Me and My Golden Frog



There’s that lovely Moon again, looking very peaceful and enjoying the beauty of the light. The “ingenue” in the 3 of Coins is being mentored by a golden frog. I think of this 3 as the master card and the 8 of coins as the apprentice card. In this deck the girl in the 3 is an apprentice which is a bit strange.

Focus on study and learning. I think it might be an ageing thing, but when I learn new techniques or try things out these days, it is also tinged with anxiety. Where before I would leap in with confidence, now it seems like too much. My abilities have not diminished but my confidence has taken a knock.

Therefore I feel like the girl in the picture, hesitant. I see the tracery behind her, which has to be carved and has tricky bits, but the way to do it is to plod away, chip away, chisel, refine, modify as you go.

Similarly, The Moon says not to play into your darkest fears and fantasies. We often do fantasize about the worst thing, instead of getting on, taking our time, learning gradually. Forget the inner doubt and negative shackles of the mind.





Rabbits Know the Mystery of Kindness

I have reached the pinnacle of human knowledge: I found out how to do automatic duplex printing on my inkjet printer yesterday. It’s a small thing but it worked. I then made myself a lined insert for my fauxdori on new paper that I can use with fountain pens. Yeah, it’s very exciting.

18 – MOON


Another drop-dead gorgeous card from the Blue Dog Rose Tarot.

Oh sure, learn duplex printing la-dee-da, then forget to spend 2 minutes adjusting for the crummy scanning abilities of the printer. I had to go back and adjust those Levels in Photoshop, it bugged me. A tricky thing obsession…

The ever-changing moon-like quality of life, impermanence and the tricky quality of computers and crazy 3-day weekend traffic and how the world is changing, leaving one tharn (see Watership Down for clarification), and overwhelmed, frozen in uncertainty.

I can’t get it all out of my mind, I saw photographs of parrots being smuggled by being stuffed in plastic pop bottles and I can’t get it out of my mind, I just want to escape the human species, the insufferable disconnection we have to our cruelty.

I was in a public washroom yesterday. Two stalls one sink. The woman ahead of me went to the sink and rattled out a bunch of make-up on the counter and was standing there peering at herself. I cringed in and washed my hands, apologizing, and thanked her when I’d finished washing my hands. As I left she said in a confrontational tone “You could have waited your turn” to which I replied “Yes I could have, sorry” and left.

Had I waited and stood behind her waiting and waiting while she did her hair and make-up, no doubt she would have crabbed “What are you looking at?” or “Why are you watching me?” or some such thing. I was never going to win, she was a troglodyte from her bleached hair, pink striped t-shirt, denim overalls, and hard, lined face; looking for a fight, looking to be mean. Make-up and teenybopper clothes won’t help you, woman at the mirror.

I fled, not wanting to interact with people for weeks again. Under the Moon, I sit and ponder how much better the Universe would be without all of us, we humans stuffing birds into plastic bottles and pretending we are pretty.

Starches and Sounds in the Moonscape

I had two books on order that I could not afford. The spouse went into a sulk, I thought about it for a day, then I cancelled the order and put through an inter-library loan for the books. This was okay but I felt rather withdrawn. I read somewhere that when you start running out of room for books and buying too many, that you should read what you have. I have some fantastic art and reference books that I have dipped into but not read through, so this seemed like a good idea.

I had a dream last night where raw potatoes were floating in the sky. The eyes and bruises had been cut off but the skin was still on. Then I thought I heard a puppy crying in distress and woke up. I searched around the house thinking one of the pets was sick, but nothing. I wondered what this dream might be about.



That Moon looks like a big, raw potato on the sky, and the wolf might have been calling a few seconds ago. You never know.

The Moon is the world of dreams and the unconscious. Mystery and connecting deeply to the soul and illusion. Maybe something about potential, the raw potatoes, scrubbed and trimmed and ready to go, floating magically in the sky of potential, and the fear, the sound the frightened puppy made.

I wake very easily, particularly with sound, so maybe the puppy was trying to wake me up? Also the thought of heaviness, a heavy potato, floating effortlessly, as if all the burdens in my mind were weightless.



Dirty Old, Spooky Old Moon

I got some painting done yesterday, finally. I also got this done:


Yes, it’s a jigsaw of the Lojong cards by Bev King, exhibited in the gallery, plus my statistics for pieces and timing. I am not fast, I never do anything fast. I suppose people might wonder why I have this thing for digital jigsaws, but in a case like this, it helps me to connect to cards or do up configurations of them to puzzle out.

Essentially, every deck is a deck of artwork and I like doing puzzles of artwork. It must be all the Springbok puzzles I used to do when young.

Back spasms today, which is not too comfortable.



On days when I can’t move too well I do feel like Death. I am amazed constantly by the resilience of the human spirit in adversity.

“Do not cling to who you thought you were.” I find that hard when I say “I wish I could ride my bike” or something like that and I can’t. I still believe I’m not stuck here forever but it sure feels like it. Maybe that’s an attitude that could die as well?

End that, release that thought, that attachment to the way I was. I shall ponder that.

My husband and the dogs are driving back from someone’s cottage today. It has been very silent but is starting to feel like a vacuum. I have spent some nice, quite time with the cats and the radio though. There is an old song called Dirty Old Town and I keep singing “Spooky old Death..” to the tune because this card is rather eerie, in a parody of Mad Magazine in the a.m.

Happy Sunday!

UPDATE: Oh dear, oh my, didn’t I mix up the Moon card with Death. Well I ask, who wouldn’t? I have a continual problem with the latter end of the Majors in this manner.

So, pay attention to my dreams sayeth The Moon. I had a dream the other day where someone at an old job of mine mistook me for a medical doctor and hired me as a consultant. I kept saying to myself, I’m an imposter! A bit like the Moon masquerading as Death and trying to fool old Jude.

Mind you, old Jude can be a fool without any help.




Dogs and Clouds Under Teal and Turquoise Skies

The Moon looks a bit scowly here, not approving of cavorting, barking dogs galumphing over the landscape. No, he would prefer spooky people in robes, drifting about raising their arms to him and whispering Moon endearments.

Too bad, you get the barking dogs fella.

I’ve still got tinnitus as a side effect of the medication the doctor put me on. I went to her with vertigo, I now have plain dizziness and tinnitus. Fortunately the other symptoms have died down but my right ear is singing to me, the barking dog of the body, having a high old time under The Moon, staccato bursts of buzzing keeping me awake.

1 of WANDS


Is that the hand of God reaching out to club tinnitus to death? I wish, one health thing after another, that the hand of God was available.

The dream clouds of illusion roll in, let’s club them to death. No, no, none of that now, the card is about good energy not clubbing things. It’s about beginnings and growth and creation, somewhat tempered by illusory effects and the echo of barking, which is like being pulled around like the tide, as we try to get somewhere on the bendy path.

To follow the path you’re going to run into a few dogs, face them down and then pass by. At least you can see where you’re going, if not hearing too well at the moment.



Naga Companions

Here I am thinking it’s Sunday but it’s Tuesday.

Our contractor came by and replaced five tiles in the floor, two in the kitchen and three on the sunporch at the entrance. It took him four hours to break and chip the old tiles out and chip away some of the thinset from the orange mat underneath. He got the new tiles and thinset down and then left. He has a new job but said he’ll be back some night to grout the tiles. Let’s hope it’s tonight as my kitchen and sunporch are closed off again. We can walk by to get downstairs if we step carefully around the new tiles, but I can’t cook because one of the tiles is right in front of the sink between the sink and stove, nor can we let the pets in or use the sink.

At least he came. After he left we had enough time to drive to to Michael’s and pick up the two pictures I had framed for my birthday.

So, let my pick a lovely card for the day….



The figure here is flanked by Naga fish/serpent pillars, bathing by moonlight, it looks like the Moon is eclipsing the Sun, which involves a momentary disturbance but you can see the stars during the day.

The Naga can take human form. Tattooed on the back of the swimmer in this card is the Empress (which is actually a tattoo that Ash herself has on her back I believe), wrapped with two Naga. They often suffer because of what mankind does, and the Empress holds a position of crucifixion in her card with the Nagas wrapped around her, but here it is like the figure is bathing in their protection. Nagas will retaliate when humans are ignorant in their acts and treat the Earth poorly. Water unconscious and wise surrounds, embodied by these two serpents of water.

The Moon is full, so all three figures seem to be pulled toward its dark radiance. The Moon for me is always about cycles, waxing, waning. Disturbances can be waded through if you use insight and intuition, sensing, feeling cool water smooth your body. It’s a mystery card, a passage of mystery, but unavoidable, like a cycle that comes around in its time.

Face it, don’t fight it. All the fears and uncertainties will pass like an eclipse, but you will learn something from them. Perhaps simply patience and the ability to accept what you walk toward?