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Cryptic Moths in Spades

Arrrr Jim lad, there’s nothing like a deck of playing cards with moths. These are the Cryptic Cards by Immy Smith. I suppose you could call this a semi-transformation deck, but her scientific illustrations of moths are gorgeous. She uses … Continue reading

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Dandelion Finery in Point and Shoot Land

Daily Draw September 28th, 2012 I couldn’t resist picking a card just because it’s my favourite. This is from the Art of Instruction Postcards. DANDELION ca. 1950s-1960s Art by Jung-Koch-Quentell I have some plants that look like dandelions growing in my grass … Continue reading

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Lettuce Dispel the Creeping Cold of Winter

Daily Draw October 22nd, 2008 We got snow yesterday and it’s still on the ground. Must dispel. . . winter . .from my thoughts. What better than a nice botanical card? This is from the set of postcards I bought … Continue reading

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