In the Process

After having stomach flu for a day, I had another bad fall yesterday and whacked myself and my bad shoulder and knee but didn’t break anything. My leg swelled up and I couldn’t sleep comfortably and I cried and cried, so, feeling sorry for myself, I pulled a card from the Health and the Law of Attraction Cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks.


In capitals no less. It’s like you can talk to the dark angel swooping in over your shoulder, or the light angel trying to encircle and comfort you.


This is tough when you repeatedly injure yourself, because you feel like it’s never going to get better.

“Without exception, the reason for negative emotion is that you are focused upon something you do not want or upon the lack or absence of something that you do want.” After a few choice words to the spouse about letting the dogs lie on the kitchen floor while he’s cooking so that I constantly trip over them, I realized that a lot of my upset had to do with not feeling like anyone cared about me, or cared enough to listen to my concerns about safety.

What is it I DO want? To feel healthy. Which is up to me.

You always have yourself.

After my Dad died I bought some art technique books, and two books on fashion history, and a biography of John James Audubon. I also joined a reading group and I’m reading a classic book with the group and tracking my reads for the year. My library didn’t have this classic book so I’m reading it on my tablet, and it’s going pretty well. It’s certainly much easier to read an eBook on a tablet rather than on a laptop. I was pleasantly surprised.

Remember to be in the process to attract joy, stimulating things for the mind, and all the other things I do want!


Expect it, and it IS

Daily Draw March 20th, 2013

Back from the dentist, I draw a card from the Health and the Law of Attraction Cards. The artist, Christiane Beauregard, is wonderful and if you look at the Comments section I have provided links to her website and an interview about her work.

31 – I Can Practice My Story of My Physical Well-Being


The back of this card discusses advertisements and negative influence. Media information tells you it’s hopeless, you will never be healthy without this magic pill or a visit to the latest doctor expert etc.

You get what you think about. If you think you can’t get better, you won’t. When the frightening story appears on television, you can hear that and feel humour rather than fear because you have practiced your own story and know that this thought and expectation is what creates anything.

I liked this. I can often start mumbling “I’ll never walk again” but I must try another sentence!


Crackerbrain Turns Red

Daily Draw September 25th, 2012


I went for an 8-minute walk yesterday and I am having doozy pain. My knees are inflamed and popping and I have muscle cramps and my pelvis is on fire with nerve pain. It’s all out of proportion to the actual activity. My brain has a death grip on my muscles and nerves.

Red is the colour you want with its searing light of healing and adrenaline to keep you going. There is a healing meditation with this card where you imagine a red star on the tip of a sword and when you touch your body with it, the sickness is dissolved right out of your body.

And the second card is about seeing the world differently and telling the story the way you want it to be rather than the way it is.

It occurs to me….the red in this card is much more vibrant and candy red than I could scan. It is like the way my body truly is versus the way my brain is scanning it; the colour is a bit off, the picture is not quite accurate in the brain. It has gone crackerbrain! (Reference to Tricky Woo the dog who went crackerdog in the James Herriot novel All Creatures Great and Small.)

No, no, we can’t be having crackerbrain, that’s not right.

The Opposite Catalyst

Daily Draw February 4th, 2012

I was in a bit of a panic this morning as my right knee is swollen and sore and I have a touch of edema in my feet. My husband was talking about going to buy my chair with the money my sister sent me, but our driveway is pure ice and I can hardly walk, so I’m wondering how he thinks we are going to lug a chair into and out of the car?

Then he started talking about French fries with chili and cheese on them (and he globs enough for three servings on one plate), and the old panic button started. Why do people get into these destructive patterns?

So I pulled three cards from the Health and the Law of Attraction Cards:

55 – I Can Visualize My Body as I Want It to Be
8 – The Law of Attraction Responds to Thoughts, Not Realities
15 – Searching for Physical Problems Can Attract Physical Problems

Yes, so instead of thinking about having to possibly get a hip replacement or having an operation on my knee or a stroke, I should think pictures in my mind of walking freely and eating properly, my blood and arteries flowing freely too.

They say on one card that I must find a way of taking my attention away from the unwanted things. Vulnerability and that type of feeling and worry is a strong catalyst in the perpetuation of illness.

Repeated thought eventually creates its equivalent.

I need a sign for that, a very big sign.

Oh, and while I’m at it, a chair for my bedroom covered in a Jacobean print, preferably with red, at an affordable price would be good too.



No Complaints

Daily Draw January 3rd, 2012

I seem to have counteracted the sillies of yesterday. Alas, the spouse is back to work but we had tea and a clementine orange together before he set off at 6 a.m. He also took a bowl of my homemade turkey soup for his lunch and some nice millet and raisins to reheat for breakfast.

You’ve got to make sure the spouse is nourished throughout the day.


That’s a good looking card. Although I love the artwork in this deck, I find some of the sayings a bit patronizing or something. This one is about not being a sounding board for people’s complaints, which makes sense since you want them to feel good and make your association with them to their advantage.

Love people without worry or encouraging their complaints, and you are an advantage. I wish they’d said it that way on the face of the card.

Oh well, if I ruled the world we’d all being drawing bugs and listening to Israel Kamakawiwo’ole sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.



The Value Lies Elsewhere

Daily Draw October 4th, 2011

Boy, I’ve got the aches. Partly muscle pain, which is natural after exercising initially, but most of it is nerve pain. It reminds me of my friend who had the aortic aneurism and was left with nerve damage in his leg. He goes through a terrible time and often cries out in pain, despite being heavily medicated.

So thinking about this, I drew a card from the Health and the Law of Attraction deck.


If you focus on the problems of other people you can feel good for a time but eventually you will have a problem too. So, imagine a positive outcome, which will make you feel good and perhaps influence them to more positive thoughts and outcomes.

There is a subtle feeling of hopelessness that overcomes me when I think about his health. It’s like smoke in the background of my own life, influencing my ability to heal, suffocating good thoughts.

We are taught that sympathy makes you a good human, but maybe not.

Symptoms in the Big Chair

Daily Draw September 30th, 2011

Back to my regular wake-up time of 5 a.m. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.


I was thinking about this yesterday, because whenever I go to the dentist I get more pain because of lying backward. It pulls on muscles and nerves that I generally avoid because I never lie on my back due to old back injuries.

So, thinking about this card and disease or injury, they compare it to water coming from a faucet in that there is much more to the story of how the water gets to the faucet. Wellness or illness have similar depths and connections.

Balance of thought follows a path of least resistance, like the way water flows downhill. I suppose the idea is that to be the easiest thoughts, the thoughts of wellness have to be practiced so that eventually they are habit and habits are done through the least resistance, they are automatic, they just flow.

I get that. Part of the switch going off in the brain, which is what I liken chronic pain to, is the habit of thought, the fear, the excuses. “I hurt my back in 1983, therefore I have pain when lying on my back.” Also this one: “I pulled my back in an injury on my bike in 2005, and when I next went to the dentist, lying in that chair was awkward and I pulled it again.”

And darn it, every time that chair goes backward I can feel myself tensing up, getting anxious. Couple that with the general anxiety going to the dentist means and what flows? Worry, pain, anxiety, all those things, plus lots of aspirin afterward to combat pain.

It’s very tough to keep yourself in a place of awareness, which is one of the reasons I bought this deck. I’ll have a little think on this.