Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 2: Release

This is a great exercise to do when you have insomnia. These cards remind me of Beverly King’s Lojong for the Layperson cards in that there are some wonderful close-ups of plants and trees.

RELEASE – Okanagan Oracle
THE LOVERS – RUBY – Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals
FREE YOUR MUSCLES – The Perfect Calm Deck
PEACH BLOSSOMS (momo no hana) – A Year in Japan Postcards
Stones: Rhodonite (left) Rhodochrosite (right)


Free your muscles and release says this montage. Apart from chronic pain, I am burdened with chronic muscle tension. Self-massage of the tight muscles will help them open like roses and peach blossoms. The lampshades are beautifully and tightly finished but there is still room for fun and frills within the framework, the skeletal body of a lampshade holds things together but the skin opens like a blossom at the bottom.

Ruby bring energy and vitality, it encourages a love of life and keen passion, blood flow. Rhodochrosite brings healing but of a more spiritual and emotional kind; it allows the release of emotions. Rhodonite is also good for emotional healing and good for gaining equilibrium after challenges in life.




Clockless Rainbow Rhythm



The Perfect Calm Deck is one of the publications by Chronicle Books that I really enjoy. They make great decks, but seem to have turned to other things in recent years. It’s very hard to scan the clarity and colour of these cards and they are on matte laminated heavy card, they feel very substantial.

Today it’s all about waking naturally, resting when you feel tired, and giving yourself as long as you need to complete tasks without being ruled by time and stress. Years ago my husband and I both stopped wearing watches and I do find that more peaceful. I find especially with computers that my natural rhythm gets skewed. The constraints of time need to be let go some days. I woke up at 4:30 a.m. but after an hour I am ready to get a hot water bottle and go back to bed.

I like the idea of peace and rest with this, and that is supported by the thoughts of the Rainbow card and a difficult situation being over. The book says that things should be much easier in the future. I hope so, I’m exhausted and feeling very down to the point of not being able to spark myself.

A day of rest, thinking of cycles and rainbows and natural rhythms.



Dhanvantari Visits a Few Decks

Daily Draw May 25th, 2011

Yesterday I was feeling very tired, my skin had no colour, I was having trouble breathing which is a sign that my blood pressure has risen too far, and I felt restless. I took out two volumes of Stuart Kaplan’s Encyclopedia of Tarot and had a browse, which picked me up. Then I took a couple of decks out to look at and I felt happier.

When I was looking at the Gods and Goddesses Deck, I kept coming back to one card Dhanvantari, who is an avatar of Vishnu that removes physical suffering and frees you from disease for greater well-being. Dhanvantari is supposed to have created Ayurvedic medicine and was one of the world’s first surgeons. I like that he is holding a pot of nectar or elixir that came from the churning of the ocean, the story that made me interested in Hindu mythology several years ago.

The meditation for this card suggests that simply remembering him removes all suffering.

Taking that card as my cue, I pulled a random assortment of decks and went through each one to pull a card from each that spoke to me of well-being, health, or a peaceful, healing mood. I often do comparisons with cards as a way of centering myself and to quiet my mind. It helps me pay attention and become aware. These were chosen just on feeling, regardless of the written connotations of the cards. I’m a visual person, and art and colour make me attentive. I started this when the computer was turned off and I turned off the radio too and had a nice visit with decks.

Songs for the Journey Home
The Perfect Calm Deck
Tarot of the Spirit
Circle of Life Tarot
The Mystic Rubaiyat
Tarot of Casanova

It’s amazing to me how some of these cards have similar colouring of quiet greys, blues and soft yellow or gold. I wasn’t conscious of picking cards by colour, just the feeling of peace engendered by a card.

The back massage brings to mind the expression “I’ve got your back” and also the feeling of support from another person. Sometimes when I’m hugging my husband I squeeze tightly and say I’m pushing out the bad air, which is like a lung massage I suppose. This tells me to look after my lungs and heart, and the image of birds soaring supports the idea of the freedom of natural breathing, air and outdoor exercise.

Here are some more greys, yellows and blues. I liked the feeling of bathing in the light or being covered by light. In the Circle of Life deck she is grounded in the sand—the feeling or warm sand as the ground holds the heat is comforting and supportive as well. The other one has a cloudy square behind it and seems to have a metallic frame that sparkles up with the light. Clouds, lungs, heart, the centre bathed in shimmering white light.

I used to row myself about in a small dinghy (several of them over time) while growing up. It was fun to pull the boat to shore and explore the woods and rocks, similar to this picture. Again, the light in this picture is very soothing like the dawn coming when you have risen early and are watching the smooth water and hearing the fish jump in the morning. There is a peaceful quality to nature at dawn, like in the chapter from the book The Wind in the Willows titled The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. The great God Pan is alive in the trees and water and the cool refreshment of an awakening day.

I have no idea why I picked the Tarot of Casanova for this study. I saw it and left it but then felt compelled after I’d drawn the other cards to go back and pull a card from it. This card leaped out at me, a card I don’t even remember from the deck. I think this echoes the word “ascend” from yesterday’s card. The wheel ascends and descends but here I can only see ascension. There is something a bit spooky about the recesses, cool and dank like a coming dawn, a place to hide, to cool down, to reflect. Shadows and light like the card from The Mystic Rubaiyat, stealing light, coming and going, up and down.

Really, there is something beneficial about fiddling around with card images. Comfort comes in small packages and quiet moments.

Priority a Puzzlement

Daily Draw November 14th, 2010

When we went shopping yesterday, the town we went to had just built a huge shopping area, all within 20 minutes of another huge shopping area. It is staggering how much people shop these days. I couldn’t wait to leave and found myself releasing much tension in my chest the minute I spotted a bare field of grass and hay stubble.

I did get the two storage things I wanted so will be able to putter and tidy even further this week.

Today’s message is from The Perfect Calm deck, which is one of my absolute favourites across decks.


Much like the feeling I have about organization and goals, this says much the same thing. Failure to prioritize leads to stress and time-wasting activities. The card suggests that you ask yourself the following questions and write five answers for each:

1) What activities make you feel most happy?

2) When does your life feel most meaningful?

Assess them in order of priority and incorporate them into your schedule. Keep to your schedule.

I find that even 30 minutes a day might be a great pick-me-up. I get my daily stint of embroidery ready the night before and pick it up in the morning while the light is good and away I go, creating not only an object, but a good mood.

For me, reading and making things takes top priority, but I also find that eating properly and keeping the house tidy fits in there too.

One of the points explained in the book I am reading, Hamlet’s Blackberry, is about how humans need quiet time for reflection and we aren’t getting it. My solution to that was to recently buy some jigsaw puzzles and set up a plan to do them. I am finding it hard to keep myself quiet, I am so used to checking e-mail or dashing off to do something or other. However, an hour a day will be good for me.

I put the green felt mat the wrong way, don’t tell me I know! I’m still not used to it, but I’m trying it out anyway, because one can at least try to adapt before dismissing something as unworkable. It reminds me though of how we add gadgets and gewgaws to our lives when perhaps the simple way is best. You never know.

It’s a great jigsaw though, one of the books in the image is Kenneth Clark’s anthology of Ruskin–how could I resist?