The Process of Duvet Covers

I finally ordered a duvet cover that I can afford. It’s rather conventional but suits the colouring of the room. I also got two plastic bins unpacked, one more big one to go.

I chose this card because I thought it went with the fabric pattern of my duvet cover. One track mind can now move on.

HEATHER – Calluna vulgaris


I have heather in a pot by my garage. I like the thought on this card: “Uncertainty can create all kinds of stress within your body.” I am not a shopper so to have to shop and be uncertain gives me the whim-whams.

Problem solved.





Snakes and Quakes in the Heather

Daily Draw June 30th, 2011

This has been a week of reconnecting with older and less-used cards which is fun. Today I drew a card from The Celtic Tree Oracle with three symbols from the Synchro-Signs.


Man, these cards, you always get the ones you need to pay attention to.

My issue today was using my visual tarot journals which I haven’t done in some time. I have a set of five handmade accordion journals I created to study a deck that is long gone, and I have my Towers Art Journal, made to study various Tower cards across decks.

Hence the Castle symbol, and the idea of a Bird soaring and the Quake. I had a bird soaring yesterday as well. I woke up at 6 a.m. this morning and started thinking about this journal and drawing turrets and towers and putting words with them, and what came out in my mind were some painful things that happened years ago—my tower experiences have been unmentionable and buried. My book Undoing Perpetual Stress talks about journalling about childhood and I skipped that chapter because it made me so uncomfortable.

It is a thought that sometimes what we bury comes back to bite us, like the snake and the earth cracking, releasing movement and scary things from beneath the surface. I know my chronic pain was caused by stress, but new stress belches up past stress and soon you are locked up. It occurs to me I could change this by journalling, but then the things would be out and there for all to see and remind me. Well, obviously they are reminding me every day anyway with deep physical pain.

I could of course put them in the back of the journal where they would be more private…Castles are about security and yet I draw castles and towers in my Towers Art Journal; that’s why this turned up today. Higher aspirations, moving up, building. The bird is freedom and broader sight, with a more positive vantage point available—let go, rise above it. Stifled, bound, go for fresh choices and sensibilities. The Quake can be a difficult symbol but in this case it is clearly saying I am in for a shake-up with regard to journalling, but it brings freedom and flight to a better place, a place of healing.

The Heather reminds me of my Mom, who had some heather in a small garden outside her window on the west coast. I had never seen it before except on television, and I remember how wonderful it was in the flesh, dull and bright all at once. In this card it represents both heather and mistletoe and mistletoe is traditionally known as “all-heal.” It’s all about a closer pathway to the spirit and the resulting healing this path can lead to. This is the fertile foundation. The three lines are bars of light from the sun, and are the Gates of Annwn, the portal to the other world, the gateway to the world of the spirit.