The Mice Stay Calm at the Crack of Dawn



I am up early because the chap is coming to hopefully repair our furniture and he said on the phone he’d be here early. Those nibbling Mice would not let me sleep or relax. I like the idea for this that you can’t let go of something, or someone, or that someone is nibbling at your energy and yet if you remain detached things flow along, neither good or bad.

That is a continual lesson for me. When things feel bad, they must be bad, right? Maybe not. There is a pattern my husband and I have developed that is damaging to my health, and I thought when we moved it would all go away. Fat chance of that literally, so that is on my mind.

The Isle of Calm says to breathe when tense or anxious, like the flow of waves, the rhythm of life restored in a relaxed state. Those fish can flow, but they can also nibble. Oooh I’m itchy, nibbly little biters everywhere.

Here’s a thought from Chloe in the Celtic Lenormand booklet: “I forgive myself for imperfect situations.”


And then I got busy and made myself a cheerful montage of the new Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen in the Retro Pop green colour that I ordered.





Shoo Mice, There is Plenty of Clover

Daily Draw April 22nd, 2012

MICE – Discord among friends or family
GRAN CONSOLAZIONE – 7 of Clubs (Big consolation, solace, comfort)
Fortuna (fortune, luck); Abbondanza (abundance, plenty)

I never knew this before but the word grande in Italian can be shortened to grand or gran depending on if there is a vowel or consonant in front of it, except when there is “s” + consonant. Finally I learn why Gran Torino is Gran.

Worth a daily draw to discover this exciting grammatical rule!

When I looked up the 7 of Clubs in the Personal Prophesy method it says the meaning is sexual attraction. I get this card a lot and it never means that for me so I totally disagree with Deborah Leigh’s interpretation of that card. It eventually put me off her entire system of cartomancy, and I might cast about for a different method to use with playing cards.

Oh yes mice…I expect this refers to the spouse and I. Sigh.

Okay and I’m waiting to win the lottery while roistering about on the grass. I was trying to decide what the red and blue flowers in the grass might be. Forget-me-nots and wild strawberries, or forget-me-nots and red clover perhaps? Yup, he’s rolling in the clover for sure and he can’t forget all the prosperity and rewards he has dreamed of for years.

I can find comfort in that. It reminds me a bit of the 7 of Cups in tarot though, and dreaming your life away on things that never happen, getting caught up in the danger of daydreaming and fantasy instead of living.

So if I don’t win the lottery I shall still be in the clover. Abundance and luck can always be carried in the mind, perhaps that is the big consolation?


I Get a Nibble

Daily Draw November 22nd, 2009

I got my Lenormand deck printed and trimmed and I’m just waiting for the collage on the tuckbox to press and dry. However, it’s a perfect day to try it out. I wrote up a one-page explanatory sheet with some of my interpretations and card symbolism to go with the deck. I call it The Illustrative Lenormand Oracle.

I find it embarrassing that I’ve only used Lenormand cards for one-card draws, so it might take a while to figure things out doing 3-card draws. I generally find that fewer cards allows greater impact of the message.


And I thought mice were such nice little creatures.

Work, stability and hope from the Anchor. I like the idea of home port and security with this card as indicated by the engraving I used for the background. The Mice can indicate a thief, loss, false friends or errors, and the Child is one of my favourites, I LOVE this little girl I found in my clip art collection. She’s pointing and asking questions and bursting with enthusiasm. She’s also a bit naive, so she’d better watch out for those dastardly mice and their nibbling.

I take this to mean that work can be an anchor and not to worry about people who disturb you, but keep the channel of joy open and concentrate on that. I do feel the loss of my job still after over four years, it sometimes nibbles at me, but I feel much better at home doing my own work, secure and not dealing with unethical people, but being able to feel joy and curiosity again.

I am working on some bookbinding today while my two tuckboxes dry. It’s good to have work set out to do, that’s a very stable thing when you work from home.