A Knight, Reflective on Milestones

I had originally decided to use this deck with random poetry to practice calligraphy with an inexpensive Pilot Parallel pen, but I am still waiting for the pen to come. Enter Photoshop, the poet’s friend in time of need.

This is a random pick of a really lovely poem by Stanley Kunitz. Oh Stanley, we miss you.

KNIGHT OF WANDS – Komodo Dragon


The Knight is about fire and energy and enthusiasm. Here he is gathering strength to proceed on his journey, having lost his tribe, he becomes reflective.

Komodo Dragons are a bit scary, being large, they look rather ponderous and slow but take off like lightning to kill things. The tail whipping back and forth, holding its bone, the tongue a scavenger angel.

Reflective today, holding that energy within.


The Bone of Beating Distraction

TV BOY (Knight of Wands)

Based on Perpetual Motion by René Magritte, 1934


Dash off yon fellow, plugged into the tube of knowledge!

I pulled this a couple of days ago but haven’t had a chance to post it. I’ve got TV or Wands energy this week and am wary of interrupting the signal, so don’t want to get too involved wasting time online.

Since I now have a printer that works, I am making up a Word document for my Play Architecture study. It involves re-jigging some of the pictures that were optimized for the web with dark backgrounds, and re-sizing them for printing and saving ink.

I’m also sewing and reading and feel I want to stay in the real world, “to dance attendance” as Brian Williams says in the book. No matter how many ideas you have if you don’t beat distraction off with the bone of physical action, you’ll never be able to lift them.


Just so, in the weighty issues of the mind this week.



A Knightly Cento



Whisper has been inspired by his friend Bobby to write a cento. It took him a bit of time to fix the mechanism, to create his poem, his collage of magical words. He now has that toy tuned up and bouncing the possibilities, arms wide to the enchantment of moving the words of the world around and around.

With knightly energy of purpose, he stirs the ocean of still water.


(Many thanks to Bobby for her inspiration.)


In youth my mind was just a mirror
of children dead a century before
in the days before my own life had begun,
An apple which has not begun to mellow; the ratio
For me, always, there will be this earth: tiny.

As when silt drifts and sifts down through muddy pond-water
of grief. I come into the presence of still water.
But now, sleeper, the neighbours and the parade are over
My blood burns and burns.
No one walks down to the water today.

Judith A. Johnston




In youth my mind was just a mirror (Edgar Lee Masters – “Ernest Hyde”)
of children dead a century before (Eric Ormsby “Old Photographs of Children”)
in the days before my own life had begun, (Galway Kinnell – “The Last River”)
An apple which has not begun to mellow; the ratio (Marianne Moore – “An Ardent Platonist”)
For me, always, there will be this earth: tiny. (Czeslaw Milosz – “Songs of Adrian Zielínski)
As when silt drifts and sifts down through muddy pond-water (Theodore Roethke – “Meditations of an Old Woman”)
of grief. I come into the presence of still water. (Wendell Berry – “The Peace of Wild Things”)
But now, sleeper, the neighbours and the parade are over (P.K. Page – “The Sleeper”)
My blood burns and burns. (Al Purdy – “Still Life in a Tent”)
No one walks down to the water today. (Sue Sinclair – “A View of Bell Island, October 2001”)



The Curious Tri, Tri Again

My poor cat Stitch has another health problem. He scratched and scratched and opened two wounds on his neck and head. We tried ointment alone but he kept opening them up and they got really bad so we had to go and get what our veterinarian calls “The Cone of Shame and Embarrassment” three days ago, and he is now on the mend but quite upset about having this thing on his head.

He has one eye, inflammatory bowel disease, oozing sores, and the cone of shame, but on he goes, seeking love and cuddles and giving back love and comfort to others no matter how he feels.


We have the three-day Victoria Day weekend here in Canada and it looks like the rain is going to stop although our temperatures are cool. The daffodils are up and I wrote a friend about this. Every year for about four years I tell her I’m going to draw or paint the daffs in the garden and I never do.

So today I thought I’d do a Tri-Sacred draw about this to see what was going on, and I pulled the Knight of Wands in various guises.

JACK OF CLUBS (Knight of Wands)


In the first card from the Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot, Samiri becomes hideous as the fire eats him inside out. His skin looks like it is turning into salamander skin. Oh what damage the fire does if you don’t let it out.

The Knight of Sticks is my favourite card from the Tarot of the Absurd. The Knight and his horse look so gracefully coordinated, working in tandem with balletic movements. He takes aim and fires, purposeful and determined, his brush loaded with lemon yellow.

This Gatekeeper from the Ironwing Tarot represents independent study and self-direction. Her energy is channelled in a useful way, being both student and teacher. I like that her crown is made of sewing needles, which reminds me that I was once a beginner at sewing too but through practice can now just sit down and do it. I could wield a brush or pencil the same way with some self-directed knowledge and study.

The other thing is the spiders. They are black widow spiders but she has made them into helping spirits which turned them white as if all the venom had left them. They now help, rather than harm, so I could think of this as a way forward to eliminate fear and the worry lurking within.

I’ve got a lot of empty pages in my sketchbook and my daffodil studies might not be perfect but wouldn’t it be neat to do several studies in different media, and meander around the garden, out in the Spring air, doing a little independent study, like a spider spinning a web?

There is my answer. Forget about not doing them for four years and do them now as an intellectual exercise Just To See what happens finally.



Lightning Beckons

Daily Draw March 5th, 2012



Aha, now this is one card that is printed a bit too dark. When I scanned it in the light from the scanner highlighted some details that aren’t apparent in print. However, I do think that gives this card a little menace, which might not be a bad thing.

He is holding lightning in the palm of his hand or paw. It looks like a bear but seems to have human or simian hands. I like the idea of controlling electrical lightning, or not.

This is one case where the book is slightly helpful. Marie says the figure is ambiguous and started out as a panther but could be a bear or a man among other animals. She also says the Knight could be the lightning itself, which is a neat aspect of the card. Or he could be the dark polarity among Knights in the deck, acting like a vacuum that sucks light or something obscure like that. Oh well if you say so.

For me, he is the aspect of hidden energy and the glow within my body working and building energy. I zoomed around finishing my French knot dollhouse rug project yesterday, and started another one so it’s ready to work on this morning. I tried finishing a piece of art I started five years ago and realized it would not work, but I’ll keep it to remind me how far I’ve come. That too is a type of inner energy, or the resolution of energy.

I like the way the lightning looks like a fissure, opening to light, the eyes glowing with energy and heat as the body burns with ideas.


The Bloody Huns Have Overtaken Us

Daily Draw August 10th, 2011

Now here’s a nice snap of Wands-like energy—this is an image of our new eavestroughs laid out on the lawn waiting for the rain to stop so they can be installed. Speak softly and carry a long eavestrough.

We rocketed up at 7:30 getting showered and dressed on a blue sky and clouds day, ready for the contractor, and a big grey cloud moved in but now the sun is out again. Hopefully the weather will hold, it’s alarming to be at the mercy of weather patterns when you just want the work to get done so you don’t have to be tense.

Today I am using The Medieval Scapini Tarot, which despite a preponderance of gold and brown, colours that I don’t care for, is a good deck because I like Scapini’s humour and semi-illustrated pips. I also bought Ronald Decker’s book Art and Arcana to go with it, although I haven’t found the book as wonderful as others because the individual card meanings are not that comprehensive, only a smidge more information than the LWB that comes with the deck.


A much different take on things, this card shows a Hun warrior standing by while refugees from a walled town the Huns have conquered and burned, stream out to escape.

It reminds me of the terrible burning and looting in London. The world is aghast that the army wasn’t sent in for more protection, as the police were overwhelmed. I just read a news story of a store that was burned to the ground, it wasn’t even looted, that had been in business since the 19th century and was a real landmark in Croydon. The loss, the pain to the family, the hurt, and all for nothing. They are just a bunch of civil terrorists pretending they were protesting. Is this treason? I wonder.

In this deck Scapini has used the meaning of a journey or departure, flight etc. This too reminds me of all the people displaced in London, fleeing and wondering if they will ever see their homes and possessions again. It’s not the kitchen table or the fridge, it’s the books and photographs, the reminders of family and home and relatives now dead that are the loss. Communities destroyed, connections gone, services gone, history gone, everything gone.

Fire can be the most wonderful energy in the world, or the most destructive. Yes, people are on the move, and the Knight, who could have changed the world for good, is beating the big drum of war, ready to gouge and maim with his big club, shoulders erect as if he had pride of purpose.

Not so, there is no purpose in such things.


The Grant Eats Grits for Energy

Daily Draw June 6th, 2011

Knight of Wands

I reared up this morning for a short bike ride at 7 a.m. and then worked on a new set of beads for another thirty minutes before coming down to the computer, so a good, productive start to the day.

This young horse is bursting with sun energy and fire. He is called the “Grant” and comes from Celtic mythology. He warns of fire or other disaster, and tears around scaring people and dogs at sunset although he is a benevolent spirit who is trying to help his particular adopted village. Some legends describe the Grant as a demon who portends death.

The one line in the booklet struck me: “An energy that runs out before reaching your objective.” That’s what my physical energy is like currently, I arise full of vitality and then after four or five hours drag around for the rest of the day.

A warning to myself today not to burn out perhaps? Slow release whole-grain carbs for breakfast might help.