As if You Were the King of Wands and Pope Joan

Daily Draw January 20th, 2013

We are getting a snow storm today, but it seems to be settling down although the wind is really high. Yesterday it was nice and I was able to get out and replenish some crucial health supplements. I also managed to replace my rotary cutter ruler at a 50% off sale. My old one was held together with packing tape—not ideal for accurate measurement. I also got some cotton thread on sale, so instead of paying $4 per spool it only cost me $2.



These are from the Secret Tarot, one of my all-time favourite decks and the 12th deck I bought about 10 years ago.

I am so NOT a High Priestess type. Seeing her (she flipped out of the deck while I was dealing), I think it might be a “keeping things close to the chest” sort of day. She knows things but doesn’t tell. Think of dreams and the unconscious, the secret knowing, feeling your way with intuition.

The King of Wands is not my favourite as I associate him with a long-ago tarot acquaintance who was unpleasant. However, he also represents confidence and will, two things I lack lately. Any sort of fire I lack, I feel like I’m going uphill all the time. Plodding along following the odd impulse here and there.

I get the feeling that he’s telling me to just do things, no matter how I feel. It is true that sometimes if you act “as if,” the act generates the feeling you want. He is sternly telling me that today.

Perhaps that universal truth is what the HP is telling me about black and white opposites and choices too. Her robe forms an X which suggests crossroads or crossing polarities, switching things up, like moods and energies.


Il Papa Has a Secret Hankering for Delftware

Daily Draw January 27th, 2012

I missed yesterday due to feeling punk, but have taken out the Secret Tarot, an old favourite of mine and the 12th deck I bought years ago. I bought a small jewellery box for it on eBay that has a slight Deco look I like.




Yes, he is confirming his like for Delftware. Of course we always knew he collected it, but he keeps it hidden under his robe, looking for a suitable table to display it on.

One of my sisters sent me some money yesterday to buy a reading chair, side table, and lamp for my room. I have always had a dream of having a little armchair covered in Jacobean fabric in a corner of my room so that when I wake up I can sit in my chair and read the poems of Thomas Merton while snuggling under a quilt.

Where was I? Oh yes, I can no longer read in bed due to pain and back problems and have wanted this chair since I saw one in a magazine in my late teens or early twenties: a long, long time ago.


This is the closest I could get, it’s on sale this week but a bit out of budget. Jacobean fabric though! The one I saw in a magazine was covered in a red Jacobean fabric and was magic. My sister suggested I could sew a pillow in a red Jacobean fabric to fulfill the dream. Yummy.

I had been planning to get a new bed and dresser, but it’s way too expensive. So my sister suggested I paint it. The irony here is that years ago we bought antiques and stripped them of paint and now we are doing the opposite. So I’m thinking of an off-white and making a blue and white quilt for the room. I actually have a blue sampler quilt I could re-jig slightly to adapt it.

Then the chair—if only I could get a blue fabric in a Jacobean print, like this pillow. Yummy.


Il papa has many decisions to make. Today he is about family and advice and support. He also goes rather nicely with this pillow. See, he has his eye on it. Watch it Papa!

Zooming Around with Descendants of Sprouting Wands

Daily Draw May 17th, 2011

Another Wands day.


This chap is the incredible hulking lizard man thingy, green with purpose and growth, zooming around in the sky with sprouting Wands.

Well aren’t we all. What I don’t need is another project but I’ve always wanted to learn to cut and sew knits so that’s the imperative. I’m tracing out a jacket pattern today for cotton fabrics I have and then can begin cutting that, and I am working on the first shirt for my husband but I ran out of interfacing and have to go to the fabric store anyway, so why not try a knit t-shirt and nightie?

Why not, why not, wands flying through the air?

And then I thought I was falling down on the buttons for these shirts and might just browse and see if they have anything that screams “fancy-dancy” in 12 mm buttons. That green guy loves a good button, I can tell.

To go with this I randomly drew a poem from the anthology A Book of Luminous Things, and I got a strange little poem by Tu Fu, a Chinese poet from the 8th century—just around the time of the battle of Talas which I studied for a draw with The Book of Silk.

It’s about being an artist and how your passion is often not recognized or esteemed by society. I too have been down about that. There is a subtle suggestion that his poems and the poems of his fellow poet will be their descendants. My descendants are these times of happiness and the things I make, which might not be handed down but are alive now as wands of energy streaking through my mind.


We have talent. People call us
The leading poets of our day.
Too bad, our homes are humble,
Our recognition trivial.
Hungry, ill clothed, servants treat
Us with contempt. In the prime
Of life, our faces are wrinkled.
Who cares about either of us,
Or our troubles? We are our own
Audience. We appreciate
Each other’s literary
Merits. Our poems will be handed
Down along with great dead poets’.
We can console each other.
At least we shall have descendants.

[Translated from the Chinese by Kenneth Rexroth]

Into the Pond in Moss-Coloured Jersey Shorts

Daily Draw May 16th, 2011

4 Wands

Lalala, tralala is what this girl is saying. She is zooming through the woods, baring her breasts to cool down as the mossy leaves swirl around her. There is a pond at the back and she’s happy about her assignation there with a merman, who is keen to hear all about her brilliant idea to learn how to sew knit fabric using a nightie pattern rather than a t-shirt pattern.

Lalala, tralala, maybe New Look has a cheap nightie pattern and I can make a cotton jersey nightie in mossy green for the summer? You never know.

Gadfry, she’s loving that copyright symbol Photoshop brush I made. Free, free, froggies in the pond, let us jump in with erect nipples and perky breasts…

Roll Out the Evolutionary Ride of Uncertainty

Daily Draw August 30th, 2010

I have been remiss and not posting much. I don’t like to bitch and moan on the blog when things go bad, and if that’s all I can pull out, it can be better not to speak at such times.

While trying to brush my dog and get rid of some mats, I hurt my back again and the sciatica roared up. It seems I can’t do bendy-over things without injury.

I’m in the land of the hopeless, drifting about. We all do this at times, and it would be so easy to tip over the edge and shut down, but I feel it wouldn’t be responsible. There are so many people worse off than I, it feels pretty bratty not to get a handle on it.

Today I drew from the Secret Tarot, which is such a good deck, I’m always surprised by how much I like it, being one of the older decks in my collection. Perhaps that’s why people like collecting, they can rustle about here and there and be constantly surprised?


What struck me about this is his preparedness, he’s got the gear and the goggles, the banner and the warm coat, but still…

The LWB refers to “uncertain evolution” which is a delightful phrase. We so often use the word evolution with regard to how species evolved and changed, or how man developed over his evolutionary history, but we forget that each day actually evolves as well.

You can prepare all you want and try to control things, but sometimes you have to sit there and let go, let the thing evolve, however uncertainly. In Latin, the word “evolve” means to unroll or to roll out.

In this case, “roll out” reminds me of relaxation and loosening the muscles, which reminds me of breathing meditation. Take a breather. When it’s snowing and you’re stuck, ready for action but with no direction to go in and great uncertainty, you can breathe in and out rhythmically and say “I am always taken care of.”

You are always taken care of, you breathe in and you breathe out.

Doggedly Serious the Day

Daily Draw August 20, 2010

We got word two days ago that the fellow my husband came to Canada with had died of heart disease at the age of 58. He married my best friend from school, a girl I have known since I was 11 years-old. It’s a bit of a shock when your contemporaries start to die. It’s left us feeling a bit blue, we weren’t told until a month later so no funeral to go to, but still a sad thing. The Wayback Machine starts a-running in the mind, remembering how we all started out adult life together.

From the Secret Tarot:


It’s my old friend The Stodger. Old Stodgy seems to be a perennial sidekick for me in draws, I get him frequently. He’s a very grounded, plodding sort of guy. The man you want in a crisis, the anchor. One tarot book I have calls him “doggedly serious” which I like. He is dutiful, practical, responsible.

He is telling me to be responsible I expect. I love these Lo Scarabeo booklets, they always come at it a different way. Here it mentions a young man with brilliant ideas. Yes, he may be brilliant but he knows hard work and duty are the watchwords of life. Brilliant ideas come to nothing without that.

I also got word that one of the instigators in my being fired has left the job, and that they are having a constant turnaround in staff and someone they just hired for a major position lasted one day before handing in notice. I laugh and say “Ding dong the witch is dead” while realizing that the toxic workplace hasn’t changed over the last five years and I am free of it.

Stodgy tells me in a doggedly serious way that it doesn’t matter, and he’s right. I actually don’t care, and I have changed. I’m looking after my heart and health these days, because there are more important things and you never know when Death may take you.

Doggedly, stodgily serious today………..

Ermentrude Embroiders the Wayback Machine

Daily Draw August 18th, 2010

Yesterday was a total write-off due to emotions engendered by my nightmare. I felt a bit off all day and we ate while we were out shopping–stuff loaded with salt which didn’t improve my mood.

I did buy a lovely Chinese style ceramic lamp though with a red background and beige floral motifs. I also bought an electric sander so we can sand and repaint our windows and my old rocking chair. I bought a gorgeous pillow for that chair that matches some of the new upholstery colours, so I want to update it and bring it back to life. Much like me!

Today started like yesterday but I had some nice blueberries and watermelon and then a bowl of oatmeal with nuts and sunflowers seeds. Then I got busy looking a few things up from the Medieval Dress and Fashion book, notably Charles the Bald and the Frankish Carolingian dynasty, plus the Codex Aureus of St. Emmeram and its history and the jewels on its cover which are very similar to the jewels Charles wore on his robes. Then I got going on his first wife Ermentrude and that set the day up for true happiness, as she liked embroidery.

Not a bad start.

While I was browsing the Internet last night I saw a picture of the Secret Tarot, which was one of my first decks (No. 12) and the first deck I bought a box for. It has a lovely wooden jewellery box that I bought off eBay back when I used to frequent eBay.


I’ve had this little girl before, she is one of my favourite 6 of Cups cards. I drew this archetype earlier on August 9th and it usually means I am sunk in the past too much.

Today though, it highlights the benefit of this card. Nostalgia can mean remembrance of good things, like buying a special deck and box, or meandering through history and finding interesting people and learning which sparks up the day positively, much like the dappled light in this card.