Too Many Daydreams



I guess I’ve been told! I got an idea for both a very neat embroidery project and a polymer clay piece to put on a journal cover. I haven’t even unpacked my craft supplies yet.

I’m a bit worried about my fabric, it seems to be somewhat musty after the move and staying packed for six months. I washed some bits to use in the embroidery project yesterday, and they are still a bit musty. Hopefully the steam iron will help, but I have a lot of fabric so it’s disheartening.

Well, I must get these things unpacked and airing out as best I can. The illusions of daydreams grabbed me but I have to get down to practical things. These projects will be fantastic at a later time, but not now. I need to keep my focus on unpacking the last little bits of stuff.




The Illusion of City Planning

I felt like fiddling with a playing card deck and a tarot deck. When I went to put back a previous deck I used I came across the Portable Fortitude Playing Cards and thought “That’s it!” I’ve been wanting to use the lovely Dreaming Way Tarot again for some time, so it went into the mix. Two excellent decks; cards from inspirational heaven in a sea of junk.

The Portable Fortitude deck was one I bought on Etsy, one of my fond memories of an outstanding artist and a black and white deck. There is another tarot deck (Animalis Os Fortuna Tarot) by an outstanding artist (Megan Weber) that I am saving up for and it is black and white. Alas, I have to wait until June or July to buy but that’s okay, I’ve wanted it since last summer, I suppose I can wait 2 or 3 months more.

That’s how you know the deck is right for you!!

10 OF DIAMONDS – Protection from city planning


I often get lost in Seven of Cups “up in the clouds” daydreaming. Many creative people do, the trick is to get your feet on the ground so you can accomplish something rather than just dream about all the wonderful things you want or can accomplish, or all the money you will make or the lottery you will win and the big castle you want to live in, or the snake waiting to bite you.

The 10 of Diamonds is a neutral card about money. I love this depiction, it’s spot-on isn’t it? City planners, like architects, artists, dreamers, writers, anybody creative, can go a bit crazy dreaming up impractical things. Here they’ve crowded out homes and the growth of plants, blocked the light, put a highway next to living space. Suffocating, noisy, and dark.

I need to get my weekly sketch done. I have preliminaries done but after going back to bed for four hours yesterday I felt like looking at cards and dreaming about art rather than doing art. A little nod from the crowded house on the playing card to edit my picture, keep to reality of space and time and injured hands.

Great cards.

Happy Sunday!

Crop and Let it Go

The scanning abilities of my new printer are not too good. Note to computer companies: program the software to preview and crop and adjust the colours before scanning! To be fair, my old Epson allowed this but the new Canon does not (nor did the evil Brother printer I had to return), hence the reliance on my buddy Photoshop.

A friend and I were talking about old decks and the flavour and creation of decks that existed 15 to 25 years ago. He bought the Unicorn Tarot to try and recapture that, and I decided to drag out some of the oldies but goodies and keep them down here to use. I never like to truncate time to a schedule so I might use some for days or weeks and others for a day or whatever follows.

I have been thinking much of the Hudes Tarot, and had a bit of trouble locating it among three bookshelves and a cupboard until I remembered that I’d put it in a bag, and that particular bag is in the cupboard. It’s been in a few different bags over the years but I found the greens, golds and reds in this bag suited it, with the stars and compasses reflecting the stars and maps and charts used as patterns and backgrounds in the deck, so it found its final home.





This card always means a sickening feeling of obsession to me, the winding snake of the mind, a feeling that I can’t get enough or fill myself up. A reminder to crop the obsessive thoughts from the mind and concentrate on what I have. Too much daydreaming and wishful thinking is often a loop I get stuck in.

Today I would like to sit down and create without all the wishful thinking. I want to draw and paint and colour and get something done. Something that may not be perfect but it is what has been in my mind for years. Get it out of the realm of daydreams and realize a design, that’s my activity for today.



Scoop Gets Practical



Scoop is quite a dreamer, wanting to spend his time making stories up with his glove puppets and researching the history of puppets in human civilization. Realistically though, as interesting as the Wayang puppet theatre of Indonesia is, it has no immediate application or relevance to Scoop’s life in Water Cup Desert.

It’s so enticing to read all day or put on glove puppet plays for “X” his box toy friend. They both enjoy it but Scoop needs to be realistic and find some work. Keep the dream but use it for work, maybe in a theme park?

With so many choices in his life path, Scoop gets confused and exhausted thinking about which way to go, and he feels barely able to create. There are practical ways of using his skill as a puppet master, and “X” is giving him a pep talk to start ONE thing and simply get going, get out of his focus on daydreams.

Easier said than done, eh Scoop? Perhaps start with making a pattern for that metal purse frame you bought. Then sew a mock-up to make sure it fits the frame. Once that’s done, you can sew up the purse in good fabric with some embroidery of cups on it. It will be great to have a nice purse to keep your theatre receipts in.

Scoop smiles weakly and thinks it might work. Maybe he could embroider a picture of a box toy on the front? “X” has offered to model for that; it’s good to have such support for a concrete endeavour.



No La-La Here!

Daily Draw January 21st, 2012

When I woke up today I glanced at my bookshelf, the one I call Poetry Corner, and said “Thank you for my books.” I love that shelf, which is why it is right beside my bed. I also noticed the small framed picture of Kuan Yin from the Universe card in the Chinese Tarot, that has sat on this bookshelf since there was only one shelf of poetry. A long time.

I finished a poem I was writing for a review and beaded around a cabochon yesterday, getting ready to string a necklace for this same review. Things are moving along, gelling in my mind.


This is me dreaming about doing things instead of actually getting down to work. I used to get confused between the 7 and 9 of Cups until I did this study. Now I get it.

I tend to drift off before completing things. While beading yesterday I remembered how much I like bead embroidery and how I gave it up for a time when I got discouraged after closing my business. I have three large necklaces started and want to finish them. Plus I bought ceramic cabochons and a carved bone lizard for another one.

I am getting the drifting feeling with this necklace but I must stay the course. I don’t need more food treats or to buy more beads or pendants or books, or browse the Internet and dream about new projects. I need to sit down and feel the pleasure of work and completion. It doesn’t matter if people are not buying, the designing and effort is so pleasurable in itself.

I could lie around for hours daydreaming; this card is always a warning to me of my tendency to want and dream and drift off into la-la places.

The Sun, Moon, Art and Thoth Clones

Daily Draw October 23rd, 2011

I finally felt like sitting down with the new Sun and Moon Tarot. I pulled out five cards that appealed to me and then got some Thoth clones and pulled the corresponding cards.

The Fool
Art or Temperance
Ace of Disks
3 of Disks
7 of Cups or Debauch

The decks I chose to work worth for this comparison:

Parrott Tarot
Liber T Tarot
Haindl Tarot
Tarot of the Spirit
Tarot of the Sephiroth
Magickal Tarot
Universal Tarot
Via Tarot
Thoth Tarot

That’s a lot of cards to scan so I won’t discuss interminably. I chose The Fool because she depicted a crocodile on the card and to my mind that is only right and proper for a Thoth-like deck. I always look for the croc in Thoth clones! It disappoints me when he’s not there. Here I am batting six crocs out of ten. I can call him the 60 Per Cent Fool.

Mister Sixty Per Cent, a new jazz song by Kurt Elling. And you know who to call for lyrics Kurt. Oh and for those not familiar with my collection, I have a few demo decks that used to be kept on a chain in a tarot shop I loved to go to that has since closed. The Tarot of the Sephiroth is one of those, in case you’re wondering about the holes.


My absolute favourite in the Sun and Moon deck is XIV – Art-Temperance. I love the yin-yang aspect of the sky, it’s one of the most visually enticing takes I’ve ever seen on this card and worth the price of the deck. Here it is by itself because it’s my favourite.

Some of the cards have the eagle and lion, but most don’t. It’s hard to beat that wonderful depiction in the Via Tarot, which also reminds me of the Rohrig Tarot, another Thoth-y clone. There seems to be an odd asymmetry with regard to Thoth clones. Some use the same titling, some don’t, some are vague and some aren’t. As usual, I don’t care about nitpicking stuff like that. They are as they are, as they were created and envisioned. I take them that way.

Aren’t they lovely though? All kinds of colours going on and symbols, mixing and morphing and fire and volcanic outbursts. The card has lots of alchemical symbolism which is why Haindl called this card Alchemy.


The next one that really caught my eye was the Ace of Pentacles. I love simple Aces that have some sort of impact or unusual design element. Here she has used Sacred Geometry and leaves, presumably displaying their Fibonacci twists and turns as all good plants should. I love this depiction and I don’t usually like a lot of gold but with the blue it’s quite beautiful.

The Magickal Tarot uses a tree on this card, an oak, which is also a symbol I like. The rest use abstract wings and pentagrams or seven-points, ten points stars or circles. Everyone seems to have their own ideas, most often with wings or feathers, some roses, a cross or Maltese cross. Crowley had all kinds of stuff about the Mark of the Beast or his own motto, The Great Beast, and the Sun and Moon conjoined which you can see a suggestion of in some of these cards, a crescent for the moon and a circle for the sun.

I never thought if it before but we make paper money from trees, Frieda Harris suggests that in her green underlay which looks like the engraving on bills, so this is a nice, earthy tie-in to coins and disks. That’s one of those things I read about and forget but a comparison like this might cement it more in my mind.



I liked the Three of Pentacles in the Sun and Moon because it echoes the Rider-Waite model and yet manages to get some Thoth symbolism in the graffiti the figure is creating. Equilateral triangles, spokes, wheels, the tetrahedron on other cards; lots of alchemy roiling around here.



I’ve always loved the version of the 3 of Disks in the Parrott Tarot. The symbolism of the hand with the branch of a rose tree is clearer in this card, plus it has a goat for Capricorn which makes the astrological and Tree of Life references clearer.

And lastly, I pulled the Debauch card, which suggested being so full of water or alcohol that you could barely keep your head above water. There is also the feeling of going through the motions or treading water having sex with someone you don’t know or can’t remember. The idea of desperately holding onto someone, anyone, is something I find appealing with this. Years ago I did a study of the Debauch card, and the gunky, green fountain on the Thoth card reminded me of throwing up after drinking too much. Imagine gunking up a nice fountain with junk like that? The Via Tarot has lilies, one of my favourite flowers (I wore it in a corsage at my wedding), and the idea of burying that in vomit really gets the message across.

But that’s just me.



Oh yes, there is no doubt, it is very, very  useful to have several Thoth clones about to play with.

Happy Sunday!










I thought this was a depiction of the parable of sowing the mustard seed from the New Testament, but it’s a generic farmer sowing seed. To have well-being we must sow love and God is like the sun providing growth to our seeds. I’ve always liked the Rider-Waite card for this with the fellow leaning on his gardening tool and looking tired and seemingly impatient for his garden seeds to grow. There is a bit of that here if you contemplate the seed as being the words or actions you give to others and how they come to fruition. That is not always a good thing, and it also takes time.

You know how some days you try and try and put loads of effort into something but it doesn’t work and you feel like you’re going nowhere? That is this card, you can’t rush or make things happen, they unfold in their own time like seeds sprouting.

I will quote a piece from a book called Follow Your Heart by Andrew Matthews that explains a way of looking at this card:

“Take a block of ice that’s been frozen to minus twenty degrees fahrenheit, and start heating it. For some time, nothing happens. Lots of energy for no visible result. Suddenly at thirty-two degrees, it melts. Water!

Keep heating. Again, lots of energy and no excitement. The, at around two hundred and twelve degrees fahrenheit, bubbles and steam! It boils!

The principle? It’s possible to put loads of energy into something – e.g. a block of ice, a project, a career–yet it seems like nothing is happening. Actually, your energy is already producing change, but you just can’t see it. Continue to put the energy in and you will surely see a transformation. Remember the principle, and you don’t panic so much–and you don’t despair.”


Seven swords fall randomly without a pattern as a snake cannot reach its tail. I thought this was the ouroboros, but it doesn’t completely form one according to Place, so it’s like a new beginning that is not quite formed yet, but is coming. The time is right for possibilities but also dangers and who knows how the swords will fall? I think of this as The Sneak card, because in the Rider-Waite tradition it shows a fellow gleefully stealing seven swords.

That would make a great title for a book: “Almost the Ouroboros.” In Almost the Ouroboros time, you have to be on guard and protect yourself from sneaks because you don’t know what is going to happen; awareness and alertness is necessary against those randomly falling swords. Or you could think of it as Almost the Ouroboros, the time when the snake is sneaking up on its tail, ready to complete the circle and start the party. There are two ends to every snake. . . or sneak.


This is a ciborium which is similar to a pyx or monstrance that I covered before in the Aces. The monstrance holds one wafer for show on the altar and it looks like a sun or solar cross. The pyx and ciborium are really the same, although the pyx is often smaller, sometimes more like a small box, and used when priests make visits to people’s homes and hospitals. Ciborium comes from the Greek word for “cup” and does indeed have a cup shape.

I found many images of monstrances and in the Aces discussion you can see the monstrance montage, but my montage of the pyx and ciborium from various ages in history is attached to the discussion of St. Clare on the Queen of Cups.

The path of inner purpose, inner like the inside of a container for the Host or wafers used in communion. The monogram of Christ is on the cup, which is also called the chi-ro. I discussed that in IV – St. Constantine – The Emperor. I like the idea of sanctity with this ciborium, the inner sanctum.

I was recently looking at the meaning of this card in relation to the Nine of Cups, which I found confusing. The Seven can mean wanting too many things or letting your dreams take hold of you to the detriment of real life. Reflecting on that, I can see how some people get a bit too focused on some sort of magic bullet from Jesus to fix everything and give them everything they’ve ever wanted, when the reality of the human condition is that God allows life to take place, not fantasy. I find when looking at Robert Place’s illustration, that I get a deeper sense of the danger of fantasy with the cup of sacred wafers. I wouldn’t have seen that if I hadn’t spent some time a couple of months ago examining this in a thread called The Seven, the Nine, and the Scanner Compared Notes and Ate Some Bickies. Read it if you dare.

So if Jesus doesn’t give you a Cadillac after you prayed hard and ate your communion wafer, don’t sweat it, that’s life. You might feel better for a bit of prayer and meditation, which is also a result, just not the one you wished for in the Magic Cup of Dreamland.


This is Cain and Abel at the moment Cain kills his brother through jealousy and envy: the original sibling rivalry of argument and violence.

I usually think of this as the Self-Defense card, which does tie-in well with Cain and Abel. Amazingly, you can find yourself defending against those who should support you, like family. I think in general this card speaks to me of sudden defense being needed; unexpected, from unexpected quarters, and because of that your defense might be a bit shaky and you need some bravado to cope with the attack.

It didn’t help Abel though, so have a care.