The Spirit Within Rutilated Spheres

I felt I needed some augmentation with this card. Kuan Yin and her cat Lotus Blossom have been behind cupboard doors, so they grabbed the chance to leap out and have a chat with this Queen.



This is one of the only true crystals I have. I bought it on eBay from a seller who described the rutiles in the quartz as “fairy inclusions”, leading Lotus Blossom to forever look for fairies in the sphere in the hope that he could bite their heads off and snack on them.

Kuan Yin often listens to Lotus Blossom babbling about fairies, she is quite like the Queen of Cups that way, ready to listen, especially to cats.



The Romantic Reader

Countess Cups (Queen of Cups)


Doesn’t she look sweet? One thing that struck me about the image was the way if you look from a distance, the tasselled canopy behind her looks like an extension of her shoulders, as if she was carrying weight, balancing the surroundings, sensitive to the environment, the figure in the doorway to calm.

Placid and calm, she is regretting that she couldn’t find a biography to read at the library yesterday and some magazines. However, she did buy a temporary library card and borrowed three mystery novels. What could be better than a book and a library card? The Byzantine Tarot book notes that she is likely to lose herself in a book or art, which would describe the way I felt in the library. I was in the literature aisle looking at poetry books and someone kept trying to go past but I was oblivious. I finally tuned in and said to her “Sorry, you know what it’s like when you get into a book and zone out” and she nodded and smiled.

Dreamy, distant, up-in-the-clouds Queens we are today.





Navigating Deftly Through Software Glitches

Nurturer of Shells (Queen of Cups)



Day two of the great printer installation fiasco. After three hours I finally pinpointed the problem to some OCR and PDF programs from Nuance that install with the Brother printer. I tried disabling them but my CPU and Norton still went kerflooey, using 80% of my CPU, so I tried shutting down processes through Windows but to no avail. I ended up deleting the software, leaving me with basic scanning and printing abilities on the printer, which is all I really use anyway.

So, the Nurturer here tells me now that most of the day is gone, I should relax and stop thinking about computer problems. Swim calmly in the sea with the fish and rest my eyes. The old Queen here “navigates deftly through emotional waters” but chances are she has never had to bugger around with Brother printer software.

Sink down to the centre and drift calmly in the lovely blue-green water, let it go, let it go.



Soothing Seafoam and Water

My new book has some real revelations about looking after yourself, soothing yourself. “Self” being key because no one else is going to come along and rescue you, as much as you might wish for it. She also has some thoughts on boundaries I found interesting. I was always a person who lost myself in other people, I took on the mannerisms and vocal patterns of my friends. This is apparently a classic pattern for some, that needs to be balanced out with self-awareness, finding your own voice.

Which I did eventually through my card decks. Working with cards, and probably the emphasis on intuition and listening to your own voice, allowed me to be myself. I still have a problem trusting people and tend to withdraw and isolate myself, which is another way of avoiding emotion. Blah, blah, blah, I am working on it.

Today I thought I’d ask a question, something I rarely do, and thought a general “Tell me about soothing” would be good. For this draw I took my cue from the Ironwing Tarot and chose a card from there first.

Madrone of Coils – Water of Water (Queen of Cups)
Queen of Cups
Queen of Hearts


Another instance of getting the card you need. In the Ironwing, the Coils generally soothe and magnify emotions. Lorena used that exact word, “soothe” in her book. I started to cry. Imagine getting the exact word? Cards always know.

I’ve never really connected with the Queen of Cups, but here she is helpful, a pathfinder or guardian, someone who represents practical power. I love sea turtles, they are such beautiful creatures and this is a leatherback sea turtle. The crab by her head is an Ocellated Crab (Portunus sebae), named for the false eyes on its shell, representing the Madrone’s mirror-like qualities.

“She is difficult to know or see clearly because she reflects the subconscious of anyone she meets. Because of this, she may find others hard to reach. But she knows when to move closer, when to dive and let go, and when to float with the current”

And there I am, just when I didn’t expect myself. Give me shelter, yet I am the shelter.

In the Tarot of the Absurd, I notice her hair first, like tentacles, feeling, feeling others, reaching out, and the cup raised in a toast; she has a half-smile as if smiling at someone out of our visual site. My poor husband, after a hellish two-hour commute after a snowstorm, went to a meeting in a building across the city, had a dry sandwich for lunch and got a $250 parking ticket along with 20 other people, and spent 2.5 hours struggling to get home. Queenie says “Here’s to life, do your best.” To soothe herself she has put on comfortable clothes and is sitting in her favourite chair. Her feet are bare so she can sense and feel, the magnetic Earth energizing her feet, grounded despite the wildness of her hair.

The Queen of Hearts from the Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot has her third eye wide open. She is quite soothed by the water of emotion. Swimming calmly, letting it touch her, encircle her, mirror her. There is nothing to fear in the dark water, it is velvet comfort, deep with sea turtles swimming past your body. She gets to the bottom of things, this one, such keen eyesight. But always herself, calm and assured.

One thing about soothing: I can reach for food but I can also hug myself, stroke my head and shoulders, have a hot bath. I find hot liquids like soup or tea soothing. Water might be the best though, hot water and lemon, cool water in a tall glass, distorting and magnifying glass, the mirror of your body’s ratio of water, the mirror of the Self.

I am Water of Water.

I never knew that.


Plonk a Bit of Ice in the Glass

Daily Draw October 30th, 2012


For this lady the glass is always half full. She does have a habit of drifting off in sentimental thoughts instead of doing dishes and vacuuming, but her introspection is ultimately good at keeping those bad emotions away.

Today she is ruminating on whether she could knit a shawl to wear for a wedding next year. Not a Granny shawl but one of those enchanting openwork lacy things that women wear. She is sentimental about knitting because her Mom was an excellent knitter and a shawl might go nicely with her soutache braid necklace with her own gecko artwork.

It’s the colour you see, she can’t decide between garnet heather or a blue/turquoise hand-dyed colourway. After consulting the Color Me Beautiful book she knows that either one would be fine. Well, she’s thinking about it while she waits for her new vacuum filter replacement from Sears. And if she plonks some ice in that glass the level of the liquid will rise even higher.

Or maybe the Lingonberry would be nice?



Sour Pickles, Canned By the Queen

Daily Draw September 20th, 2012

I woke up at 3:30 a.m. all charged up and ready to go. By noon I had crashed and went on a crying jag and had to lie down for an hour and a half. I’ve got strange pockets of edema at the back of my feet and leg pain and nerve pain. I don’t know what the heck is going on with my body but I’m getting sick of it.

So let’s see what the Tarot of the Absurd has to say about this.


She says “For goodness sake take care of yourself!” I have little patience with being sick, I hate it and I start resenting my body, and hating being alive and blah, blah, blah. Queenie is admonishing me to stop it and treat my body like a shrine to good health: “Put your capelet around your shoulders and pour a nice draft of cool water in a fancy cup and sit back and relax. Take your shoes and socks off and stretch those feet, feel some compassion for the body.”

And while sitting there, I must try out that new Photoshop brush I downloaded with images of dill plants.

When you are feeling in a pickle, have a Dilly Day.

Queenie says.


Judith Contemplates the Fickle Spring

Daily Draw August 22nd, 2012



There she is with her tournament knight, brandishing her sword and contemplating cutting the head off Holofernes. I was just showing a friend of mine a card in The Heart Tarot that depicted Judith, and there is a famous painting by Botticelli showing her, which I also have in the Golden Tarot of Botticelli.

It is such a shame that the story of Judith was left out of the Protestant bible. She represents honesty, virtue, and maybe the idea of steeling yourself to do something unpleasant for the greater good.

To go with this I randomly picked a poem from my Poems of the Masters book.

Spring Clearing
by Wang Chia

Before the rain there were buds among the flowers
when it cleared even those below the leaves were gone
all the bees and butterflies flew across the wall
apparently spring has moved to the neighbour’s.

I laughed at that. It is lovely to see that Chinese men from the 9th century had a sense of humour.

The book explains that this poem can be read as a straight comment on his garden, but there are also subtle references to the fickleness of human sentiment, in that you can be the centre of attention one day, and without friends the next. Wang Chia was a prefect and also involved in the Ministry of Rites, so he knew what people and the game of government were like.

We smile when we observe fickle friends and workplace colleagues, switching affiliation like bees and butterflies in the wind. Judith has put the lid on the cup of her emotions; having done her duty for the greater good, she rests alone, wearing a jolly fine cloak and crown.

Way to be J, have a choco truffle darling.