Stroking for Soup

Daily Draw May 27th, 2013

I was up at 1:30 a.m. until about 7 a.m. with leg cramps and nerve pain so I had quite a disturbed sleep to say the least. I’m a bit weepy and exhausted today, so I’m making some homemade soup and puttering away at keeping the kitchen clean and doing laundry. When all else fails for comfort there is hot soup–T-shirt saying #87–thus sayeth Judith.



It’s Amadan, the Stroke Lad, whom I’ve met before in this deck. In this case I’m sure it refers to my recent obstructions in healing. I am trying to hunt up a practitioner in somatics but it seems hopeless, so I bought a new book that has clearer photographs for the Hanna Somatic exercises and I’ll try to forge on by myself.

You do what you can. My new phrase “I cannot worry about every little thing” keeps going through my mind. Part of a Tower experience it seems to me is how you meet it or adapt to it. Also I like the idea of structures that have imprisoned you breaking apart with this, and that this card represents my need to break free of a lot of things.

Maybe real physical repair is on the horizon for me? The big, old breakthrough experience of the Tower can be very good, although startling.