Roaring Rocks Roll into Action

So where am I today? Clearing out piles and piles of ratty, old clothes that the spouse would not release in the summer. Three green garbage bags went out, and another big garbage bag went to charity. My neighbour came over and took all our plants, which was a bit sad as some of them were over 20 years-old and we had nurtured them from seedlings.

The funny thing I’ve noticed about decluttering is that sometimes you can’t make the decision to let go, but if you leave it for three to six months and go back, it becomes a lot easier to release things. I think it’s because we get overwhelmed with decisions, as if a finite number of decisions for one session of decluttering are available, and then you have to leave it for a time. The other trick is not to look at things and just chuck them out, then it doesn’t bother you at all!

Now I have yet another one foot pile of paper to go through and shred or re-stash. It’s a tedious job but I persevere because one year I had about an eight-foot high pile containing a decade of paper to go through and shred. Now I shred each year and every day for small things like envelopes or junk mail.

Isn’t that absolutely fascinating? Ha-ha. There’s is nothing like a cross-country move to make you blather on about organization interminably. Oh, but we are going to be so much lighter when we go.

And what fascinating remarks does the Tarot have today about all this?

ACE OF PENTACLES (Carved rock)


The rock on the Ace is nestled among growing plants and flowers, rooted in the Earth. Hard work gains big and small rewards. The Pentacles are often about money but they have a great emphasis on the practical too. Yes, get rid of four bags of old clothes before you move, much like clearing away rotting detritus so that plants can grow in Spring.

The Empress has many roles to help the pride survive, and she achieves them. She is roaring at the moon in this card, which reminds me of the moon last night, shining into my bedroom so brightly that I could hardly sleep. It was beautiful and exciting all at the same time.

I expect I’ll sleep better tonight having taken some action on getting organized for our move.



Roses on a Sunday

Two of the reasons I really like the Circle of Life Tarot is that the images and meanings are so different, prone to interpretation outside the norm.



So here she is with her green hair sprouting roses and two filled bags of some sort behind her, looking in a mirror with a gnome-like creature above her by the tree roots. Very interesting, and the booklets says:

“Our image, when reflected, never corresponds to reality. If we only look in the mirror, we lose all contact with reality.”

Hardly an Empress-y saying but interesting. She’s in a burrow under tree roots, watched over by a gnome who looks quite happy. Abundant hair, flowers and perhaps riches in the bags behind her. Today I am thinking that as she turns from the mirror to enjoy the reality of her protected circumstance, it might be Sunday and she has slept well and wants to continue reading her fascinating biography of Pierre Berton and catch up on the laundry. The gnome trimmed her hair before she bathed and she is noticing how much better it cascades down her back with a bit of a trim, with no split ends to catch on tree roots.

Of course, this is naturally all in the card.

Happy Sunday!

The Rice Queen Floats in the Wind



Life will never end, she will always sow rice in a fertile loop.

“A change in the present situation is in the offing.” The booklet also mentions magical protection and using intuition to make decisions or reveal the solution.

I just like the way her clothes are flowing. Her shawl or cape is blowing but it is tied to her wrists so it can’t blow away entirely, as if she is prepared to withstand any wind of change. Life will still continue, the earth will still be fertile.



Demeter and the Four of Three

I picked a card from the Experimental Tarot and then thought I’d grab the card from the other three decks I have down here and do a comparison.



The Experimental card reflects all cultures, a global Empress, which ties in nicely to the way I think of this card being about leadership. Apart from the leadership and guidance involved in motherhood, the Empress to me does not necessarily mean Big Mom, but a mother to the world, a leader, someone who rules wisely.

Big Mom as a Persian cat with gambolling kittens in the Tarot of Pagan Cats, gets back to that pregnant Empress vision that I don’t really like but she IS regal and looks wise. Fertility is also about ideas not just physical fertility and this cat looks like she is pondering a great mystery.

The Sacred Sites Tarot shows Demetra (a.k.a. Demeter) and the Eleusinian mysteries, the rites tied to worship of Demeter and her daughter Persephone. They were secret rites and this reminds me of the Empress being self-contained and able to keep a secret as you would expect from a good ruler.

The Sorcerer’s Tarot shows the big heart of the Empress, her ability to take care of others. Sort of a practical woman, she knows she’s going to have to kiss that frog to get her Prince, but what of it? One has to do what one has to do to rule the kingdom wisely.

For today I think of overseeing, taking care of the home and others, being slow to act and thinking about things first, weighing the options. It also reminds me that my friend’s Mum is ill, so I think of her and how mothers can keep to themselves in order not to worry people, and how when they are sick, the home just doesn’t feel the same.

Get well, we are thinking about you here.



The Red and White Year

Daily Draw January 1st, 2013

I suppose I should do a New Year-specific draw today. I am using the Blue Dog Rose Tarot. It had some others vying for top place but for some reason this quiet little deck appealed to me the most.

VIII OF CATS ( 8 of Swords)
II OF RODENTS (2 of Pentacles)


The Empress Guinea Pig sits in front of the old Japanese flag, reminding me of the Emperor in this deck and oppression or abuse of power. Something that struck me today with this is the female role in the emotional feeling of the home. Do you doubt it? I have found that I am expected to be the cheery one here, and that even slight imbalances in my mood, bring the household down. This might give me some awareness in 2013 of how my own mind oppresses others.

The 8 of Cats points to much the same thing: the mind leaping at shadows, imagining dire things and showing extremes of adrenaline and fright, bringing you down with a crash and affecting everyone around. Surprises and sudden outbursts of emotion, leaving those adrenal glands depleted and ragged. Boxing at shadows and letting imagination go in the wrong direction.

The 2 of Rodents is about change and juggling what comes up in life, trying to remain balanced. These two white rats are scrabbling about in a maze, getting themselves in a tizzy and fainting from frustration and fear. If they would calm down they could find a way out. Still, it might be more difficult than they expect. It is like the prison of the mind in the 8 of Cats. It is also a card about financial things, a reminder to me in this year when we need a new furnace to SAVE money, don’t delay, get some equilibrium with regard to that. A plan, a system of procedure, not see-sawing back and forth from panic to thriftiness.

What shall I call this? The year of the red and white mind? Look at the colours in this layout, I was quite struck by the extremes and impression of two colours.

According to my symbolism dictionary red with white is death or the devil in some cultures. Red is solar power and passion, energy, masculine and active. Bloodshed, war, zeal, power, cruelty. White is light, illumination, sacredness, redemption, the feminine principle, spiritual womanhood; in the East it is mourning and death. Again, as with the entire reading I get a sense of two ways, balance and extremes. Really, all of life is in these colours, death and life, darkness and light, spirituality and cruelty.

I worry about this year and death, but I need to watch my mind, lest it get away with me. Extremes, even through difficult situations are just thoughts, bits of imagination. Equilibrium remains, you choose to see it, to develop it, and surround yourself and others with it.



The Crystal Jar with the Crystal Substance

Daily Draw November 23rd, 2011


The trees on this card remind me of a grotto-like lane near a local beach, a place so magical when you drive through it that I have always called it “Narnia.” The Kabbalistic symbol, the Hebrew letter Daleth, means “door” and is echoed in the portal of the trees.

It was her container that I saw today, the crystal container with the cross, which probably contains another crystal, salt, that is associated with this card in the Thoth deck. Salt crystals in a crystal jar, and I have been getting massive headaches lately, usually a sign of high blood pressure so I shall take this as a warning to contain my salt intake.

I also thought the moon she is sitting on looks like a swing, and yet there are no ropes holding it to the trees. She is suspended seemingly by something else, perhaps her intuition and imagination—another day for artwork for me. The bird is apparently a pigeon, a prophetic bird pointing me to listen to my inner guide.

Hold the salt, hold the blue lotus brush of creativity.

The Shaper Waves to Kenny

Daily Draw August 26th, 2011

There is something about the light in August, changing, and the crickets and cicadas humming that always brings a little sadness. Autumn is coming and the year moves on to inevitable winter. My husband has three days left of holidays, so that’s a bit sad too.


A bit of a different take on The Empress. A mother figure maintaining a loving watch over all life. This lady knows about seasons and common sense. I feel a sense of nurturing today and the harvest of vegetables, fruit, and grains.

I have had this song going through my mind for two days. I don’t recall hearing it recently, so the little man in my brain might have pulled it from the archives for some reason. It’s called Don’t Look Back by Kenny MacLean, whom I remember best from his tenure in the band Platinum Blond. I am channelling the 80s folks, complete with men and mullet hairdos. When I looked this up I was sad to see that Kenny had died of heart-related problems in 2008. He was the same age as I, so a reminder to look after my heart.

The Shaper says to give the body whole grains, fruit and berries and things will be okay. I overloaded on vitamins yesterday, which is a sign to ratchet the dosage down, so I have today. The Shaper…I like that she fades out in this, as if she is always in the background monitoring things, protecting and sustaining me, although I don’t see her.

She says not to be sad, don’t look back to the beginning of summer and promise, but look ahead to the continuing harvest.