Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 4: Grateful

Oh, that blue in the upper left corner! I’m not sure what this object is on the card. It looks like a drying rack, maybe for fish, I don’t know. UPDATE: It’s apparently from the Okanagan Lavender and Herb Farm and according to Suzy is a “wishing tree” where people write their wishes on a ribbon and tie it to the tree/rack. Very neat!

GRATEFUL – Okanagan Oracle
WISTERIA LAMP – Curtis Freshel, leaded glass on bronze base, designed for Tiffany Studios c.1900
SERENITY – Graven Images Oracle
21. THE DESTINY OF ONE – Messenger Cards by Sandra Kunz
QUEEN OF SWORDS – HAWK’S EYE – Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals
ELECTRICAL DISTURBANCES – Deep Sleep Deck by Chronicle Books


The subtlety of colour in this deck is pretty good to work with. There are a lot of earthy colours, browns and taupes in many of the photographs, but small details of other colours seem to leap out at me, providing lively interest.

So, be grateful for ice and snow and blue sky peeking out from clouds. Serenity, light, lots of reflected light in ice, and The Destiny of One looks like the world spider from mythology. As an introvert, I’ve always found the concept of global oneness with all people difficult to embrace, but there it sits with circular cascades of ice: heal one and you heal all, the web binds us all.

Nityananda Prabhu is the embodiment of compassion and empathy and love for mankind, distributing the holy names of God to all. The electrical disturbances refer to electronics and not having TVs, radios, or computers in your bedroom, as they can contain radiation, and more importantly to me, way too much light, disturbing sleep cycles. Also a suggestion of being boxed in, bombarded by disturbances.

The Queen of Swords is most definitely my personal card. Yeah, she’s not embracing tonglen today, more’s the pity for her rock hard heart. The Hawk’s Eye is a blue-grey Tiger Eye in its original unoxidized form, which has quartz crystals running through it. Lustrous bands of light and sheen much like ice crystals, Hawk’s Eye is for spiritual challenges, accepting change and death, perhaps a factor for me after my Father’s death recently.

A focus today on the light of others and how pleasant it makes the world if you are open to it: gold serenity among blue skies and light.





Eagles Across Decks

I thought I had all my cards unboxed from our cross-country move but while searching for particular animal decks, I realized that some loose ones that I wrapped separately from their boxes were missing. Fortunately the spouse rounded them up for me. You would think with 394 decks I would forget but Judith never forgets a deck!

An overview with an attendant eagle figure, this one by Schleich.


And don’t forget those other four decks Jude. The eagle in the card with the yellow border has taken a fancy to my figure, he’s zooming toward him with some urgency. Figures inspire everyone I suppose.


The KING OF SWORDS  was the card I drew today from the Animal Totem Tarot that started the eagles flying. I had mentioned to someone recently how my deck collecting had gone down lately because I just want to buy art created by hand or at least created by hand in Adobe Illustrator. Upon taking these cards out my heart sang with the impact and beauty of the art and each artist’s expression and composition. It does not get better than this for me as a collector, this stuff makes me happy and inspires my own artwork.

The King, in his highly analytical way, enjoyed this comparison. In this card as you fly higher you strip away what isn’t important, your soaring height makes things clearer, shifts the focus, lets you drop nonessentials. Not a bad reflection of how I currently feel about card decks.


The Magical Menagerie was one deck I couldn’t find this morning so I knew I had another box somewhere. The Pathfinders deck holds up, it’s one of my favourites. Susan Seddon Boulet has been dead since 1997, but her Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards are still in print, and no wonder; what a legacy.


I think the Animal Messages deck is out of print now but I’m so glad I bought one when it was readily available, it’s a treasure, and Sue Lion’s Spirit Animals always looks so fresh and comes in a tin with a window so you can put your card of the day in view. The Animalis deck is also a fresh vision with lots of bones and unusual compositions.


More decks that hold up for me: the Tarot of Reincarnation is one you have to hunt for the species and some of the names have changed. I have a fuller discussion and small review of it here. It has nothing to do with reincarnation, unless you figure the original illustrations (long out of copyright) have been reincarnated.


I absolutely love both these bird decks, they are definitely treasures both for the art and the variety of images. I rarely use the Medicine Cards but they are neat in their own way. At the time they were published I don’t think there were many animal decks in existence, so it was important.

Ah, the satisfaction of a card comparison after a long break from my cards. It’s like coming out of a desert to drink a glass of ice water. Cool baby.

Happy Sunday!







Pearls Before Peacocks



The same thought patterns result in the same defeat, the same story we invest our energy in. Feel exactly what you feel and allow that emotion to run freely through, and then disengage and become clearer of these emotional addictions.

Easier said than done.

The bamboo card is a success card but carries a whiff of trouble later as if pride of success will lead to vanity or overbearing self-confidence and people might resent that.

Oh, that raven likes to hang onto his shiny ideas and thought patterns, hiding them in the nest, not letting them go.

Tsk, tsk.




Fly in the Face of the Moon Story

Another great pair today. It’s often hard to get two decks that work together both visually and with their meanings but I am pleased that this random pairing is melding together nicely.

9. BEING – DRAGONFLY (Except dragonflies don’t hold their wings like this, only damselflies do)


I learned when writing the review for The Messenger Cards the difference between dragonflies and damselflies. Before that I always assumed everything was a dragonfly (as did Sandra Kunz obviously) but not so. Dragonfly wings are always held out to the side, perpendicular to the body and they can’t move them from that position, whereas damselflies hold them more like a bird as in this picture. Know you know!

The dragonfly, because of the iridescence of his wings, is an illusionist. The particular illusion in this is when you feel you are only the physical world of your existence, that’s the story, that you are anchored here and part of the world. But we aren’t, we are something else, some energy, but not tied to the physical world. If we can detach from the story we can connect to something lighter and larger, the true connection rather than our illusion.

I also like the clouds that Sandra has painted in this card which are often used as a symbol of obfuscation, as if the truth is obscured by the story. Buddhism is big on letting go of the stories we tell, the mask, perhaps damselfly is a Buddhist?

Mr. Toad sitting among the bamboo knows what a versatile plant it is. I didn’t realize this but what we see as the man in the moon, the Chinese interpret as the figures of Hare and Toad. Another nod to illusion in today’s draw.

I am still sore and bruised after my fall. My husband was sniggering slyly yesterday during a comment about moving the planters from our side door so that people viewing the house wouldn’t fall over them. I didn’t find it funny. The illusion of the caring spouse…haha. A reminder of the illusion that other people will support you; most of it comes from within.

This card can be about healing and recovery from illness, and maybe because illusion is the watchword today, the illusion of hopelessness I often feel about my health. The idea of creating my own reality, the freedom to experience another possibility is pretty strong here.

The West Beckons in Retirement

30 – WEST


Bison runs through the dust of the prairies and the dust swirls up and looks like gold. That’s the alchemy because similarly you can take the dust of your situation and kick it up, change it, create anything.

The Mah Jongg card is a direction card. I was just delighted when I read about this because apart from the direction, which we will be following when we move, that’s the objective, this card and the setting sun can also signify retirement. The associated season for this card is Autumn, which is when we hope to move, or sooner.

How perfect is this combination? Yesterday we were a bit discouraged after looking at real estate listings, but today my husband got busy painting the house and I did some cooking and cleaning. These cards gave me such a lift this morning.

Swan in the Bamboo

I took a tumble over a large concrete planter my husband moved out front by our door. I was carrying a load of laundry to hang on the line outside and never saw it; whacked into the concrete, went over the lip and smashed into the grass losing my shoe. Whew, so glad I didn’t break anything.

So, feeling sorry for myself I ordered a biography of Vita Sackville-West by Victoria Glendinning on inter-library loan. A book, what could be better!

I was catching up with Benebell Wen’s blog a few days ago and she was discussing the Mah Jong cards she had bought. I was mentioning one of the decks I’m using today in a comment, which was why I thought to haul it out.

She recently did a review of the Haindl deck which was my second deck, and it was great to see her discussing one of my old favourites. She’s been doing that recently in her reviews, examining older decks and systems. She also did The Way of the Horse which has been a favourite of mine since it was first published and got me reading Linda Kohanov’s books like The Tao of Equus, Riding Between the Worlds and the fascinating The Power of the Herd. I hesitate to comment on people’s blogs when I don’t know them, particularly after I got blasted by some guru twit, so I never commented to tell Benebell about Linda’s books, but they are good if you’re interested in intuition and animal communication, that deeper bond.



The way Sandra painted this swan in the Grace card is lovely. A little bit abstract which is rather like the concept of Grace. In her view Grace is about forgiving ourselves and others, not judging, not having a false personality (a nod to The Ugly Duckling I expect), and letting go of things. Disruptions in life are a message from the Universe to change yet still have compassion.

This Mah Jongg card can relate to correspondence or travel. It reminds me that this week we had to tell relatives overseas that they couldn’t visit because we are right in the middle of trying to move. They wanted to come in August but we might have to fly out west then and buy our new house, and even if we are here, the house will be up for sale, it’s hardly the time to go gallivanting on trips, trying to relax and have a vacation, leaving the pets at home alone. We told them next year it would be better, and I don’t think they were too happy, but they seem to have had little thought for our circumstances and present upheaval.

We escaped that particular danger with grace, welcoming them next year when we’ll be living in a place which has much more to see and do. The Grace card is also about judging so it works both ways with people. I think, when we were trying bravely to accept these visitors during a difficult and life-changing time, that we were trying to mask how we felt and put on false personalities to accommodate others. The Swan is a reminder of that.

It’s hard to say “No” to people, but it was not the right time.

The Lolly Jay of May



I couldn’t help thinking of Christmas with this draw. Jays always remind me of winter because they stay around at the feeders in winter. These look like dried rose hips surrounding the jay, and they made a good match to the cherry blossoms of May.

I thought because of Christmas that I’d make the Tea Leaf card into a lollipop. The Kingdom card is about abundance and seeing the abundance around you, and realizing that abundance is also inside you. “…no trying, no reaching, no grasping required” as Sandra says in the booklet.

That’s a very Christmas idea too.

Yet the card I picked to go with this is about the month of May, so I can’t help thinking that maybe (dare I hope) we will move next May and it will feel like Christmas, as the abundance reflects back to me without a lot of trying, just letting it happen, no grasping required.