Ace of Pentacles/Coins Across Decks

I saw in my statistics page that someone had come to my site searching for images of the Ace of Coins. I thought to myself that this might make an excellent study.

Danger, danger, hours later after searching through dozens of decks and scanning, adjusting, rotating and labelling in Photoshop, I’m a bit punchy. When you’re in a funk, nothing helps like a bit of sorting, categorization, and organization. This was more than a bit, but hey it made for a keenly interesting day.

Dealing mostly with the Rider-Waite model (here used in the Universal Waite deck) I decided that there were three kinds of imagery with this card: the classic “hand of God” approach; the figurative approach related to the theme like in the Golden Tarot; and the pattern and shape decorated or changed similar to a pip in transformation playing cards, like in this marvelous Ace of Pentacles in the Sun and Moon.

In this study I am ignoring the figurative approach, and looking more at the other two.






I don’t see too many people using the Fradella deck but it’s one of my favourites.

















I’ve talked about that Universal Fantasy card before, it reminds me so much of an old brooch.

So that’s it, about 8 hours of work and 39 decks!




Stroking for Soup

Daily Draw May 27th, 2013

I was up at 1:30 a.m. until about 7 a.m. with leg cramps and nerve pain so I had quite a disturbed sleep to say the least. I’m a bit weepy and exhausted today, so I’m making some homemade soup and puttering away at keeping the kitchen clean and doing laundry. When all else fails for comfort there is hot soup–T-shirt saying #87–thus sayeth Judith.



It’s Amadan, the Stroke Lad, whom I’ve met before in this deck. In this case I’m sure it refers to my recent obstructions in healing. I am trying to hunt up a practitioner in somatics but it seems hopeless, so I bought a new book that has clearer photographs for the Hanna Somatic exercises and I’ll try to forge on by myself.

You do what you can. My new phrase “I cannot worry about every little thing” keeps going through my mind. Part of a Tower experience it seems to me is how you meet it or adapt to it. Also I like the idea of structures that have imprisoned you breaking apart with this, and that this card represents my need to break free of a lot of things.

Maybe real physical repair is on the horizon for me? The big, old breakthrough experience of the Tower can be very good, although startling.


Strokes and Bolts

Daily Draw July 27th, 2012

I had my computer turned off again yesterday as we had thunderstorms and rain, which we badly needed. I feel safe doing a laundry today since we had some rainfall.

That’s two days this week my computer has been off and I really got caught up on my reading, and brushed the dog yesterday, and had a bike ride today. I am still pretty sore but doing bits here and there, mostly cooking and cleaning.

I’m going to have a quick draw with the Tarot of the Celtic Fairies today.




No matter where I go, this comes back. I am wondering if instead of thinking of dire consequences, I should think of old patterns being torn down? Maybe, maybe it’s time for the big change to finally gain momentum?

The figure on this card is Amadan, the “Stroke Lad” who strikes people with unexpected disabilities. God, I hope not. Amadan can be both malevolent and benevolent and enjoys administering the “Fairy Stroke” causing paralysis, crippling, or death. We derived our term “stroke” for cerebral haemorrhage from this folk tale. Amadan means “fool” but his touch can be crippling, so he isn’t a funny fool.

Well, I don’t want to have a stroke, so I shall keep Amadan in mind.


Cycles and Time and Death

Daily Draw April 4th, 2012

We found out two days ago that a neighbour’s Lab was euthanized when Abby was, due to age and bad hips and pain. I kept expecting to see this little dog and got worried enough that my husband walked over and asked about her. I am devastated because she came every day—literally wore a path around our house trotting on her rounds every day. She would knock at our door or basement window to get our dogs out to play. I wish they’d told us so we could have said goodbye. The last time I saw her was at our window the night before Abby died. If only we’d known.

I saw someone who has a dog up for adoption so we are talking about it. I don’t drive so she’d have to come here and that’s unlikely as they are 2.5 hours away, but I thought I’d inquire—you never know. I drew a card about this and got….


Most definitely we are at the end of a cycle, the end of an era and lives. I am having a bit of a time dealing with it, and keep thinking of Lewis Carroll’s line from Alice in Wonderland: “All in the golden afternoon” which is how I feel about my dog and her little friend, now both gone, along with the memory of the golden afternoon when we were all young.

Perhaps it is the end of the dream generally with regard to having dogs? We have our Newf, who got a good brush yesterday and helped in the garden. She is 8 so might only live a year or two, then the golden afternoon will be truly over.





Twitch, Swish, and Twitch

Daily Draw March 22nd, 2012

Just a quickie for the morning.


This is often a card of conflict as you can see. The only conflict is the one in our minds about how long to keep our dog alive. She is still eating and drinking and can get about if you support the muscles on her back legs but it’s tough for her and she is in pain, lying prone most of the time, feeling isolated and unwell. We have decided that we’ll keep her until Monday (this is Thursday) and then reconsider. If you keep them too long and they go down too far the veterinarian has to puncture the heart instead of using a vein and that is very painful for the animal and to be avoided.

I love the cat in this card, like the looming thoughts in my mind, threatening. Cats always twitch their tails when they are ready to pounce and you can see his tail is up and twitching. Intense concentration there, like Death waiting for the right moment.



Whuppity Do Dah Do

Daily Draw March 21st, 2012

Oh wow, yesterday was the first day of Spring!


The hag-like woman is the Whoopity Stoorie, called the Whuppity Stoorie in my book The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fairies by Anna Franklin.

The story comes from Lanark, Scotland where a farmer’s wife whose husband has gone to sea, pressed into service by a press gang, is left alone to cope with the household. When her pig got sick, this hag appeared and cured the pig but demanded the woman’s only son in payment unless the wife could guess the fairy’s name.

She must have given the woman a day or two (don’t they always give you three days in fairy tales?) so the woman had time to wander about and her luck was to come upon the fairy gloating over her upcoming prize and singing:

“Little kens our guid dame at hame
That Whuppity Stoorie is my name”

The very moment which we see in the card. It pays off big time to walk in the woods.

Yesterday I tried to walk in the woods but had a lot of pain after about 7 minutes or so and turned back, limping. I get scared that I’ll hurt myself and never walk again. Perhaps today I shall try a very short walk again to gradually build up my muscles?

I could hug a tree on my walk and listen to the Whuppity Stoorie cackle her song by the merman pond, which is full of water and singing frogs. Signing frogs and singing robins: the best things about Spring.


Raven Light, Sheerie Light

Daily Draw March 20th, 2012

I had to take a break although I drew a postcard at home yesterday which was another Susan Seddon Boulet print called Raven’s Love of Light done in oil pastel, ink and pencil.

This reminded me of holding the light of my dying dog close to me.

And here she is sunning herself in the garden two days ago; an old and wise soul.

Yesterday I had the surprise of my life when a package came in the mail for me from my friend Steve. You picked the right day Stever, I needed a pick-me-up.

He sent me a delightful I Ching deck and the Tarot of the Celtic Fairies deck. I love my folklore and mythology so I was delighted at all the characters and atmosphere in this deck. I spent some time putting the cards in order and then going through the booklet, and today I spent some time separating the cards into piles and shuffling them out of order before my draw.


This is a deceptive Sheerie using false stars to lure people to their doom! Mwuahahaha. So I got out my books on Celtic mythology and another book on fairies to have a rummage. Not surprisingly, I can’t find any entries. Aha, on the Internet they refer to it as a Water Sheerie which is in one of my books and is apparently the Irish term for a Will o’ the Wisp, the light that shines over marshes, often attributed to bog fairies, and the English term for this is Jack o’ Lantern, from which the Halloween pumpkin is named. Sometimes the lights are helpful but more often malicious. I think Tolkien drew on this legend when describing marshes in The Return of the King. Frodo doesn’t listen to avoid the lights, tsk, tsk.

Wikipedia has a huge page of folklore regarding this phenomenon.

So today, he is beckoning into the dark paths of depressive reflection, but I must resist. While tempting to slog through the gloom chasing after lights of the past, I must get on.