Affliction, Shadow-self, and the Dog in the Car

K’OUEN – L’AFFLICTION – I Ching 47 – Exhausting (Huang translation)
SHADOW – I face my shadow-self bravely


This Page is so young, so bursting with enthusiasm. James Ricklef refers to this enthusiasm as living life like a dog in a car. That tail wagging, ready-to-go, hanging your head out the window to see what’s coming up kind of feeling.

Which is not something I’ve felt for a while since being undermined by health problems, but the Yi King card (which is in French) refers to solitude and patience as a way out of affliction. When you are exhausted sometimes the best thing is to do nothing, to be patient.

The card from The Healing Deck mentions anxiety and self-doubt that poisons relationships and weakens our resolve, hardly things this Page would feel or think. Allow your light side to triumph, but allow time, bide your time, be patient. Reflection, interior solitude, let the faiblesse, the weakness and dimness pass.

This Page wears a mask, cut from a lion apparently whose dead legs hang down from his costume. Perhaps a way of feeling good is to put on the mask and act as if you felt well, as if you were strong, and then wait in your solitude for your light side to triumph.


The Page Slithers Through Procrastination



This is an Emerald Tree Boa looking very adventurous. Transforming his procrastination into the energy to baste that baby quilt, he achieved his goal yesterday. Spilling over into today, he wants to get outside and do something, or at least go and buy some thread for quilting the baby quilt.


Yeah, go for the aqua thread Mr. Boa, I think that might work.





Squeezing Energy to Achieve Goals

Hey, guess who found a piece of leather for making a Fauxdori? That would be me. Michael’s had a piece of just the right thickness with enough flexibility for a spine. I used a 40% off coupon. For $13.56 CAD plus about $3.00 for elastic I bought the materials to make it; a far cry from the $70+ price of buying one. It is brown leather but it’s a grey/brown so not too bad. I’m using greens, blues, and taupe colours inside.


Yesterday I was making a booklet with lilac paper, and a custom manila folder for pockets. I need to decorate those and throughout the week I’ll make and decorate some more booklets with art paper.

Emerald Tree Boa


He has teeth like that Wand to hold prey while he eats the particular animal. “Seize the day!” he squeezes out the salutation during his morning feed. Renew the sense of adventure of life and get things done.

If only my arm would cooperate. It is sore. Green the boa, green the day.



Morse Examines Thine Only Nurse

Daily Draw January 18th, 2013


I was browsing one of my favourite books yesterday called 100 Dresses: The Costume Institute, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and in some of the examples they show artwork of the same period with similar costumes. It seems reasonable to include pertinent art from the Metropolitan in conjunction with textiles. I’ve read this book through at least three times but you know what it’s like, something will pop out at you that you didn’t notice the first three times…

Samuel Morse, the inventor of the telegraph, was a very accomplished painter and had studied extensively in Britain and Europe. The example they include in the book is a painting of his daughter Susan holding a sketchbook. His first wife died shortly after Susan was born and he remarried and had more children but Susan was his eldest daughter. This was painted circa 1836-37, during the time he was inventing the telegraph. He loved to paint but it was never financially successful and he got fed up and switched to science and invention, so this is one of his last paintings.


Susan herself, apart from losing her mother when young, went on to marry a man who had a sugar plantation in Puerto Rico. Her uncle had a plantation there too and her father would come down and visit them all during the winter. It was during such a trip that he set up a two-mile telegraph line between her plantation and the house they used in the town of Arroyo in 1859.

Susan often took extended visits in the States to visit her father too, and developed a dislike for the marriage and plantation life. Three years after her husband died she took a ship to return home in 1885 for good and was lost at sea. Imagine all that.


LADY OF SCEPTRES (Page of Wands)
“…were not I thine only nurse?”


This is Juliet’s aged nurse from a scene in Act I, Scene III of Romeo and Juliet.

The old dear nursed her own daughter Susan along with Juliet. She was Juliet’s wet nurse in a time when upper class ladies most certainly did not suckle their own children.

I found it interesting that I should be thinking about Morse’s painting of his daughter Susan, and then randomly picked a deck where the character on the card has a daughter named Susan. Such is the world of synchronicity. I haven’t used this deck for years but just took a notion to, and laid all the cards out and mixed them up and picked the one card associated with a Susan.

Nurse’s daughter Susan died so she formed a great attachment and affection for Juliet and thought of her as her own daughter. Thus we come to the more friendly aspects of this card, the hearth and home, helping and inspiring others, her fire of playfulness, her creativity and good spirits, her talkative chatter and teasing. And by golly, she does go on and on about Juliet in this scene, spilling the exuberance of the Page as she goes on with pride.

I got the feeling that Samuel Morse was very kind to his Susan. His impetus in setting up a telegraph so communication would be easier for her speaks, literally, of what lengths (pun!) he would go to to help her in her life. I wonder if they shared a creative ability too since he shows her with a sketchbook? He was certainly creative and energetic, and lost his daughter in a tragic way like Nurse lost Juliet.

For today I expect some energy and enthusiasm for projects to come my way then. I shall beware of talking too much though, lest I rabbit on like Old Nurse.


Maybe, Perhaps, Sort of Mr. Exuberant

Daily Draw August 28th, 2011

Our neighbours had their once a year wild party last night, Twelve hours of loud rock music, some from CDs and about four hours of a live band. Right next door, the amphitheatre one-hundred feet away. Thump, thump, thump goes the baseline to every song; they finally shut down at 2:30 a.m. with lots of drunks still hooting and shouting, but dwindling down. At least it wasn’t hip-hop or rap music or the bimbo-of-the-month girl singer Rhiannachristinabritneyalicajennifer Whatshername.

Then I had a dream that I got a two or three page letter from a fellow called Mike whom I used to speak to online. I was puzzled why he would be writing me almost twelve years on, and when I tried to describe details of his job and interests, I got them wrong. The idea I suppose was that I neither care nor remember him well.

Now that I’ve got that sorted out..


I have been meaning to find where I put this deck for several days as I wanted to use it again, and I finally found it while rummaging to find decks for my Law of Attraction comparison yesterday.

Plump full to bursting with youthful energy, ready to race off and do something fantastic, the wind in his hair and cloak. What I noticed about this was that the blood trickling from his mouth was not flying backward in the wind. It might be too sticky, it might be dried, so while he looks full of vitality, his blood isn’t saying that.

I am tempted to think this is just an acknowledgement of my inner body, but I think today it points toward the act of exuberant action. Initially you might have to act “as if” and then the reality will kick in. So if I act as if I had such bursting energy, it will kick in.

Maybe, sort of, perhaps.