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Rise Along the Road Yon Blue-Robed One

June 14, 2017


31 – The Rubaiyat
Up from Earth’s Centre through the Seventh Gate
I rose, and on the Throne of Saturn sate,
And many Knots unravel’d by the Road;
But not the Knot of Human Death and Fate


I assume this is Apollo or Helios with the sun on his headdress, riding the Chariot of the sun using rams instead of horses because the horses were getting their manes braided this particular morning. If so, there is an interesting bit of history that in the ancient world, Saturn was once referred to as The First Sun, thus tying in to the card from The Mystic Rubaiyat.

If not, then perhaps Apollo commandeered a chariot to rise up and ride Saturn and maybe have a chat about logical positivism with the dead. As you do.




Blackie’s in a Snit About Perfection

January 12, 2016

Oh boy, I’ve been up since 3:30 a.m. Only three days to go until our move and trip and today is the day for last minute things. I am going to pack up my modem and send it back today as I’m only renting it now, so this will be my last post for a bit.



The obvious tie to travel shows up. Time to go, and moving forward successfully.

One thing about this struck me, the idea of pulling in opposite directions, which gives me thoughts about marriage and the way two people can diverge when organizing, planning and taking care of details while moving house. Mention in the book about “over-emphasis on power and control” makes me think I should rein in my perfectionistic tendencies.

Hahaha, like that’s going to happen. Where would the world be without the Listmaker urging the horses on?

“Cheerio, but be back soon.”

Forward Ho! with Focus

August 13, 2015

Ah yes, The Chariot, hurtling forward even though the path is long. You must maintain your focus on the goal.



A good card for today. We were getting a tad discouraged about selling the house and someone told me on the phone to not worry and just keep going.

Focus on your goal. Drive on, ride into tomorrow in more ways than one.



Leaping Harlequin Great Danes

March 7, 2015

THREE OF FIRE (3 of Wands)


I love those gambolling Harlequin Great Danes on The Chariot in this deck. I once wanted one of those dogs but they are not as long-lived as other breeds. I like that the one on the right looks bouncier, a bit ready to tear off, while the dog on left looks a little steadier. There is a nice black and white balance to that.

I don’t like the glow behind the cat on this deck as it seems to override all the other interesting things on the card, including the cat.

Focused attention and will, which is something I need to apply to a drawing but my arm has gone a bit kerflooey again. This guy though is in charge of his destiny, so no object (or ruined arm) will deter him!

I really, really like this new take on the Three. There is always some ambiguity to this card in that the classic Rider-Waite version shows a man looking at a ship out to sea, but you don’t know if the ship is coming in or leaving or what the circumstances are.

Similarly in this card, the cat has seen something and is ready to leap, but is he leaping into new adventures and creativity or leaping too soon without thinking it over? Risk and challenge can be good or bad. He says to me “Just paint the darn gouache on the paper Judy.”

I sometimes get the feeling that my cards get fed up with my dithering and perfectionism.



Ezra, Wolf, and Horse Remind Me Over a Cup of Tea

July 11, 2014

WOLF – NINE OF FOSSILS (9 of Pentacles)


I have not been sleeping well and this morning I just did not want to get up but I was fully awake. I finally decided to do something right away when I got up, so I considered what priority my tasks had and then showered and put on clean clothes, did the dishes, fed the pets, and cleaned that all up and washed the counters. Little things, but they gave me some momentum.

Then I washed some bed linens while checking my e-mail, and hung them outside to dry in the sun (always a cheery thing) and had some breakfast.

I ordered two books on inter-library loan by Ezra Bayda who writes on Zen. One is called Beyond Happiness: The Zen Way to True Contentment and the other is At Home in the Muddy Water: A Guide to Finding Peace Within Everyday Chaos. I know these things, these thoughts of Zen and meditation but a refresher is ever needed. Particularly when anxiety rears up or I have a day when I want to give up.

So I’m having a cup of tea and reading Ezra. It’s funny these two cards came up, almost like a nudge that says, “Get going, fly and you will feel better, you will feel freedom,” along with a nudge from the Wolf on enjoying the garden, smelling the laundry drying in the sun, hearing the birds.

It’s similar to that Zen saying on enlightenment: Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water; after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. The day to day grinds on, but it’s about finding peace within everyday chaos. Do those dishes, get into the shower and clean up, do laundry, all those things that ground us and can give us momentum and something to hold onto when our minds are spinning out of control.

Self-discipline, master instinct and impulse, release judgment and do what needs to be done. The Nine of Fossils is about that sort of thing, the maturity of commitment and yet enjoying what is, accepting what surrounds you. Both these cards speak of self-assurance, command, the kind of feelings I often don’t feel when I’m stuck in the house alone for weeks. And yet, commanding the everyday brings it back.

No need to force things, just sort of flow into and out of them, like a horse flying through air currents. I get scattered into several projects and then feel guilty so the Horse takes aim and goes, we are the vehicle, we decide.

It’s that kind of day, the kind of day where you decide what needs to be done and then you go through the tasks, one by one, peacefully, gently, no big angst, enjoying the doing.



New Decks and Old Ride The Chariot

November 23, 2013

I notice that Ellen Lorenzi-Prince has a new deck called the Dark Goddess Tarot. She is currently writing a book to go with it. I once owned the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue but I found them lacking in information about each goddess and traded them. I hope Ellen might do a better job in her forthcoming book. People need some substance in books and challenge to the mind, some astute observance and information. I like to see that in books rather than vapid rote.

I enjoy Ellen’s artwork in this deck, it’s nice to see that thoughtful people are still creating decks with some depth and I hope it sells well for her.

After browsing through the 2014 Lo Scarabeo catalogue, a friend and I gave up and said “Meh.” I liked Lo Scarabeo the way they were, wildly artistic with a European flavour and a roster of talented illustrators, some quite original. Now they are pretty same-y with more computer-generated art of expressionless humanoids, and all-purpose booklets. I know why they did this, to appeal more to North Americans and to publish decks that were “readable” out of the box. Unfortunately they lost most of the creative vibe that made them excellent by doing so. I always found them readable so I never understood this, but I guess many people want instantaneous homogeny or they won’t buy a deck.

Let’s see, I thought I’d resurrect another older deck to fiddle with. From the Celtic Tarot by Lo Scarabeo:



This deck has a different artist for the Majors and Minors. The Minors are not as detailed and people are a bit Conan-like with a strange reddish skin tone. The artwork tends to be blurry, suggesting muted backgrounds and the action of figures, and perhaps a lack of time. I’m not sure if this was a Majors-only deck that they made into a full deck with another artist.

The Ace of Chalices is all water and emotion. You are allowed to express emotions, they can overflow, as long as you keep a grip on them. The lily pads signify growth to me, to grow as a human you have to allow emotion. The booklet has a one word entry for this “care.” It could be care for others or care that these emotions don’t gush out without care.

The Chariot in this deck is more violent. I suppose the Celts were often waging war or defending themselves from others. We forget that when looking at their beautiful art and jewellery.

The figure is Nuadu Airgetlam or Nuadu Silverhand; you can see the silver gauntlet on his left hand. “Airgetlam” means silver hand or arm. He was king of the Tuatha Dé Danann and then lost his arm in battle. At that point he wasn’t eligible to be the king because of this physical imperfection and was replaced. The new king Bres was rather hard on the people, so when Nuadu has his arm replaced with a working silver arm, he became king again and ruled for 20 years.

He eventually stepped down and the more youthful Lugh became king. War continued though with Bres and his followers and Nuadu was killed in battle. Lugh eventually won the war and avenged Nuadu.

I find the Tuatha Dé Danann confusing since some of them seem to be magical gods, like Lugh, and others just folk.

Advancement, victory, but also violence. In any case action and bravado. It’s interesting that the Ace, the ultimate of emotion, rides with The Chariot. The impetus of action is often strong emotion, emotion spilling out until you act.

For me…I’m torn. I have become a fossil, never moving, the bones in my shoulders and hips are cracking and moving when I lie down. If I had any trust in doctors I would mentally drive myself to go. Perhaps that’s the action this is referring to? Or it could be the action of a spiritual journey—I have more trust in that.

I like the way Nuadu is standing up, confronting the situation, defending, aggressively saying “No!” or “Come and get me, you’ll have a fight on your hands!” He is certainly NOT passive and willing to fester until fossilized.

Another one of those days…must counteract…strap my silver hand on and brandish my sword.


Steady Hermann Speaks to the Boar

September 6, 2013

I occasionally read tarot blogs by other people. I have the feeling after several months that a sprinkling of them, notably those people offering courses or books or in some way involved in going to studios and meet-ups and such, tend to be rather insular if you aren’t part of their select group.

I suppose this makes sense as a protective measure, and a way of hanging around with like-minded people. I think hanging around with good, positive, active people is a good thing, but I guess I’m never going to be let into this particular party because I don’t follow someone’s book or group. I haven’t paid or I haven’t toed the party line, or whatever it takes. Respect for the Self, for the way you are is quite important I feel. If others don’t respect you then pass them by. I am not a group person, although I enjoy chatting to like-minded people.

I have decided to stop following and reading a few noted blogs and commenting. So long.

I was reading some things on chronic pain, and it does tend to isolate you. People either think you’re faking or they can’t help you and give up, leaving you alone in a room. Still, being alone is rather pleasant, it opens the world of imagination.

Let’s have a card for this today….runs upstairs….grabs a deck she hasn’t used for a while……and pulls out the Haindl Tarot.



The Chariot was the card that got me to buy my first tarot deck. So I think of journeys, but beginning the journey anew.

Red for energy, and the mythical boar/wolf represents deep fears. The lone figure looks like it is embracing the world, rising above it, but is actually full of fear, deep unnameable fears.

The boar is a family symbol since it is involved in my maiden name, so this speaks of old fears of not belonging, of not measuring up that I’ve had since childhood. A boar’s head, as this is, can be about the vitality contained in the head and preservation from danger. Boars are thought of as solitary, forest dwellers. And the wolf is the frightening aspect of night and hunting, like fears that haunt you more at night. They are often very brave.

Internal steadiness comes first. The figure holds his ground, despite the movement underneath him. He’s going to ride it out. The Hebrew Cheth associated with this card means a fence or boundary, which reminds me of the boar and maintaining my own head and vitality.

Self-determination and control, the blessing of fences. And if you don’t belong, so what? It is merely an old fear. I shall root around in my forest here for a truffle and be done with it.