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Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 5: Wonder

March 15, 2017

I got a bit behind in posting this. Some days I feel like scanning, sometimes I don’t, so I have separate bundles of cards here and there waiting for the magic tour de force of image importing in Photoshop.

I thought when I pulled this “Oh no, not another brown card” with a sinking feeling. There ARE brown and gold shades, some green and reddish maple and wine barrels painted a red-violet turning to grey, and a vibrantly white skull, so plenty of scope outside earthy browns. Browns with panache, and a dash of fermenting wine and oak gold.

WONDER – Okanagan Oracle
TEN OF WANDS – TOURMALINE, RED/PINK (RUBELLITE) – Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals
STRENGTH – Graven Images Oracle
FOREBODING – Dreaming in Color Luman Deck
CROW – Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards
GOOSE: QUEST, TRAVEL – Spirit Animals Card Deck


The Wonder here is in all the colours of the earth, the process of fermentation, the chemical magic of nature. That looks like it might be a bear skull, but the spouse thought it might be an elk. Alas, no information is given on the subjects in these cards. I would appreciate a downloadable PDF file with citations for the location and contents of the photos; I always love things like that.

Skull and foreboding, the aged wine of death and Crow transforms like skull. The Goose travels from winter to spring, wine-ready for a new season of raising young and feeling the sun and wind, imagining summer. The masons rebuild, strength needed for the work, the transformation.

The rubellite colour of this tourmaline is very appealing. Another heart stone but also used for healing and blood circulation and blood vessels, a problem of mine. The suggestion is there of struggle, burden and responsibility with the Ten of Wands, but the wonder lies in doing it. Humans are amazing in what they can bear.

Wonder is an Old English, Dutch, German, Old Norse word. One of those earthy tricky things, it could be a noun, a verb, or an adjective. Do I wonder in amazement or do I wonder with feeling, why or what or how? Perhaps I wonder in amazement at this juxtaposition among the trees of bones and wine-dark rhythms of transformation?

“What a world of wonder” breathe goose and crow as they fly past marvelling at the scene.


Badger Calls About the Wrong Fabric

October 28, 2015

Well, he would call wouldn’t he? Badger is an aggressive little guy, charging through life, never backing down.


He received a fabric order yesterday, and had a quick look, but didn’t have time to sort through it properly. Today he took his check list and carefully went through the order, until he got to the piece of toile. Oh toile, be still my excitable heart, it was navy and white and oh so wonderfully delicious, and he pulled it out (firmly with his masculine energy) and said “This doesn’t look right” because it was brown and beige teensy leaves and not toile at all. OH NO, not that, not brown, not beige with little bits of black. Nooooooo…..!!!!!

Heaving slightly, he staggered off to check online and see what horrible abomination of fabric this was instead of the toile he had ordered. You can see by the card, the vortex of panic and confusion he was in.

Pull yourself together Badge!!! Get on that phone and call customer service.

It’s okay, with determination and strength he made the call and they are sending the right fabric. The wrong fabric he can keep because it would cost them more in shipping. And truthfully, the brown and beige fabric could be used on the back of an old quilt he’s been meaning to finish. A nudge from the Universe that projects need to be completed.

I like Badgers.



Big Heads Bouncing with Flexible Strength

May 23, 2015

I was delighted after my draw yesterday with an e-mail and phone call about a huge secret. Someone in the family did in vitro fertilization and is now pregnant with a boy (perhaps Mr. Harum Scarum?) They’ve been keeping this a secret for about ten weeks until all the tests were done. So, as the card said “I only keep good secrets” and someone did.

RAVEN – I Believe In Magick


It won’t surprise anyone to hear that I don’t believe in magick. It may be there, but it’s never happened to me. Jesus has never zoomed down to perform miracles in my life either. Am I not worth it, do I not pray enough Big J?

Raven is a trickster with a haunting voice. His black colour reminds us of the mysterious, and the place of “Great Unknowing” where the powers and great Spirit of the Universe reside. He can fly back and forth between that and us humans, like a messenger. See yourself worthy of receiving: perhaps that’s it, my worthy transmitter broke.

For Strength, I think I might be getting a whiff of the reversed meaning in lack of direction and being overwhelmed. Yet mastery and control are part of this card; that cat stands his ground while the big dog licks him.

My cat often goes up to my Newfoundland dog to get a cuddle and she gets licked and licked while they both enjoy the company. The big dog could simply knock her over, but she never does. There’s a certain adaptability or flexibility to Strength that I haven’t considered before. It’s control, but it’s a flexible control, like bouncing back after a large dog licks your ear and your whole head bounces around.

Raven of course knows this from visiting the Great Unknowing.



The Curious Fawn

May 20, 2014



Cougars would normally eat little white-tailed deer fawns, but here the cougar knows that Strength does not need to rip something apart, or kill it and consume it to impose strength.

If you notice, the truly powerful people, the people with the most wealth and position, the most influence, do not talk about it. They are too busy finding things out like Richard Feynman. (See my About page for clarification.)

In this case, the cougar is keen to take the fawn with him to examine the statistics for…




Whuppity Do Dah Do

March 21, 2012

Daily Draw March 21st, 2012

Oh wow, yesterday was the first day of Spring!


The hag-like woman is the Whoopity Stoorie, called the Whuppity Stoorie in my book The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fairies by Anna Franklin.

The story comes from Lanark, Scotland where a farmer’s wife whose husband has gone to sea, pressed into service by a press gang, is left alone to cope with the household. When her pig got sick, this hag appeared and cured the pig but demanded the woman’s only son in payment unless the wife could guess the fairy’s name.

She must have given the woman a day or two (don’t they always give you three days in fairy tales?) so the woman had time to wander about and her luck was to come upon the fairy gloating over her upcoming prize and singing:

“Little kens our guid dame at hame
That Whuppity Stoorie is my name”

The very moment which we see in the card. It pays off big time to walk in the woods.

Yesterday I tried to walk in the woods but had a lot of pain after about 7 minutes or so and turned back, limping. I get scared that I’ll hurt myself and never walk again. Perhaps today I shall try a very short walk again to gradually build up my muscles?

I could hug a tree on my walk and listen to the Whuppity Stoorie cackle her song by the merman pond, which is full of water and singing frogs. Signing frogs and singing robins: the best things about Spring.


Gaius Discovers Smoke

June 5, 2011

Daily Draw June 5th, 2011

I am off on another bead-making adventure today. I found several tutorials and videos for a wirework pendant that looks good so I’ll try to fashion this necklace I have in my mind soon.

The trick is to get it looking as it looks in my mind. With every kind of artwork that is the trick. We are so used to the perfection of machine-made things, but in looking at some of my work I like that you can see it’s made by hand. There is something funky and HUMAN about handmade things that gives them lasting appeal.


Yes Gaius, there is a Photoshop brush for smoke.

Despite the story, the first thing I thought of with this image was that he is trying too hard to show how strong he is. What you project, the confidence and inner strength you hold, often doesn’t need outward expression.

This gentleman is Muzio Scevola ( a.k.a. Caio Muzio Scaevola, or Gaius Mucius Scaevola) who “burns his own arm, guilty of having failed.” As if you could prove your strength by such an action. It might cause someone to write an opera about you though, giving the world an enduring legend of your life. Oh wait, someone did write an opera about you…

Muzio made a mistake and killed the wrong person, when he meant to kill Porsenna the leader of the Etruscans. When brought before the Porsenna for punishment, Muzio said his hand had committed an unpardonable mistake and it was wrong to punish an innocent as he had murderously done, so he put his hand into the brazier and silently kept his hand there until it was completely burned. Or the legend says that he put his hand in the fire to prove his valour because he was a Roman, and Romans act bravely and are not afraid of capture and torture. The aspect of stoic silence during the pain is a big part of this story.

Such is the legend. The surname Scaevola was adopted as a third name by Gaius Mucius, and it means “left handed” to commemorate the occasion.

Silent strength can be observed without the histrionics I expect, but drama does get people’s attention. I think though I will stick with my original reaction to the card and keep to inner confidence today without a lot of show.

It Seems One Way, But…

April 7, 2011

Daily Draw April 7th, 2011


I like the birds on the edge of the birdbath in this one as it reminds me of my own garden. It could be a brazier in the image too, or maybe that was its original purpose and the birds have turned it into a bath. The Siamese cats remind me of my cats too.The cat of the left is playing with a bell. There are pixies or faeries under the bowl which seems charming too. I love the watercolour bamboo, it looks so like a Chinese brush painting.

The imagery all indicates that things are not what they first seem to be. The roar of a lion is just that, the beast is not as ferocious as it sounds. Perhaps Strength is really about subduing and taming inner assumptions? Control is not always about dominating someone else.

The cat is playing with the bell rather than wearing it, because he can control himself when around the birds. The woman does not need to control the lion, he is in control of himself. Bamboo looks so delicate but sturdy furniture is made from those hollow tubes. It seems one way but is really another; strength comes in recognizing that.