Another Card of Something or Other

I’m babbling, so tired after painting today. I spent an hour looking at reviews of art supplies. Strathmore have a new heavyweight toned paper for mixed media that they’ve just released in a pad. It might be just the thing for a watercolour of a sandpiper I am planning. Do you think I can find it in Canada? Nope. I can find a regular journal with toned grey or tan paper that I already have but not the heavy one they just released. I’ll probably have to wait for months for it to show up in this country.

That will give me time to start my acrylic abstract diptych for over the living room fireplace. Once I get the other half of my tree completed.



I creatively used the pen tool to make a selection of this card, thus avoiding pixelated raggedy edges. It worked okay but I miss Photoshop. Blah. Hey Photoshop user try Affinity Photo and see what happens. You’ll be sitting there for five hours fiddling with selection tolerance when you could be painting a tree in your foyer or trying to track down a particular Strathmore paper in Canada.

So there you go, today’s interesting World Of Judith. Hey Jude, why don’t you trying painting a sandpiper on toned paper? I would but there seems to be a logistical problem in my procurement department. It’s called “Let’s ignore distribution in Canada, that big blob north of us yet again.”

A bit punchy after falling asleep in the chair while watching a YouTube review.

Can ya tell?


Oh Those Raggedy Pixels and Details

Still can’t figure out how to select my background out from the card in Affinity Photo. Every time I try with their magic wand selection, all the pixels on the edge are all raggedy. Maybe I need a black paper on the scanner? I reset the tolerance higher and have Contiguous checked, and it selects from inside the card which it shouldn’t do. Very frustrating because Photoshop does it in an instant.

So, it looks like in one or two days, a contractor will come and build my front steps and porch. I have had no porch or steps there for three weeks short of a year. I am desperately hoping it looks good and everything goes to plan so I don’t have to niggle and try to get what I want. These guys are very experienced though, and they liked my tree in the foyer. Always a bonus.



This card is about supporting others. I am supposed to be a strong, powerful castle of support for others, as are they for me so we can all feel safe and heal.

I’m having one of those weeks where I think “Why can’t anyone support me?” I wish I was married to one of those men who took care of the details. I have become the detail person, the one who remembers to ask, to check, in our marriage. I’m so well organized I guess it simply falls that way, especially as he gets older, and he’s older than I. Blah.

The only thing I take from this is that the spouse might appreciate that I’m the one who takes care of the details.

Inseparable Inspiration

While waiting for the spouse to finish sanding, I am posting a card I drew from The Healing Deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.



Still struggling with selecting the background from the card in Affinity Photo. It was so easy in Photoshop but it’s a bit odd in Affinity. Next time I shall try a colour selection and see if that works better.

The back of this card says that prayer and meditation bring a feeling of connection to higher forces, which will make you feel inspired and inspiring.

I’ve got the entire first coat on after adding two finer snippets of branches last night. This is the final tree, I must beat down the inspiration to add more as I go in for a second coat.


I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. What is worse, painting tree branches at the top of your mural as the sweat pours down your face, or getting your teeth cleaned?



Affliction, Shadow-self, and the Dog in the Car

K’OUEN – L’AFFLICTION – I Ching 47 – Exhausting (Huang translation)
SHADOW – I face my shadow-self bravely


This Page is so young, so bursting with enthusiasm. James Ricklef refers to this enthusiasm as living life like a dog in a car. That tail wagging, ready-to-go, hanging your head out the window to see what’s coming up kind of feeling.

Which is not something I’ve felt for a while since being undermined by health problems, but the Yi King card (which is in French) refers to solitude and patience as a way out of affliction. When you are exhausted sometimes the best thing is to do nothing, to be patient.

The card from The Healing Deck mentions anxiety and self-doubt that poisons relationships and weakens our resolve, hardly things this Page would feel or think. Allow your light side to triumph, but allow time, bide your time, be patient. Reflection, interior solitude, let the faiblesse, the weakness and dimness pass.

This Page wears a mask, cut from a lion apparently whose dead legs hang down from his costume. Perhaps a way of feeling good is to put on the mask and act as if you felt well, as if you were strong, and then wait in your solitude for your light side to triumph.

Database Tiptoes Through the Fabric Collage

Another of my favourite decks by Chronicle Books is The Healing Deck: 36 Affirmations for Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Wellness by Monte Farber and Amy Zerner. My first tarot deck was the Zerner Farber Tarot by these two, and I love Amy’s artwork because I love fabric and sewing.


It’s a small, charming set and I like it. Today I felt like this sort of cheery, elegant colour. Sometimes that’s the best recommendation for a deck. Good words, good art, pleasant colour: the best.


I spent 4.5 hours sewing up a cushion cover to go with the baby quilt I am making, so fabric and colour was much on my mind today and I wanted to celebrate that with these cards. I culled together some leftover quilt blocks and extra border and backing fabric and the pillow turned out lovely, it’s really going to make a good little set.

It’s a holiday here today and the weather is a warm, sunny fall day which just makes the heart glad. Plus I got something done that I needed to do.

I started a new week in my planner and found three quotes regarding procrastination that I found timely.

1) Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill. [Christopher Parker]

2) If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it. [Olin Miller]

3) Let’s make progress, not excuses. [Justin Cotillard]