Two Look Within



In the Tarot Wayang, Saraswati is associated with the Moon and changes, replacement, addition, subtraction and “inconstantly” which seem like words associated with the Moon and the intuitive qualities of The High Priestess.

The Hermit looks a tad unbalanced as if his feet were hurting or perhaps frozen and inflexible for walking. If you can see ahead of you, with lamp light or the light of the Moon, but your feet aren’t working, perhaps it’s a good day to rest? Or maybe your feet hurt but you carry on following where the light leads?

The wisdom to know: addition, subtraction black or white, things are either this or that, but really it’s all the same. The moon is the moon whether it’s going through a phase where you see a quarter of it or the full moon. “Every extreme carries its opposite embedded in it” says James Ricklef.

I like that idea, as if within joy you carry sadness, within depression you carry the ability to be energized and work and be happy. The Hermit goes within and it’s not loneliness it’s solitude, which also carries expansiveness. I think that’s the idea today, that duality is only a feeling and the whole thing is with you all the time.

Accessible should you listen.




Hermit Gathers Friends Around Him



Unfortunately the world does not produce mantis figures for one to purchase. I vow one day to draw one up as it’s one of the insects I really like.

Today is a bit of a Hermit day for me as I have hurtled into a serious health problem (again.) I am feeling better than the last two days but need to rest and eat lots of fruit, vegetables and drink water.

Yes, Mantis tells me to remove myself for a time. I also like the reminder here of resting overnight because solutions and better feelings often arise with the sun after a sleep. Having space for a bit is not running away or denying a problem, it’s not a delay, it’s a way of allowing a solution to occur. Relax into the darkness and then pop out into the light again.

Mantids are wise, are they not?

I suppose I shouldn’t have, but during a bad moment yesterday I ordered some figures to go with this deck. They go with other decks too, and one of the days I must have a photo session, but right now I am trying to finish unpacking so don’t want to divert myself.



Gerry Durrell used to talk about lemurs a lot in his books, so I wanted to get that one. I couldn’t find the Papo brand possum with babies on its back that I wanted to go with the Badgers Forest Tarot, so I thought I’d get the Papo lemur while it was available. Oops, I had to delete it as I ran out of money, so I just got the four.

And Dave really wanted that penguin, you know? I have to keep Dave happy.



Guiding Through Hand Piecing



This is a beautiful Hermit, very Eastern Orthodox looking. For me this week, my anxiety has been rearing up as we have the home inspection for the house we bought this week, so I cut out a quilt block and I have been sitting quietly hand piecing it to allay my fears. Nothing says comfort like sewing forty right-angle triangles together.

The Hermit is for that quiet succour, but also I think for guidance. I feel despite the stones under his bare feet he is sure and steady, holding the light, guiding the way for us.




The Archetype for Jewellery-Making

Bad day yesterday, whew. Today when I got up I had my vitamin/protein drink, showered, and went to the library. Then came home and got dithering over the fact that I didn’t have suitable earrings to match a new blouse and the t-shirt I wore today. You would think with this amount of earrings I would have something appropriate but I am missing some colourways.


So out came the beads and findings and pliers. I took apart one old pair and redid them and made six new pairs of earrings, with more to do tomorrow. It’s been a while since I felt like making anything so thought I’d roll with it.




This guy knows! He says, carrying a new library book back after a visit to his local library, “Jude, I couldn’t find any earrings that matched my outfit, I was in such a dither about it I’m going home to make something suitable.”

That’s why they call tarot cards archetypes.



Drowning and Becoming Smaller

Yikes, I’m up at 1 a.m. I had a dream about many, many gloves frozen into the ice and then there were rowboats sinking under the waves with people in it. A drowning dream, I had to get up to avoid a panic attack.

I guess I’m not looking forward to our contractor coming back this week to finish the bathroom!



You got that right. My husband and I don’t do well with lots of contact with people. We often retreat into solitude which is a nice thing, but what do you do if you can’t escape having people around for a time?

You can still be there but make yourself smaller this card seems to suggest. Shrink in a cycle, a circle of large and small.

Relativity, ratio, ridiculous dreams about tiny boats going under the water.




Oak and Owl Have a Growthful Day

32 – OAK TREE – Growth, Knowledge, Self-confidence
49 – THE OWL – Stealth, Solitude, Secrecy


Another tree! A gorgeous Oak Tree, with illustrations by Emma Garner.

After my doctor visit a few things are improved, including getting permission to go off the meds that were doing strange things to my mind and body; I’m on the right path says Oak.

That certainly gives me confidence, and generally it’s a day of growth, but a quiet one, a self-contained one of solitude, listening to opportunities while staying in the background.

Suits me.


Later that day….

Just for fun I thought I’d grab two cards from disparate decks and see what they had to say.



The Midwife is one of the Wisdom cards from the Harrow deck. She is a conduit to creation and lets new life and ideas into the world and can see good even in the worst situation. Knowledge like the Oak Tree card above and birth and growth.

The Hermit is of course solitary, much like The Owl and likes to keep his own heart to himself, so a reflection of The Owl.

Neat eh? When they mean it, they mean it, even if you draw from several decks.



Twining Roots of Nourishment



Back to the forest to sit in contemplation and solitude.

I’ve been reorganizing my embroidery floss for two days, preparatory to sew two handbags with the same pattern but different embroidered motifs on the flap. I posted images on my other blog but for those of you who don’t read it, here is the glory in my current projects, and after that is my additional palette of cotton floss and to the right, silk floss.




I find a good palette of colours nourishing. Like trees in the forest, the colours surround and protect me. I like this thought from the book:

“At this stage of the journey, it is important to take the time to engage in quiet reflection.”

I came across some lovely patterns for embroidery this week and got inspired to tidy and organize my floss and prepare to sew and embroider bags that I’d planned to do two years ago; it took hours of patient fiddling. Being The Hermit allows one to relax and put the mind in order, observe what’s important to you and go deep in the imagination.

Everyone needs the quietude of internal retreat. I always, always hear people say they have no time, we are busy, busy in our society, but it’s important to give yourself the time. Twining roots of nourishing thoughts and leaping associations of ideas, the growth of Spirit occurs with quiet reflection.

The fertile mind needs its quiet passions.