Another Deck Gift for Me

Boy, this has been a tough year. My parents’ 75th anniversary would have been this weekend, but at least their ashes are together again in the sea.

I’ve been buying a few treats, I think discouragement and depression about the chronic pain I experience is causing it. I vow to reform my scandalous spending by the end of the year. I was deliciously bad and bought The Arthur Rackham Oracle by Doug Thornsjo in the jumbo size for myself. I don’t think it will get here before Christmas, so it will be a nice New Year’s 2018 gift.

After doing that I downloaded the ePub version of Peer Gynt with the Rackham illustrations. I’ve loved the music of Edvard Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite for years, but I’ve never wanted to read the Henrik Ibsen book so I figured I would rectify that; several of the Peer Gynt illustrations are in this deck, so it was relevant that I do so.

Anyway, we need a visual eh wot?


Positive thinking and art etcetera.





New Tarot Cupboards

I’m into my tenth day of trying to organize my bedroom. I have one tiny half rack I’m using for clothes in the walk-in closet, and the rest is all craft, art supplies and doll or dollhouse stuff. Yeah, I’ve got MY priorities straight.

These are flat-pack pantries or wardrobes. These are fairly light and hold a lot with the extra wire racks I put on the shelves. I had one extra shelf cut for each cupboard and still they are filled up.


Now I have to organize and put away the mess at the end of my bed. I have ordered a nice wooden blanket box in a “chocolate cherry” stain but that won’t be here for weeks. My quilts are reeking of plastic after being stored for 2 years or so in a Rubbermaid plastic bin. Never again. I’ve washed the ones I can, but the quilt tops can’t be washed so I’ll try to air them out in other ways.

I can actually get to my decks now and I found I had room to display my tarot bags facing toward the front—so pretty. I JUST had room for all the boxes too. While reorganizing the decks, I got rid of two so I’m still under 400 at 399 decks. I couldn’t fit my postcard collection in the cupboards, so they’ve gone into the closet for now. I wondered while looking at some of these decks why I bought them but I think the Internet has a lot to do with fuelling the purchase of stuff.

My next task is to enter my four new decks in my database. I received the 72 Names of God deck by Orna Ben-Shoshan yesterday and I really love it, it has such depth in information and artwork.

The Okanagan Oracle

I was really delighted when I saw the Okanagan Oracle cards by Suzy Coyote as I was born in the Okanagan, and it took me decades to get back to British Columbia after living in Ontario.


There are some really gorgeous cards in this deck, such beautiful scenes of nature and lake and sea, flowers, vineyard, objects, sculptures, and buildings. Really, I am looking forward to exploring these and using them on the blog. They don’t come with a booklet but there are subtly printed keywords on each card in this 58-card deck.

I don’t think I’ve seen such a lovely mixture of scenes in any card deck. Naturally, I felt I should order them. apart from supporting a Canadian artist, I find it impressive when people push through and finish and publish decks. It’s not as easy as it looks.

I am often tempted by card decks but rarely buy many these days. These latest four decks have pushed me past the 400 mark in my deck collection, but I have such a passion for cards and art, and there is always an artist like Suzy with a fresh eye to show things that are important to them, influencing and creating in the world.

It’s like gold! Gold with chocolate sprinkles.

I Don’t Need This, But…

One of my relatives is ill so I spent all day making a cute pop-up card for him, using a free tutorial where you insert a tissue box that pops up inside. I mean, come on, is this the cutest 3.5-inch thing you’ve ever seen? Pops of joy all around!


Having spent the last week sick again from food and/or food allergies, I am back to my nice, gentle vegan diet, minus bread for a while to see if that can rectify some things. Feeling sorry for myself while swamped by detox nausea, I am planning to order these two decks by Lisa McLoughlin.


I have had the Plant Ally Cards on my wish list for months and months, but the other one goes so well with it that I might order them both depending on the shipping cost. The Tree Wisdom Cards have faces in the trees which initially put me off, but maybe the faces want a chat about logical positivism?

I can’t deny a tree a chat about philosophy, that would be cruel.




Database Flies to the Birds Again

I already discussed the Bird Signs deck in Database Monday but I thought I’d give equal time to my other major bird oracle: Bird Cards – The Healing Power of the Bird Kingdom by Jane Toerien; Joyce Van Dobben (illustrator)

This was published in 2007 and I had trouble hunting a copy up. It has been republished and released in October 2014 by Connections so more widely available. I’m not sure how the book and card size is in the new edition but they are large in the first edition at 140 x 90 mm for the cards. The book has 159 pages. I love big cards, they are so worth doing larger, particularly with animal art.


Birds are not just beautiful according to the book, they can support us with healing powers. I’m not sure about that but I’ve enjoyed this deck. The book describes each of the 55 birds and their characteristic energies, and for each bird there is also a meditative affirmation.

I like Joyce’s illustrations and often just look at those and look up information on the particular bird. I seem to get enough out of it that way.


Another beautiful Raven in this deck, pulling back the curtain of the sky. Is that not gorgeous?

I don’t know, I tend to shy away from the sappier, feel-good aspects of this deck. Many oracles seem to embrace this attitude but it isn’t me, I’m not a lovey-dovey, healing power type of person.

I do however appreciate the artwork and depth of thought that went into this deck. It’s a big project to pull something like this together, and the fact that it has been republished is testament to the endurance of its good art and ideas.



Five Faves From Five Freshies

I had only planned to buy one deck for Christmas but out of the blue four more came. I hadn’t planned it but they came to my attention and that was that.

I chose a favourite card from each deck for eye candy today.

I mentioned this card in my review, but the Alchemy/Bison card from The Messenger Cards by Sandra Kunz is my absolute favourite from that deck.


Next up was the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot. Some people find this creepy but it’s different for me and so I like it.


This is the Knave of Wands looking very much like a 16th-17th century Dutch painting, or even Della Robbia-like to me. Years ago I wanted to buy a very expensive 7-inch Della Robbia Christmas tree for Skye Cottage, one of my dollhouses but it’s just too expensive. These days it sells for $100 or more so it’s way out of my league.

Then Beverly King’s wonderful Lojong for the Layperson cards came to me. Card 51 really struck my eye because of the sundial. In my childhood we used to visit an elderly woman with a sundial and a Pekingese dog. I don’t know who she was but I remember that magical sundial and dog. Around the edge of the sundial is some Spanish moss, and unripe hickory nuts are resting on the dial. It’s such a good composition and has lovely colour.


I finally received the two decks by Sue Lion this week. In the Magic & Myth deck this popped out at me. I love pots of flowers and this card is about blooms in the Spring. I thought it was a geranium and it seems to be the Cranesbill variation judging by the serrated leaves and five petals. It looks like Geranium x oxonianum ‘Claridge Druce’ but I’m not sure. Close enough!


The last deck is also by Sue Lion, this bit of magnificent art is from her EartHeart Wisdom deck. She has numerous trees and variations in this deck which was why I bought it since I love trees. This one is titled Flying West on the back of the card and since we are planning to move and fly west next year this really appealed to me.


Scans really don’t capture the depth of colour in these cards but I’m glad I splashed out and bought them all.