. Here’s to all the creatures and sidekicks in my future.

Much like cards, there are endless combinations for these. I don’t have any stuffing or the safety eyes but I can try using odd bits of quilt batting and buttons for my first one. Or I could just wait. Too bad you can’t trade books or cards for massive bags of polyester fibrefill and sampler packs of black safety eyes.

Here is a card “just for pretty” today since I am a bit low with this virus.

Well, maybe “pretty” isn’t quite the right word. What do you think this highlights for the day? Perhaps a day of contrasts: Death and Dream, together at a theatre near you. For those who are not familiar with Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics or graphic novels, this card is from a set of postcards featuring art related to the series. The art on this one is by Mike Dringenberg and Malcolm Jones III. The lord of dreams is also known as Morpheus and that is his sister Death.

Death is always delighted to see you as she claps her hands together and smiles. Morpheus looks a bit hesitant, realizing that you’re spewing out cold germs at 120 kilometers per hour, so he’s covered the lower part of his face with his cloak.

Cards, they always know.

Waiting in the Mind

Daily Draw April 23rd, 2010

TGIF as they say. The spouse is in a taciturn sulk because I dared to mention a book yesterday. I’m not buying it, but I mentioned seeing it and putting it on my wish list.

I don’t know, I could be an alcoholic or one of those women that shop online and buy 80 pairs of underwear or shoes. He works with a teacher who just spent $700 on a purse she didn’t need. I get the sulky attitude when I look at a $20 book. How terrible of me. I often tell people that books are my life, and they are, they are a consuming passion of mine and an immense gateway to my intellectual growth and development as a human. There are only so many you can borrow from the library, the rest you have to buy.

Make sure you shut me out and make me feel low honey, ’cause that’s what friends are for. Hahaha.

Today my card is from The Sandman collectible postcards.

The image is taken from Death : The Time of Your Life and is by Greg Spalenka.

Death is The Sandman’s sister and his favourite sibling. She is quite neat with her ankh and the identifying sigil under her eye. Neil Gaiman started a separate series featuring her adventures, and I managed to get the first trade paperback from the library, Death : The High Cost of Living, which was excellent, but I haven’t read this one. He’s got a collectible edition of all her story arcs in Absolute Death but it’s hugely expensive. I’d like it though, and it has two unpublished stories. Not in this lifetime I’m afraid, my days of buying fancy editions of books is gone. I’ve put it on my wish list, only $76.48 CAD!!!

The ankh symbol is a bit of a mystery, even Egyptologists don’t know exactly where it comes from or what it means. It could mean rebirth in the afterlife or be a simple fertility amulet or symbol of the Nile delta.

Let’s take it for a symbol of rebirth. The way her hands are crossed is reminiscent of the way people are often laid out in death, but I also like the thought of her holding her secrets to herself, pressing her passions to her soul to keep them safe while she waits until they can burst out again. Repose is a peaceful thing. Waiting can be done quite easily if you put your mind to it.

Sneaky Ambiguity

Daily Draw January 16th, 2010

From the Fantastical Creatures Tarot:


The Sneak card. Someone might be trying to steal from you; sorting truth from lies and having the intuition to understand the true personality and motives of others is the message here. Don’t let other people control you with their actions is another side to this I like.

This card depicts a fox lady of Asia, the one I am most familiar with is from a graphic novel by Neil Gaiman called The Dream Hunters with graphics by Yoshitaka Amano. It is one of his books that is an addendum to The Sandman series of graphic novels, written for the tenth anniversary of the series.

In this one, the fox lady falls in love with a monk and tries to help him rather than trick him or kill him as is usual in these stories. It is from an old Japanese folk tale, some versions of which were close to Gaiman’s Sandman or King of Dreams ideas.

Which brings a faint suggestion of people not being what they seem, and also not being what you assume them to be, which is the classic ambiguity of the fox lady.

[Graphic by Yoshitaka Amano]

Cormorant Barks at the Moon

Daily Draw July 28th, 2008

I’m going to use a set of postcards I got related to the Sandman comics. They have such interesting artwork and they came in a ribboned box with 40 different cards–very nice.

This card was originally from a set of Vertigo trading cards and the artist is Teddy Kristiansen.

It’s the Sandman, but what strikes me is the moon in the shape of a penannular bracelet. Very old, very ancient, steeped in history. His coat tail looks a bit like a cormorant spreading its wings and raising its eyes to the penannular moon.

A mysterious image, reminds me of ritual under ancient skies and the shimmer of intuition dredged up from the ancient brain at the base of the human skull.

Cormorants symbolize a touch of vampire traits. In heraldry “The Cormorants have been used as symbols of nobility, indulgence, and in more modern times a totem for fishermen and a bountiful catch.” The great cormorant is a deep black colour with a huge wingspan and looks very ancient, and frightening, very unusual. On an online dream dictionary, I found that cormorants mean “Intellectual ideas that have the power to dig deep and bring up unconscious wisdom. Because the cormorant is used to dive and catch fish, it suggests you are practising some form of introspection or self examination.”

So perhaps a day for biological intuition? I shall skulk naked through the long grass and woods under the moon tonight letting my primitive brain wreak havoc on the fish in the pond. Oh well, maybe not, but a day for primitive, emotive thought and reflection, pondering under the light of mystery and psychic knowing.

Intuitive connection, bathing in the light of Moon, black, black wings.