Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 8: Transformation

I love cemeteries and cemetery history, so I really enjoyed pulling out this card. It is such a missed opportunity for the locations in the deck not to be identified. I love to explore and look things up in a deck, but this hunt and peck sort of thing for basic information is maddening.

In looking this up at Find a Grave, the stone is in the Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery, one of two cemeteries in Kelowna and the stone is for Clarissa Graves 1878-1912. Only 34 years-old, perhaps she died in childbirth; we see you still Clarissa, that’s the nice thing about cemeteries.

TRANSFORMATION – Okanagan Oracle
VEINTE-QUATRO ANT – Paraponera clavata – Bugs Knowledge Cards
BORON – Photographic Card Deck of the Elements
A STREET MUSICIAN – Platinum print by J. Furley Lewis – Pomegranate Postcard
29 GRAVE – FUTHARK RUNE EA (ear, grave) – Rune Cards by Linsell/Partridge
THE LAKE WITHIN – High Priestess – Fragments of an Illusion Tarot by Steven Bright (1st edition)


Gosh, aren’t these interesting together? I was looking for grey tones as well, rather than strictly black and white. The ant is among tens of thousands of species of ants, but the sting of this giant species can incapacitate you. So can death and transformation.

Boron is found in the more common borax but is rarely seen in its pure form, these brittle, impractical lumps. Yeah, you lumps out there with your brittle attachment to life, it’s impractical, accept that death is coming, the atomic weight of the grave will roll over you eventually.

I chose the postcard with the violinist because it reminds me of the mournful music played in cemeteries, and yet look at the bright, captivated face of the child, young and old, music binds the spheres and makes life better, transforms fear.

There is literally the grave in the rune card. Again, stop wrestling with the idea of death or the grave that awaits you, but think about sunlight on stone, a life of contemplation in gardens with birds, the end, the transformation is part of the companionship of death.

Lastly, The Lake Within, what a beautiful name for the High Priestess. I think of dark and light, death and life, opposites, and the way you know things deep inside, the progression and transformation of life is a lake within.




Outgrowth, Form and Opportunity

I couldn’t decide what to use today, and while browsing my shelves of cards I saw The Rune Cards by Ralph Blum. These get panned because he added his own skew to the historical knowledge of runes. I love the art by Jane Walmsley, and usually take what everyone says in a book with a grain of salt, so his opinions don’t bother me. I generally use cards my own way and disregard ideas of “correctness” with cards and symbolism. In comparison to Edred Thorsson, a master of pinning associative bumph and dubious fantasies on runes, Ralph Blum is pretty mild.

5. STRENGTH (Uruz)

Usually this rune uses the symbol of an ox. The ox stands for boldness, opportunity, and courage. Here it also stands for new beginnings and endings as in a visual metaphor of death. I like the book: “Drawing it indicates that the life you have been living has outgrown its form which now must die so that life energy can be released in a new form.” You got that one right Ralphie boy.

Opportunity can be disguised as loss, which I think is a remarkable bit of wisdom and so often true. Severing emotional bonds to old ways or activities is necessary. For me lately, I think of the loss of a few of my older joys and activities that I have missed, and I am reviving them successfully. Out of the old comes a new aspect of something I love that refuses to die. There is a scent here of not missing the opportunity this time, as well as not missing the greater opportunity for change and leaving things behind that need to go.

There was a time in my early twenties when I was spooked by these old cairns. They brought up scents of moss and mold and wet earth in my mind; ancient ages, old bones and soft rain in a green, green land. Perhaps as one gets older, the idea of death and graves isn’t so bad? Now when I look at these I think of honour and dignity, privacy, peace, reverence for life, and that sort of thing. A new perspective, just like the card.

Honouring things in my life, the things I’ve missed doing or laid aside, and the dignity of letting other things go without sturm and drang, to find peace and a new perspective is strength today.