Kings and Camouflage

GRAPE (PUTAO) – Vitis vinifera


The King is trying to hide those brambly prickles under soft, malleable leaves. Reaching out a hand he pretends to generosity and a pleasant demeanour, when we really see him as he is in this Chinese mirror. The back of it is fruitful with abundant grapes and the frolicking of birds and animals, but turn it over and see the King reflected in all his parsimonious glory, wrapped in dried up grapevines.

Disregarding his downcast eyes, I ordered a book on watercolour and the Kindle version of James Ricklef’s book on tarot spreads.

Go wrap yourself with wet reeds from the stagnant pond King. You might well look down and clutch your big pentacle and try to camouflage your dark face with a beautiful animal.





The Imperious Fabric Consultant

COUNT COINS (King of Pentacles)


Boy these Kings. This fellow is very fond of black and yellow and was encouraging me to find a matching fabric to put in the quilt blocks I am sewing. I told him I wasn’t using either yellow or black and he grabbed his big coin and said “I know what’s best!” Maybe so but I’ve already chosen other colours.

Kings are great at issuing edicts and spending and talking about money. Sometimes it just isn’t practical. This guy is the treasury minister and his spiffy clothes reflect that. We are finding it hard to always cook meals since we are out a lot and we both feel guilty if we buy ourselves lunch out. Yet, he would be generous enough with himself to allow a little treat like that once a week or so. He would never let himself look or live like he was ragged and homeless.

Good cloth lasts for years, cheap cloth falls apart. There is a metaphor there for marriage I think. Be generous, be orderly, keep a keen eye on spending, but allow the pragmatism of buying lunch now and then.

And never use yellow and black in quilt blocks. There lies the road to oblivion!!



Wasted Days

Another Pentacle today. I didn’t pull this card until 7 p.m. as I had my computer turned off. It is my 38th anniversary today and I got some lovely flowers and a card in the afternoon and an exciting trip to the library in the morning. Neither one of us is feeling it, we are just sitting and reading and not talking. I have bad pain and am depressed and he is depressed.

It does not make a good celebratory day. We tiptoe around each other, he tuning me out when I speak, and me shutting down into my own mind. A good book makes a good companion fortunately.



I did not want to see this guy. Mr. Practical energy, Mr. Business. The only thing I can think of for today is that he’s steady, much like my husband. Wheee!!!

So, not a great day. Meh. That’s the way it is some days, even anniversaries.

Lalalala, back to W is for Wasted.



Pents of Encouragement

Daily Draw November 30th, 2012



Here he has popped up again which made me laugh because I started converting my old accounting journal into an art journal, hopefully to practice gouache on toned paper. Pentacles are often about money or work.

I have put the initial coat of gesso on the cover and will be painting and laying blobby flowers down with tissue paper. Two of my artist friends have been very encouraging to me and we’ve been mailing back and forth excited by our mutual enthusiasm for projects and having fun, using materials up that have been languishing. I have all kinds of coloured tissue paper that my husband rescued from a garbage bin and they are brand new, so I like to think I’m going to use some more up.


I nearly threw the ledger out last year but it has such a nice hardcover and during a browse of one of my books on sketchbooks and artists, using this sort of ledger as a sketchbook was mentioned.

Why not? Better than throwing things out. I like repurposing things that have meaning to me as this ledger does. It’s a symbol for taking a new direction and leaving the past behind, which this King encourages being a down-to-earth kind of chap.


Steady Eddy Plucks a Grape Off the Vine

Daily Draw November 4th, 2012


I feel I should call this fellow Grape Boy. Still, despite his love of vino, he’s a fairly steady guy. Like all the Kings in tarot, he is somewhat of an action man, loving to oversee things and get things done.

I was out of supplements, and of course they were the expensive ones, so my husband very kindly made the trip to another town and bought some to get me through to January. While there I had him buy me 3 balls of yarn so I could weave a Christmas gift. I always give my nephew beer but thought this might be better, done up in manly blues.

While taking out my loom and getting the bits and pieces organized, taking the old yarn off the shuttle and cleaning the floor and my drafting board, I realized that it has been a year since I last fired up the loom. I LOVE that loom and it felt so nice to have it out again.

This King is encouraging of others, a steady type, prudent and thoughtful. A good guy to have around today while I get busy doing this gift.



Golden Shield Up

Daily Draw August 14th, 2011

From the always interesting Intuitive Tarot:


I’ve had this fellow before in this deck, but I never noticed the shield he is holding. Like all the kings, he is working things out in his mind, surveying his kingdom, building, adjusting, enjoying his power and wealth, but mindful of stewardship and looking ahead.

And he’s got a death grip on that shield today. It’s supposed to be a large golden coin but today it is a shield, which makes me think of the idea of money as shielding you or protecting you from harm.

I was talking to my friend last night, the one whose husband had the aortic aneurism. They can’t get much help, they’ve been turned down for proper rehab and physiotherapy; he keeps falling and is in constant pain. She is hurting her back trying to wheel him around in a borrowed transport chair with four small wheels. The mechanized chair lift for the stairs would cost $12,000, so they spent $800 and put in a sturdy oak railing instead, it was all they could afford and a friend put it in at half cost.

Their car steering went out when she was miles from home and she managed to get home but nearly had an accident. It’s an old car and needs constant repairs. It made it through the commuting to visit him in the hospital for weeks, but the hospital parking cost $20 per day. Her blood pressure is dangerously high and she feels sick and exhausted and trapped constantly monitoring him, washing his hair, making sure he’s okay, worrying about his medications and pain, and emptying his urine bottle. Their bathroom is upstairs and he pulls himself up as often as he can, but he has fallen several times doing this. There are other things too. One day she came downstairs and thought he was dead, but he was just sick. She was frightened to touch him in case he was dead, but he was hot, she had to feel around to find that he was breathing.

They need protection from a world where they don’t matter. The inequity of it is appalling. Yes, money can be a shield.


Yellow Blankie Day

Daily Draw April 6th, 2011


This cat reminds me of actor John Gielgud in his later years:implacable. Very much in control and in authority, but he’s also grounded, enjoying the scent of the garden and the bounty of his grapevines. It’s very earthy and secure today, some might say dull, but sometimes that’s what you need.

I’ve got a huge pile of books from the library that I’m going to get stuck into. I also have a documentary to watch on TV tonight with my ankle propped up on its pillow and wrapped in its cozy yellow blankie–the blankie reminds me of that yellow pentacle in the picture–he’s got his paw propped up while it heals.