Rider Finds Focus and an Accent Chair

We were zooming around yesterday getting groceries, going to the library, ordering some furniture, buying shoes after my left sole fell apart, measuring and configuring and trying to find books that are in boxes. The movers marked all my upstairs book boxes “den” from the old house when in fact many of them were for the living room, so I am unable to locate what I want without opening and closing boxes and shifting them around or dragging things up and down a flight of stairs.

Today I thought I’d use Chloe’s method of choosing a subject, looking for the card that represents that subject, and then choosing two extra cards for either side for a total of five. Choosing the subject card seems rather subjective but if my subject is unpacking books and setting up bookshelves then perhaps I should be literal and pick the Book card?

Subject: 26 BOOK
Left Flank – 1 MALE RIDER; 36 CROSS;
Right Flank – 33 KEY; 20 GARDEN


26 BOOK – I like the casing with the ties on this, hinting at hidden knowledge. Mostly for me it’s about projects, the big unpacking project. The wall could be my frustration in finding and setting up my bookshelves as I had them in the last house. Is it so bad to allow setting things up without following the previous patterns? Some kind of deeper metaphor there methinks. That book looks slightly out of reach although in clear sight on the table. Definitely how I feel.

1 MALE RIDER – BARD – Sure, you’ve got stuff to do, places to go, dozens of books to unpack, but don’t fall off a cliff. The thing about this guy is that he starts out, off he goes with enthusiasm. BEGIN the thing and stop before you hurt yourself.

36 CROSS – Oh the Cross, the Cross, the bloody Cross. I think of the dogma of certain people nattering SHOULDS in my ear about how I should be unpacking, how I should unpack this or that first. Not the least voice being my own expectations of setting up a perfect house in one week, a deadline long gone. You see the burial mound behind the Cross? It says this way is the way of death, death to my life force anyway. It is liberating to realize I don’t have to follow what someone else outlines for me. I know my things and where they go and in what order I should unpack them.

33 KEY – Unlocking, solving, certainty and solutions. Now that’s what I like! The light on the Key highlights the focus I bring to my project today. Part of the focus is that I bought a new chesterfield and chair and they are coming in about ten days. I must get my living room set up and solve the problem of where to put the sofa and chair.


While I had the money, before it got sucked away on house repairs, I bought myself something pretty in seafoam. I’m going to sew extra pillows with colour that pops with this.

20 MEADOW – GARDEN – A nice fruition card, don’t you think? Public space, a space for entertaining, perfect for moving to a new house and thinking of being social with new neighbours, not being afraid to ask them into my home, getting things nice for company. There is a hint here of other people and the thought that you have to please them overwhelming your own soul. I sometimes get caught up in that. Because of the autumnal look to this I think of getting things repaired and improved by autumn and settling in for next winter.

One thing I noticed in a general way with this reading is how the left flank cards echo the left side of the brain thinking, the intellectualizing, reasoning, overthinking, and the narrowing of the mind. Then the right flank cards seemingly are different in a right brain, sensing space and intuition vibe. Focus and colour and a wider view without all the angst and drama.