Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 9: Equality

The rainbow spills down the page – I had a hard time stopping myself from finding cards but I ran out of room.

EQUALITY – Okanagan Oracle – this is a painted crosswalk in Kelowna, BC with rainbow stripes in support of LGBTQ people.
HULA AND LEI – Island Heritage Postcards; art by Frank McIntosh circa 1930s.
3 – CELEBRATION – 3 of Cups – Bright Idea Deck
60 – LAUGHTER – Osho Transformation Tarot
7 0F WANDS – VALOUR – Parrott Tarot
FIRE – 9 INTEGRITY – 9 of Wands – Mythical Goddess Tarot
KING OF FIRE – PATH – King of Wands – Infinite Tarot
I THE MAGICIAN – Whimsical Tarot
DISNEY LAND – Richard Lindner 1965. Oil on canvas; Dover postcard


The wholeness of The Magician, with words like path, integrity, celebration, valour, laughter, equality, and some welcoming leis from Hawaii, the Disney world of being different in a society that does not encourage difference.

We had a temporary rainbow crosswalk in town that was not allowed to become permanent. There was the son of friends of my parents who was transgender and eventually took the plunge into surgery and the medications that killed him far sooner than necessary, as his body became sick, but he wanted to be himself, the woman he had always felt like.

What must it feel like to constantly hide or not feel like yourself when you look in a mirror? What must it be like to search for trusted friendship and love, to have people hurl insults at you on the street, to long for children and be vilified as a parent?

Way back in the 1970s during my Pentecostal phase, I was at a bowling alley with a fundamentalist Christian woman who, looking at a man dressed in women’s clothes standing about seeking a new friend, screwed up her face and said “That is so sad” and kept staring at him with her face locked in a grimace. What was sad was his desperation, his courage to let everyone know he was different, and then to face such comments repeatedly. I can still see him standing there, alone in the light, in his dress, high heels and inexpert make-up, so lonely, hoping someone would speak to him. Jesus would have bought him a coffee and had a chat, I’m quite sure.

I couldn’t do it, be out there. I would be a hider, afraid, avoiding. In reading online about the four crosswalks in Kelowna that are painted, some comments were left about the Bible and homosexuals, and taxpayers money funding such atrocities. I think it’s pretty and highlights the intersections well, but think to yourself, what must it be like to see this paint and feel some support in a terribly cruel world, to have someone notice you in a happy way for a change?

What does it feel like to be the other person?



One Message That Echoes

Nir Felder, American jazz guitarist, has crossed my mind several times on the radio with a new song called Lights from his album Golden Age.

There you go. It’s a sad little song, full of historical clips of political speeches from the 1980s and early 1990s. Was it really a golden age? Nope.

“One message that echoes….”

[Hillary Rodham Clinton 1995]

8 – EFFORT (8 of Pentacles)
II – INTUITION (High Priestess)


As much as I love the illustrations by Eric Hotz for The Bright Idea Deck, I was disappointed that Mark McElroy hooked himself into the original ideas of Roger von Oech; it’s too close for comfort to me. Also, heaven forbid one should actually state that the Effort card is really the 8 of Pentacles. That’s not good for big business selling, the marketing boys won’t like it.

I consider the 8 one of my personal cards since creativity and art is a big thing for me. However, you have to put the effort in and I’ve been quite joyous the last week organizing the last of my art materials and cementing some ideas for the two opening pages of my Chilean journal. I have to watch myself and edit down what could end up a jumbled mess.

Mark says “identifying what’s needed to get something done” and “isolating yourself to focus on the work that needs to be done.” During the winter I was quite focused on a forum for sewing and knitting, but I find myself drifting back to art and natural history now that Spring is here. That’s okay to do, it’s a cycle like a season.

The High Priestess is here to tell me that such reflection is natural. Mark refers to “the excitement of the unknown” which I find is a definite Spring feeling. Hunches and urges, the sense of what could be ties in perfectly to my art journal.

One message, that echoes in the awakening Spring, the pull of intuition as the robins pull on worms in the lawn, the urge to examine and draw and put things together in your own way, sensing.

Echoes, like ripples in the water of Intuition.



It’s the Law: This Card Attracts That Card

Now we come to my usual little visual ramble through a new deck. I didn’t feel like doing this at first because I’ve just done a few convoluted comparisons that required a lot of effort, but once I started going through the deck for about the fourth time, I couldn’t resist.

I’m going to be lazy and not chatter a lot about these, apart from saying that I love the Law of Attraction Tarot and I’m pleased I bought it with birthday money.

That Karl is a busy guy.

And I now come to my favourite card in the deck. I tend to like this sort of card with depictions of everyday objects, and a lot of the Wheel of Change Minors are objects arranged attractively. The chairs here remind me of art class where we used to do exercises drawing chairs and the negative space of chairs.

The Queen of Swords is my personal card. Whew, someone had too much sun before doing this one.

Tune In Don’t Drop Out

Daily Draw July 2nd, 2011


This is from The Bright Idea Deck, which I’ve always enjoyed both for the artwork and Mark McElroy’s insightful book. I like that he left the esoteric gobbledygook behind and really talked about the human condition and life situations. This deck doesn’t get enough credit for brilliance.

This lady is feeling, feeling, her way, standing in the pool of reflective emotion and raising light and knowledge above her head, a pyramid and palm tress in the background and the moon in the sky.

I rarely get it, but I love that feeling of being tuned in, of being able to see and sense without effort. It’s like being in a dark house when the power goes off and knowing your way, easily finding where to go.

I’ve been feeling withdrawn lately and the book points out the difference between analysis and the danger of aloofness and passivity. It’s a slight demarcation between what is helpful and promoting growth and the flip side of destructive tendencies.

I think I’m going a bit too far to the negative, I must remember the better feeling of tuning in in a healthy way rather than disappearing into destructive secrecy.