The Paper and Ink Supply Chain

12 – CHAINED DOG (The Hanged Man)


These colours go well together.

Vision is about noticing things, paying attention to signs, symbols and messages Divinely placed to guide us in the right direction.

The Chained Dog is in stasis, tied up and not able to break free.

I’m going out to get some Jasmine tea today. I usually buy ten boxes of it at a time because our local stores don’t carry it. While in this larger town, I’m going to buy some paper at Staples which supposedly works well with fountain pens. The really expensive writing paper I can only get by mail order and I would pay $8 to $12 for shipping, and I just want to write a couple of letters.

These cards remind me of the constraints I feel trying to get supplies. I kept trying and trying to buy specialty paper for fountain pen ink but the stores either don’t have the right paper or the right ink, and it just wasn’t working for all that money.

The sign is to try another way for now, so that’s what I’m doing, and it’s $6 instead of $22 so that’s always a message.

Wouldn’t it be nice to swish around with nice writing paper and fancy pens and inks? Sure, but if you can’t manage it, you can’t manage it. No big deal.


Dances with Parrots

I was working on my weekly sketch for two days and don’t seem to be able to do more than one thing. It’s like I can do the card blog or an outdoor sketch or the weekly sketch but I can’t do them all at once. It gets a bit frustrating, but if I do a lot I get exhausted or my hand starts hurting.

So I am doing a laundry now, which is a good time to do the daily card too.

X OF BIRDS – GREEN PARROT – (10 of Cups)


Look at that parrot, he’s ready to go, bursting with exuberance and happiness. He had a nice shower and wants to get going and do something.

The Devotion card is about connecting to the Divine, expressing gratitude, and making devotion a daily habit. I have been writing daily in a Gratitude Journal since January and it’s a quiet, nice thing to do. In looking back it makes me realize all the things I do have.

Including lots of card decks. Can’t beat that.




Wishes Often Lack Joy

IX OF BIRDS (9 of Cups)


This little Finch has everything he’s ever wanted but he’s feeling no joy, no happiness about his success. He should be singing but he has a feeling of something missing.

Beauty surrounds herself with simple pleasures and tells the Finch to focus on what he has and enjoy what he has.

Ooops, I think I heard a little peep from him. He realizes that obtaining stuff does not bring joy, it’s comes from something else.

Like hearing the wrens singing in the garden to greet the new day.



The Random, Rambling Montage Thingy Doo-Dah

Daily Draw March 15th, 2013

My husband bought a pot of forced hyacinths for the living room and they are blooming so the scent is in the air. I love hyacinths, and after they bloom we will plant them in the garden to naturalize. We do that with Easter lilies marked down at the grocery store too. It saves them from the garbage.

Today I thought I’d do a random montage and went into my spare room and picked a few decks. Then I browsed until a card struck me and this is the group photograph. They are quite excited to be together, peering at each other and saying “Oh, I haven’t seen him for a while” or “I think she’s changed her hair style since I saw her last.”

1) Preposterous Playing Cards – Just a note because you can’t discern the writing, on the Simon Drew artwork it says “…the garden had suffered severe molestation.” There are moles waiting for the train in the Underground! It’s a pity while they’re tunnelling they never seem to get rid of dandelion roots. I love Simon Drew’s word play and artwork, this is such a great deck.


2) The Relax Deck – shows a garden too and it’s about how the mind is like a garden and must be tended. So you must prune the garden of your mind each day and discard flower heads so new ones will bloom, and for each weed you pull up some nice green grass has room to grow. The fountain in the middle of the garden might represent each day’s achievements, and it flows as a symbol of positive energy.

3) 24 – The Dragon – The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards – What a beautiful piece of artwork by Gary A. Lippincott. Dragon represents power and strength which is not found outside of you but in your soul. True strength is found within. I love this thought: “Never mistake a gentle man for a weak one.”

4) Pair of Censers, Qing Dynasty, 1800s. Jade (nephrite) 10 x 2 1/8 inches.
The Art of China Knowledge Cards – Censers are, not surprisingly, made to burn incense, and the Chinese have a long history of burning incense, back to about 770 BCE. These censers have beautiful gardens, houses, trees and water carved on them.

5) Silence – Grace Cards – The floating calm of being alone, yet not afraid. I think this is important for humans to realize: being alone, being silent, is a happy thing. It brings a heightened sensitivity to beauty, inner peace, and a feeling of connectedness to other living things. I like to think in this picture that the glowing orb is her connection to her own soul.

6) Carpet Python – Boy Scouts of America Deck of Snakes – what day would be complete without viewing a lovely snake? This snake has such pretty patterns that he is named after an Oriental carpet. It is good camouflage for when he wants to be silent and ponder the trees I expect. These snakes can live for 20 to 25 years. He paces himself.

I only had three hours of sleep last night and felt weepy and cranky today, but after a little meander through some gardens I feel calmer.

Time to put lunch on and feed the pets, and contemplate light through my living room window.