Digital Continuity in the Otherworlds

While examining these cards with a magnifying glass I realized that the whitish blue backgrounds were all the same. Then I noticed that the wands had been copied between cards, sometimes tweaked a bit by taking off branches or adding leaves. Altered wands from one card show up as a staff in another. One cup was painted and then copied to make several cups, sometimes flipped horizontally to provide interest. Swords were done similarly with sizes going up or down depending on the composition. Butterflies from one card show up on another. While these cards were hand painted, it became obvious that they were assembled digitally, with elements copied to provide continuity.

From the description, I had assumed that each card had been hand painted as a stand-alone painting which is not totally the case. The collage is beautifully and expertly done, and it does provide continuity, but is disappointing given what I expected.



Mr. Harum-Scarum my buddy. He often comes up for me. I must watch that I don’t go off rapidly, travelling to realms I never meant to go to.

He says “Hey, you birds! Didn’t I just see you over there???!!!” Roll with it Mr. H-S, roll with it.

He yells “Happy Sunday!” and dashes off toward the horizon.




The Brilliant Red of Understatement



Man, this is a gorgeous card. Mr. Harum Scarum (as I call this knight) often seems to look a bit silly dashing off hither-thither, completely irrational. Here he has dignity. His horse is firing up and ready to go but Mr. Harum Scarum is thinking about it, measuring in his mind what he should do. Rather out of character but I like the fresh stability he is exhibiting. It’s not that he isn’t going to dash off but he’s not doing it right away.

I’ve got a few projects on the go and was feeling a bit scattered, which is when this fellow usually turns up for me. We have a laugh about doing too many things at once, but we have learned to hang back a bit, maybe finish the first two things we started before starting the third.

He has that tremendous intellect and energy which is inspiring, but I like that the intensity of his focus seems directed well in this card, rather than all over the place.

There are some interesting notes in the book about his lack of tact and poor ability in interpersonal relations. Oh yes, we share that too, no wonder he often comes up for me. The other thing she mentions is that you can channel his energy when you don’t feel heard. he has no patience with that and will speak up, so think of him if you don’t feel heard by others. I liked that. Like the picture, he turns the red on, turns the heat up, so people hear him.




Four for Evolution

I am nearly finished my first Gratitude Journal that I started in January 2015. I’ve already bought the new hardcover Paperblanks journal for the next round but while browsing the old one I see pages and pages mentioning pain and naps and feeling sick. Weeks and months and on it goes just like today. I’ve got to sort this out.

I am looking through the Power Tarot book and decide to use the Evolution Spread with the Animal Totem Tarot:

1) The situation as it exists now – FOUR OF CUPS
2) How the situation will evolve in the next four weeks – ACE OF CUPS
3) Someone or something that will affect the situation – KNIGHT OF SWORDS
4) The outcome – KING OF WANDS


1) FOUR OF CUPS – OCTOPUS – He’s floating around, seeing that treasure but taking it for granted, feeling jaded about it all. He feels his ship broke apart and sunk ages ago so what’s the point of bothering? Overindulgence and distractions don’t work when your time is coming to an end; the octopus only lives a short time. You can have too much of a good thing, which is the situation I find myself in having destroyed my health during the latter years of my life.

2) ACE OF CUPS – KINGFISHER –  Things are brimming over, which reminds me of detox and how the toxins pour out of the body. This is a river of possibility and healing, of life-giving water. There is an unlimited supply here of something other than processed food or junk food treats. Water, spilling over always ready to fill you up when you feel an emotional lack. “Bathe your emotional wounds in the healing water.”

3) KNIGHT OF SWORDS – ROOK – I see people referring to certain cards stalking them in draws, and for me this Knight comes up a lot. I call him Mr. Harum-Scarum, and he is just the sort who dashes around flitting from thing to thing and throwing himself into new endeavours but rarely completing them. He’s quick though which requires adaptation and quick thinking. In this case he’s telling me not to over plan or think things out entirely, just get out and do something, have a little adventure, get out of the house. I’ve got a shield for protection and a sword to cut through detritus. Keep going, keep doing.

4) KING OF WANDS – TASMANIAN DEVIL – I’ve pulled him recently too. This guy is a commander and doesn’t bother much with people unless he feels good in their presence. He also doesn’t like to lose so the suggestion that I “Burn and scorch all you have left behind so there is no chance of going back” seems in character. I’ve done that in my physical reality after moving house but not so much in my emotional reality. He doesn’t lose and he doesn’t want me to lose either. Action is a risk and it may not work but that’s no excuse for non-action. That’s my outcome: by acting I will not lose.




Mr. Harum Scarum Makes a Wish

Since we now have an address and phone number I decided to buy a book on birds of the west coast, and while there I bought the Celtic Lenormand which I’ve wanted for some time, but it was either out of stock or I was in temporary quarters. That’s coming next week.


I have a fair collection of Lenormand decks and this one has been on my wish list for a year. It is Destiny is Brewing by Kerry Gummersall with illustrations by Heather Strahan. It seems a bit complicated to order and I think you have to buy the book separately and it’s print-on-demand but I’m not sure. I’ll try and sort it out and buy this toward the summer. It’s one of the nicest Lenormands I’ve seen, and as a tea drinker, this one really lights me up!




Louis Pasteur, who said this quote and is one of my heroes, would understand this Knight whom I call Mr. Harum Scarum. Enthusiasm is good but you can get carried away. I am yet again washing and cleaning and unpacking, trying to get ready for a visit and my cat coming back to me.

I’ve been at it since I got up three hours ago and I have to sit down as I’m dizzy and sore and my tendonitis is raging.

We keep having to go to the store to buy stuff, and eventually realized that we didn’t bring our old kettle and so had to buy a new one.

Tea’s on…



Don’t Get Too Carried Away

Having travelled 4500 kms in 7 days, I find myself a bit dizzy and depleted. We did fairly well except for an air filter problem with our car which necessitated two separate visits to car dealerships along the way. Thank goodness for my portable GPS device, whom I call “William Clark” after the famous American explorer. Old Clarkie seems to know all the dealerships in Sault Ste. Marie and Swift Current. Points of Interest kids: ain’t it a grand thing in such a device?

We also got great weather in the mountains and thus had a pleasant two-day adventure through the mighty Rockies. No snow, just a bit of wet pavement and fog. Even my cat did okay in motel rooms, and she is now in a relative’s home, so hopefully will adjust. My husband kept remarking on how organized I was, so that was nice.

Now ensconced in our temporary motel home, I was thinking about all the things I had to do, and decided to pull a card.



Mr. Harum Scarum, my constant friend. What struck me while reading this was “Be careful not to get too carried away in your eagerness to advance.” I thought to myself “This is right, I only got here and I’m driving myself nuts, maybe rest a bit first.”

Yeah, maybe some local fish and chips for a treat…I spent 3 hours freezing at the ferry terminal and on the ferry, so something hot sounds nice.




Mr. Harum-Scarum is Itching to Move

I got back from my 12-day trip out west and the next day went out and traded in the car for a used SUV, and bought an unlocked smartphone, and a portable GPS. Then I spent a whole day updating the maps on the GPS and doing Windows updates. The next day I went out and bought a soft-sided cooler, two sleeping bags, car mats, and pet accessories.

Yes, we are moving in one month. No, we don’t have a house, we will be staying in a motel for a couple of months and driving 4500 kms. to get there. My dogs are staying with us and my cat is boarding with a relative until such time as we find somewhere permanent to live.

Big doings.



Oh sure, this is the guy to handle acting quickly and moving. If anything gets in his way, his scimitar will hack it out of the way. ACT, DO, MOVE, DECIDE.

Swish, swish.

Nah, I’m not scared. I may feel a bit green like this Knight, but I shall act, and move and obtain victory. Eventually.




Fly Off, Get it Done

I’ve been quite methodical this week and after today will be caught up with most of my weekly sketches and the monthly update.

I haven’t been able to concentrate much; I used to get up early and do my card of the day, but with the house up for sale I first have to tidy and make my bed, keep up with laundry etc., so by the time that happens I don’t have the quiet, reflective time I like for my cards. Anyway, having showered, stripped and washed the bed, and laundered my comforters, I have a window of quiet time.

SKY TOM (Knight of Swords)


Oh, he’s in a whirl of activity today. I call this card Mr. Harum-Scarum, and considering how often it comes up for me I probably should consider it a personal card but I don’t. This is the energy I like but not the control or reasoning I like. I’m a plodder, I like to think things out.

Perhaps today, he is reminding me that planning is all very well, but you must act; action is what makes things happen.

I was journalling today about my sketchbook. I was so far behind that I was considering not doing a sketchbook in 2016, but I have had an imaginary trip to Chile planned for years and it’s something I want to do. Getting bogged down in planning and itinerary stops me on the project, so I need to take the leap. Start somewhere, get going.

Dave usually likes to contribute to Mystical Cats posts, but he and his friends have been packed away while we have our house up for sale. Cerberus is getting a bit antsy cooped up in that plastic box too.