Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 4: Grateful

Oh, that blue in the upper left corner! I’m not sure what this object is on the card. It looks like a drying rack, maybe for fish, I don’t know. UPDATE: It’s apparently from the Okanagan Lavender and Herb Farm and according to Suzy is a “wishing tree” where people write their wishes on a ribbon and tie it to the tree/rack. Very neat!

GRATEFUL – Okanagan Oracle
WISTERIA LAMP – Curtis Freshel, leaded glass on bronze base, designed for Tiffany Studios c.1900
SERENITY – Graven Images Oracle
21. THE DESTINY OF ONE – Messenger Cards by Sandra Kunz
QUEEN OF SWORDS – HAWK’S EYE – Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals
ELECTRICAL DISTURBANCES – Deep Sleep Deck by Chronicle Books


The subtlety of colour in this deck is pretty good to work with. There are a lot of earthy colours, browns and taupes in many of the photographs, but small details of other colours seem to leap out at me, providing lively interest.

So, be grateful for ice and snow and blue sky peeking out from clouds. Serenity, light, lots of reflected light in ice, and The Destiny of One looks like the world spider from mythology. As an introvert, I’ve always found the concept of global oneness with all people difficult to embrace, but there it sits with circular cascades of ice: heal one and you heal all, the web binds us all.

Nityananda Prabhu is the embodiment of compassion and empathy and love for mankind, distributing the holy names of God to all. The electrical disturbances refer to electronics and not having TVs, radios, or computers in your bedroom, as they can contain radiation, and more importantly to me, way too much light, disturbing sleep cycles. Also a suggestion of being boxed in, bombarded by disturbances.

The Queen of Swords is most definitely my personal card. Yeah, she’s not embracing tonglen today, more’s the pity for her rock hard heart. The Hawk’s Eye is a blue-grey Tiger Eye in its original unoxidized form, which has quartz crystals running through it. Lustrous bands of light and sheen much like ice crystals, Hawk’s Eye is for spiritual challenges, accepting change and death, perhaps a factor for me after my Father’s death recently.

A focus today on the light of others and how pleasant it makes the world if you are open to it: gold serenity among blue skies and light.





Freedom of the Sun God

Daily Draw July 31st, 2012



I originally thought this was a depiction of Krishna and Arjuna, but Surya is the main solar deity and his charioteer is Aruna, his son who hatched from an egg, and apparently does not have legs and is somewhat reddish like the morning sun.

In yoga there is a series of postures called the Sun Salutation, and they came from worship of Surya. I used to do that but I didn’t know it came from this Hindu deity. In his hands are the lotus, wheel or chakra, and conch shell, and he is making a gesture of protection with the fourth hand. The conch, wheel and lotus are also associated with Vishnu and Vishnu also represents solar energy. Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu, which is why I originally thought this card depicted Krishna and Arjuna, although I suppose if it was Krishna he would have been painted the classic blue. The Hindu pantheon is somewhat baffling, and deities get confusing, but what a fascinating puzzle.

Surya represents general vitality and power and freedom from disease and ailments. He is a generative force and has knowledge and life-giving powers.

A good sign leading up to my appointment with the Naturopath. I was filling out my form today and getting down so I shall look to the Sun.


Dhanvantari Visits a Few Decks

Daily Draw May 25th, 2011

Yesterday I was feeling very tired, my skin had no colour, I was having trouble breathing which is a sign that my blood pressure has risen too far, and I felt restless. I took out two volumes of Stuart Kaplan’s Encyclopedia of Tarot and had a browse, which picked me up. Then I took a couple of decks out to look at and I felt happier.

When I was looking at the Gods and Goddesses Deck, I kept coming back to one card Dhanvantari, who is an avatar of Vishnu that removes physical suffering and frees you from disease for greater well-being. Dhanvantari is supposed to have created Ayurvedic medicine and was one of the world’s first surgeons. I like that he is holding a pot of nectar or elixir that came from the churning of the ocean, the story that made me interested in Hindu mythology several years ago.

The meditation for this card suggests that simply remembering him removes all suffering.

Taking that card as my cue, I pulled a random assortment of decks and went through each one to pull a card from each that spoke to me of well-being, health, or a peaceful, healing mood. I often do comparisons with cards as a way of centering myself and to quiet my mind. It helps me pay attention and become aware. These were chosen just on feeling, regardless of the written connotations of the cards. I’m a visual person, and art and colour make me attentive. I started this when the computer was turned off and I turned off the radio too and had a nice visit with decks.

Songs for the Journey Home
The Perfect Calm Deck
Tarot of the Spirit
Circle of Life Tarot
The Mystic Rubaiyat
Tarot of Casanova

It’s amazing to me how some of these cards have similar colouring of quiet greys, blues and soft yellow or gold. I wasn’t conscious of picking cards by colour, just the feeling of peace engendered by a card.

The back massage brings to mind the expression “I’ve got your back” and also the feeling of support from another person. Sometimes when I’m hugging my husband I squeeze tightly and say I’m pushing out the bad air, which is like a lung massage I suppose. This tells me to look after my lungs and heart, and the image of birds soaring supports the idea of the freedom of natural breathing, air and outdoor exercise.

Here are some more greys, yellows and blues. I liked the feeling of bathing in the light or being covered by light. In the Circle of Life deck she is grounded in the sand—the feeling or warm sand as the ground holds the heat is comforting and supportive as well. The other one has a cloudy square behind it and seems to have a metallic frame that sparkles up with the light. Clouds, lungs, heart, the centre bathed in shimmering white light.

I used to row myself about in a small dinghy (several of them over time) while growing up. It was fun to pull the boat to shore and explore the woods and rocks, similar to this picture. Again, the light in this picture is very soothing like the dawn coming when you have risen early and are watching the smooth water and hearing the fish jump in the morning. There is a peaceful quality to nature at dawn, like in the chapter from the book The Wind in the Willows titled The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. The great God Pan is alive in the trees and water and the cool refreshment of an awakening day.

I have no idea why I picked the Tarot of Casanova for this study. I saw it and left it but then felt compelled after I’d drawn the other cards to go back and pull a card from it. This card leaped out at me, a card I don’t even remember from the deck. I think this echoes the word “ascend” from yesterday’s card. The wheel ascends and descends but here I can only see ascension. There is something a bit spooky about the recesses, cool and dank like a coming dawn, a place to hide, to cool down, to reflect. Shadows and light like the card from The Mystic Rubaiyat, stealing light, coming and going, up and down.

Really, there is something beneficial about fiddling around with card images. Comfort comes in small packages and quiet moments.

Saraswati is Flowing

It’s that kind of day, full of mythology and music. I was speaking to someone about the Muses and the tie-in to creativity. The Muses I discovered through my card collection and subsequent purchases of attendant books.

Someone then mentioned the Hindu goddess Saraswati (also spelled Sarasvati), and how she is linked to libraries, learning, science, and music. Naturally I had to explore my deck collection to find her. I’ve seen her many times and never made the connection, but in thinking about her in relation to Greek mythology and the Muses she leaps out at me, she is a muse.

I wondered why Saraswati is sometimes depicted with a peacock and sometimes a swan. According to my book Dictionary of Hindu Lore and Legend it is a hamsa not a swan. The hamsa is a goose (Anser indicus) also known as the bar-headed goose, and is often translated as “swan.” Brahma rides a hamsa, and Saraswati is his wife so that’s probably why she is sometimes shown with a hamsa.

I like the peacock myself and it reminds me of The Chariot that I recently discussed when exploring attractive cards in the new Tarot of Pagan Cats deck.

I scanned these in and then left them sitting in a row on my ironing board in an effort to change the vibe in my mind. Because of her association with music, every time I heard a song on the radio that I liked I made a note of it to see if there were videos at YouTube for them.

Here is another piece of music I’ve been wanting to track down for ages. This is so hauntingly beautiful it makes me sick. Yeah, one of those. I don’t usually like ballad type songs but this is an instrumental that has an edge to it. It’s so hauntingly sad.

Stoner Hill by Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band

I’ve heard this next one a couple of times on the radio. It’s one of those things where you head snaps up and you think “What is THAT?” This fellow is from Hawaii, quite an imposing man. I didn’t realize he was dead, he died from his obesity. It seems the world discovered Iz after he died. What a loss. This song was released in 1993 and has been featured in movies, but it’s new to me. Yowza, it’s a big wide world full of music I’ve never heard. If this doesn’t make you cry, you are dead.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

Farmer’s Trust by Pat Metheny

Well, it’s Pat, the man that brought me back to jazz.

I thought The Moon Song he did on an album with Charlie Haden was great too. Oh man, this takes me back to 1999. I used to listen to this over and over. It’s one of the most beautiful pieces of music in the wonderful world. Just keep playing it over and over and look out at the night sky.

The extreme beauty of music at 2 a.m.

Saraswati is flowing.


No time today but I was fiddling around looking for pictures of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi in my collection and only found three.

I had one more in the Goddess Guidance Oracle but I traded that deck. I’ve included one more from the Mythical Goddess Tarot but I don’t own that and don’t have the money to buy it. I liked the depiction of Lakshmi so much in that deck that I included it here.

Top Left: Gods and Goddesses Card Deck

Top Right: The Goddess Tarot

Bottom Left: Tarot Wayang

Bottom Right: Mythical Goddess Tarot

Have a great Saturday! I’m off to clean some more  bookshelves and do laundry.