Awareness, By Gum

I went to a new dentist but it set up a chain of pain, so I’ve been pretty sick.

However, while organizing my last two sketches for my old sketchbook project, I decided I needed a proper set of gouache paints. I’ve been limping along with the extremely cheap and chalky Reeves set, which is about 15 to 20 years old, so for Christmas I ordered a Winsor & Newton set of 10 gouache tubes and ordered one extra tube of titanium white, which is a little different than the zinc white that comes in the set and I need them both.


BLUE GUM FLOWER – (Eucalyptus globulus) Healing

I am mixing the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards with the old but charming Nature Spirits Oracle Cards.

Acceptance for what has gone before , and a time to move forward, not getting bogged down in details. Look at other ways to heal and be healthy and look after yourself.

Awareness is always a struggle I find. Mention is made of paying attention to details but the Blue Gum says not to get bogged down in them. Be more focused and attentive, observe, it’s a good time to make changes.

Art is a healing thing, sometimes it’s good to get away and draw.

When we were in the dollar store this week they had this at the checkout counter, so I bought it for $2 to set on my drafting board while I work.


Commune in Nature with the Tree People

My scanner wasn’t working so I used the camera but had to turn the flash off because these cards are very shiny. Unfortunately, when I do that it gets a bit fuzzy.



The Nature Spirit here talks to the Tree People. Yes, the Standing People will always help you. Spend time in Nature, it will make you feel better, more empowered and your spirit will be renewed.

Spring and early summer is lovely here as everything is so green before the heat of summer arrives.

Four hours until the doctor. I WOULD rather that Nature be my doctor.



Rabbit Roister Doister Tackles Egyptian Pyramidal Flotillas

Here we are contemplating past lives (which is not a personal belief of mine.)

I used these two decks together because I took a notion to while trying to nap. Feeling wonky, I went for a rest and found myself giggling and smiling to ponder my various cards and had to leap up and do the dishes and a laundry so I could then get to this draw. My eyes rested if not my brain, I tackled this with fervour!

II OF RABBITS – 2 of Wands


Rabbit is contemplating his past life as a Medieval peasant and thinking how comfortable his straw bed was despite the fleas and lice. The nature spirit in Past Lives seems to have a pyramid about to drop on his head. He also needs a shave and wonders how Egyptians handled barbering tasks and whether he should become a hypnotherapist.

Well, in my case I would prefer to believe this points to thinking about my current past, pondering those shades in my life that might be affecting me now. There is an instinctive choice to both cards, speaking of yin and yang since we have the symbol staring at us.

Yes, your past can affect you. No, you don’t have to let it overwhelm you, there is a choice. In meditation, these thoughts of the past come up and you observe them but they don’t cause anxiety, they are just there.

I have a lot of anxiety about my health, I was up journalling at midnight about it. That made me feel better in the same way of observing feelings in meditation, because you see and let it go, you write it out and then it’s out and gone, leaving you the freedom to be reflective about nice things, like cats and soft pillows, or the sound of birds in the garden while your laundry dries in the sun.


Hopscotch with Wings and the Spice of Laughter

Daily Draw January 13th, 2013



This is such a charming card. I used to like hopscotch, and the elementary school I attended had hopscotch grids permanently painted in the parking lot for kids. I didn’t play it often but I did used to like to hop in the grid just for fun.

Make time for others, rekindle romance in your relationship, laugh more and enjoy your sense of humour, don’t take yourself so seriously. I LOVE this card and I am so sick of people who take themselves seriously, so sick of pretension and false expectations and posturing. I much prefer people who are creative and open to joy and laughter.

“Enjoy what you do and practice the three L’s: Live, Love and Laugh.”


No Puppets Allowed

Daily Draw November 2nd, 2011

I was thinking about work and pain before I pulled this card, and wondering if chronic pain was protecting me from looking for work. I think I am afraid to get a job with the sort of uncommitted wasters I worked with before.


I love to work, I’m very conscientious and detail-minded and have oodles of initiative. Unfortunately, managers seem to appreciate another type of person, at least they did in my last job. I ask questions and want to know why I’m doing something at work, not to challenge the authority or be insubordinate but simply to understand. If you understand something you can run with it, you can do it better. Understanding, seeing the path, makes it more challenging and fun, and that is when work sings. People spend many hours at work each day, you might as well make it sing.

So when I looked at this card my attention was drawn to the guy in the middle. The goof-off with the hand puppet. I worked with people like that, they spent hours and hours of work time doing personal e-mail and signing up for Yahoo groups on work time and running around making popcorn, and sending each other instant messages and jokes on the computer while they were supposed to be working. They were the people appreciated by the “authority” of the moment, because they never did more than they were asked and they never asked questions.

Yeah, getting work is a scary issue, I don’t want to work with do-the-minimum, silly, unintelligent people again. They simply make me frustrated and angry, which was why I enjoyed working for myself for a time. I am no genius, but I do take commitment to a job seriously and want to work with like-minded managers. My own business I kept for nine years, making handmade things for sale, ghettoized in the craft market, where people wanted to spend $5 on something that had taken me thirty hours of work. That’s the person on the left on this card. My husband calls them “tire kickers,” and they will eat your time and energy, and not buy what you make, but spend $200 on a “designer” phone of hot pink plastic that will be outmoded in 18 months.

Western civilization is dying. Twitter that wasters.

Random Animal Thoughts

Daily Draw July 18th, 2011


This is from the Nature Spirits Oracle Cards, a deck I don’t see many people using or speaking about, but I have found it neat to use now and then.

This reminds me of how comforting it is to have my own animals around me. The friend we visited on Saturday has his two older cats on the bed with him; they are 18 years-old and like to sleep a lot, but they seem to love to keep him company while he is recovering.

I ran into one of my old library patrons yesterday in the grocery store. She says I am missed and that the gorgon running the library now is just as bad as all the others. Still a place of poison, so I’m happy to be here with my animals.

It is hot and humid here today so my dogs have come downstairs into the cool basement with me. At some point I need to go upstairs and clean and tidy and cook, but for now we are here together. I really need to brush the big dog; I’ve avoided it lately as it hurts my back and arms, but I should try.

Dear little animal friends make the day nicer for sure.

BIG Confidence

Daily Draw July 11th, 2011


Yeah, let’s make the picture BIG today. Wow, I need that word today. Words like “action” and “power” come to mind. I like in the booklet where she says keep your commitments and be persistent and develop a joyous attitude and outlook. This fairy has her red lipstick on.

Believe in yourself.

I find that when I am unemployed my confidence goes way, way down. I also find that health issues and chronic pain greatly destroy my confidence. Fear of pain can put a damper on any impetus to action. I need to remember that any focus, and small action is good for confidence.

Make a decision and stand by it; stand in your power. No matter how powerless and unconfident I feel, there is an ember of power inside.

Shoulders back. Up at 5:30, showered and dressed with my earrings in. Ready for action.