The Nourishment of Balance

We spent 4 to 5 hours yesterday shuffling things around and getting five bookcases set up and one partially filled. I am seriously thinking of selling two of my three dollhouses. I feel that time has passed since the 90s when that was my big passion, and I would like to concentrate on making art and sewing, weaving, writing, and reading. I’ll think about it further.



“What is nourishing in small doses can be dangerous in excess” says Chloe. Apart from food this also points to passions in life. I tend to throw myself into things, buying excessively, and then find myself overwhelmed with stuff. Resisting cravings for food or material things, is a good reminder, a reminder that I have limited time at my age and I want to concentrate on things that have meaning.

I’ll always keep and work on my first dollhouse, because I built it from scratch and worked on it after my Mother’s death and after my favourite Aunt died so their memory is within it, and my grief at working through the loss. I still enjoy making things for it but the other two simply were too much of a good thing.

The Finding Balance card suggests that an effective way to restore equilibrium is to list and prioritize activities and parts of your life, then resolve to maintain the balance for what you need and enjoy. This is a reflective year for me anyway, since we moved across the country and I am turning 60. All things that make me realize what’s important to keep and what I can let go.

I’m finally getting to the boxes with all my card decks, so today I can enjoy seeing them again and dusting them and getting them set up just right.


The Mice Stay Calm at the Crack of Dawn



I am up early because the chap is coming to hopefully repair our furniture and he said on the phone he’d be here early. Those nibbling Mice would not let me sleep or relax. I like the idea for this that you can’t let go of something, or someone, or that someone is nibbling at your energy and yet if you remain detached things flow along, neither good or bad.

That is a continual lesson for me. When things feel bad, they must be bad, right? Maybe not. There is a pattern my husband and I have developed that is damaging to my health, and I thought when we moved it would all go away. Fat chance of that literally, so that is on my mind.

The Isle of Calm says to breathe when tense or anxious, like the flow of waves, the rhythm of life restored in a relaxed state. Those fish can flow, but they can also nibble. Oooh I’m itchy, nibbly little biters everywhere.

Here’s a thought from Chloe in the Celtic Lenormand booklet: “I forgive myself for imperfect situations.”


And then I got busy and made myself a cheerful montage of the new Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen in the Retro Pop green colour that I ordered.




Lotus in the Hen House

Up and at ‘em this morning, I cleaned the litter box, had a shower, put in a laundry and opened a box with the label “small books” which was my written euphemism for card decks when I was packing to move. I pulled out The Relax Deck so am using it today with the Celtic Lenormand.



I regiment them into flanks, which cards enjoy should you wish to please them.

That kid is harvesting eggs, having fed her chicken just the right food and kept the hen house clean with fresh water available and given Miss Hen a bit of scratching outside in the sun. She could do no better and now has the reward of fresh eggs. Kids don’t often realize when young that a chore can be a burden, they consider it play.

A nice thought for today as I continue unboxing books. We unpacked about eight boxes and then had to go to Home Depot to buy extra shelf thingies for the bookcases. Some seem to have gone missing in the move. Armed with six packages of various pegs, I feel sure we can forge on successfully today. Beginner’s mind as I continue today.

The Lotus Blossom is about losing your spiritual self amid material concerns, so a focus today on my inner self will restore harmony. The playful Child would stop to enjoy the bloom of the lotus.

The Tower is about coming together, getting the home shipshape for security. Being alone without isolating yourself completely can help nourish you, so working on our home again today is good quiet time.

The spouse called a furniture repair person to fix two old pieces that broke during our move. Hopefully tomorrow he can get them fixed and we can carry on putting things on and in them. Another task inching along.


The Random, Rambling Montage Thingy Doo-Dah

Daily Draw March 15th, 2013

My husband bought a pot of forced hyacinths for the living room and they are blooming so the scent is in the air. I love hyacinths, and after they bloom we will plant them in the garden to naturalize. We do that with Easter lilies marked down at the grocery store too. It saves them from the garbage.

Today I thought I’d do a random montage and went into my spare room and picked a few decks. Then I browsed until a card struck me and this is the group photograph. They are quite excited to be together, peering at each other and saying “Oh, I haven’t seen him for a while” or “I think she’s changed her hair style since I saw her last.”

1) Preposterous Playing Cards – Just a note because you can’t discern the writing, on the Simon Drew artwork it says “…the garden had suffered severe molestation.” There are moles waiting for the train in the Underground! It’s a pity while they’re tunnelling they never seem to get rid of dandelion roots. I love Simon Drew’s word play and artwork, this is such a great deck.


2) The Relax Deck – shows a garden too and it’s about how the mind is like a garden and must be tended. So you must prune the garden of your mind each day and discard flower heads so new ones will bloom, and for each weed you pull up some nice green grass has room to grow. The fountain in the middle of the garden might represent each day’s achievements, and it flows as a symbol of positive energy.

3) 24 – The Dragon – The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards – What a beautiful piece of artwork by Gary A. Lippincott. Dragon represents power and strength which is not found outside of you but in your soul. True strength is found within. I love this thought: “Never mistake a gentle man for a weak one.”

4) Pair of Censers, Qing Dynasty, 1800s. Jade (nephrite) 10 x 2 1/8 inches.
The Art of China Knowledge Cards – Censers are, not surprisingly, made to burn incense, and the Chinese have a long history of burning incense, back to about 770 BCE. These censers have beautiful gardens, houses, trees and water carved on them.

5) Silence – Grace Cards – The floating calm of being alone, yet not afraid. I think this is important for humans to realize: being alone, being silent, is a happy thing. It brings a heightened sensitivity to beauty, inner peace, and a feeling of connectedness to other living things. I like to think in this picture that the glowing orb is her connection to her own soul.

6) Carpet Python – Boy Scouts of America Deck of Snakes – what day would be complete without viewing a lovely snake? This snake has such pretty patterns that he is named after an Oriental carpet. It is good camouflage for when he wants to be silent and ponder the trees I expect. These snakes can live for 20 to 25 years. He paces himself.

I only had three hours of sleep last night and felt weepy and cranky today, but after a little meander through some gardens I feel calmer.

Time to put lunch on and feed the pets, and contemplate light through my living room window.



Shell Day

Daily Draw June 19th, 2012

Wow, June is winding down and I still don’t have the architecture books I ordered. Let’s hope can scrounge them up.


Good fortune! Luck is lying around waiting for you to pick it up.

Funny, I never feel disadvantaged in material things in relation to others, regardless of their wealth and status, but I do feel disadvantaged in confidence and talent, so I shall have to consider the luck that’s lying around here unnoticed.

Three Fishes in a Pond Find the Sea Through Imagination

Daily Draw February 21st, 2012


This is from one of my favourite miscellaneous decks, The Relax Deck. It references a parable or fable from the Panchatantra or Five Principles which is an early Sanskrit manuscript that influenced many later societies and literature. Some of the stories crop up in Aesop’s Fables as well as the Arabian Nights and the Fables of La Fontaine from France.

I noticed one story to be like the Celtic legend of the big Irish wolfhound Gelert who is mistakenly killed when his owner Llewellyn comes home and sees blood on the dog and thinks he has killed the baby, but after the dog is killed they discover the dog had only protected the baby from a predator. That is straight from the Panchatantra and the story of a mongoose and a Brahman’s baby.

I find a lot of Indian influence on European culture in history. Many languages and myths are called “Indo-European” after all. It’s still amazing to realize the actual source.

Basically The Three Fishes is about worlds that are hidden from you, and what is really “home.” Is home the pond you’ve lived in all your life, or is home the great ocean, or a cavern beneath the earth? Are you self-reliant enough to question and reason for yourself? Rumi refers to this story in much later writings because the concept is one humans need to reflect on. There is a political meaning to the story about feeling safe or needing to follow instead of having the wisdom to do it for yourself. You might suffer by striking out on your own to find a true home, but ultimately you will gain the world. Otherwise you might docilely end up in some fisherman’s frying pan and be eaten.

Funnily enough, I was thinking about moving again and thinking that maybe I’d just stay put because it’s easier to do so, but it would make me unhappy to stay here, and the effort might be painful but it will be the wise thing to do, lest I be eaten alive.

Imagine a different way.

Alice Relaxes

Daily Draw February 10th, 2011


One of my favourite decks is The Relax Deck, another one of those odd meditation cards from Chronicle Books. They seem to have stopped publishing them in favour of the City Walks series which probably sells better for them. I like these though.

This one has Egyptian symbols for the seasons on it and is about how things happen in their own time and how you can’t force the issue.

The 6 of Spades is a card of caution, of reining in emotions, much like yesterday’s card. Alice is watching for something to happen at that little door, but she doesn’t realize that she has to let go and trust in the natural flow, and then it will come to her.

Alice must let go and relax.