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Cryptic Moths in Spades

July 13, 2017

Arrrr Jim lad, there’s nothing like a deck of playing cards with moths.

These are the Cryptic Cards by Immy Smith. I suppose you could call this a semi-transformation deck, but her scientific illustrations of moths are gorgeous. She uses acrylic gouache on Bristol card. I’ve had these on my wish list for ages but they are quite costly for a playing card deck at $34 CAD which includes shipping.


But that’s why they call it a “wish list”.

Oh man, let’s all go and draw insects!



Sort of an Ace in the Hole

July 11, 2017

This is An Ace in the Pack playing cards by Lesley Barnes, an illustrator from Glasgow, Scotland. She has a wonderful animation on her web site. She illustrates books and cards and all kinds of things.


I don’t think she has finished these playing cards but here is some information on it. Since she sells through Etsy, I might have a hope of procuring one when she releases it. Although, in looking at her blog on the cards, she doesn’t seem to have updated it since 2011, so perhaps she’s lost the impetus to complete the project.

These illustrations remind me so much of a book called Russian Folk Tales that I’ve owned since I was a teenager. The illustrations were by Alexander Lindberg and Lesley’s art slightly reminds me of his, done back in 1967.

These charming, detailed illustrations made a good jigsaw. There you go Lesley, an interesting legacy: a digital jigsaw of your excellent work. Should you decide to complete it, let me know so I can purchase the deck for my collection.

I don’t know, is that not an incredible incentive?

Why Didn’t I Buy THIS one?

July 10, 2017

When the Daniloff Tarot came out I was really strapped for money, so I never bought it. This year I bought about 5 decks and 4 of them I could live without. While working this jigsaw of the Daniloff, I kept thinking that I should have bought this deck instead of the disappointing decks, but I didn’t have the money at the time.

The loop of regret can get a grip on the mind; I would be better enjoying what I did buy, which I do to a point, but several of them are still disappointing.

Lunchbag Letdown: when you are so looking forward to your nice lunch because you are hungry, but when you open the bag it’s Wonder Bread with dry peanut butter. What you really want is a lettuce, chick pea, and avocado sandwich with little snippets of green pepper and carrot and a bit of Maille mustard on a fresh Italian roll. Included in a separate section would be some fresh cherry tomatoes and some cauliflower florets.

Here’s to lunch Mr. Daniloff!



Folio Fans Playing Cards

July 9, 2017

I found these playing cards on the Internet. They are published in London by Folio, an illustration agency that represents a number of commercial artists.  These cards were done by Julian De Narvaez, and I wasn’t sure when I saw them if they were antique cards or if he was creating new cards. It seems they depict some people holding fans, and they were listed at the Folio site under “Kensington Palace” so it might be a painting depicting cards in the collection of the Palace, it was not clear.

I had a go at them as a jigsaw, of course.


What else would you do?

The spouse is putting a third coat of paint on the front foyer, so after that cures for a few days, I will be painting my white tree on the wall. Finally, the fabled tree in the front entrance. I need to draw up a largish cartoon of my final design and then I plan to use white chalk to draw it lightly on the wall before painting.

Happy Sunday!

Jigsaws in Card Paradise

July 8, 2017

We’ve had a busy week with contractors and banks and my insomnia kicked in. Three to five hours of sleep leaves me dragging around, so this week I got into the digital jigsaw program Jigsaws Galore, which was a Windows program that is now available for the Mac. I find it soothing and I can load in my own pictures to make puzzles. I used some of my own card images or montages and a couple from the Internet and just had fun.

This is the Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle by Lisa Estabrook which I don’t have but might one day purchase. I love botanical decks in particular, but I was disappointed with a few decks I bought this year so I like to think carefully about buying any new decks.


Then I had to scan in and enter my copy of the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot in my database, so I decided to use my samples of the cards and card back as a jigsaw.


Then I took an old image of bower birds that I used on this blog comparing the Animal Totem Tarot and the Linestrider Tarot cards that feature bower birds. That Linestrider card has lots of white which was challenging to piece together. I think I did about 480 pieces for this. With this bigger screen I can do more pieces than I could on a small 15-inch laptop.


I found a nice image of the Ancient Italian Tarot online and did a jigsaw of that, but I didn’t take a screen shot.

While doing these I opened up iTunes and listened to some of my collections of music. Jigsaws are compelling, so naturally Cassandra Wilson’s rendition of the old standard You Go To My Head was perfect.

As I contemplated buying decks and playing cards, Brad Mehldau’s Hungry Ghost song played on as well as Paul McCartney’s song Appreciate.

That Soulflower card deck sure is pretty though….

Lost Code Jigsaw

September 12, 2016

While entering six decks in my visual database, I discovered that my older version of Book Collector no longer supports automatic additions because the creators of the software stopped using Google for searches because of the cost, and have switched to Bing because it costs them less to subscribe each month. I don’t feel like being held hostage to buy a new version for this, I find it irritating and it makes me not want to upgrade the program at all.

It’s no big deal to put them in manually, but I was doing six so it’s taken me two days and several hours. While I was creating the image for the box of the Lost Code I liked it so much I kept a large version to do up as a digital jigsaw. Unfortunately, the nerve pain in my shoulder will not allow me to do too much with the mouse, and I had to stop, but I got it started anyway.


That’s my card meandering today, and a pleasant day it was.

Strange Shapes in the Moorland

July 3, 2015

Working my way back to a previous set of postcards, this is another one from the National Trust in Britain.

Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire
National Trust Images/Paul Harris
One of the extraordinary millstone grit stacks in Nidderdale.


This is one of the moorland rock formations in this area conserved by the National Trust as a collection. I always think of the National Trust with regard to historic buildings but they also preserve natural sites like this. It seems like a nice place to enjoy a walk or climb and enjoy the dramatic views and scenery.

I have to leave the computer for a day while paint on the stairs is drying, which is going to be a bit tricky, so I can only begin a jigsaw for this. It’s also going to be tricky to do that tree with all the similar leaves.


Tricky? Oh no, not for you Jude, don’t be silly. Phhht.

If only life was really like that…