The Curious Tri, Tri Again

My poor cat Stitch has another health problem. He scratched and scratched and opened two wounds on his neck and head. We tried ointment alone but he kept opening them up and they got really bad so we had to go and get what our veterinarian calls “The Cone of Shame and Embarrassment” three days ago, and he is now on the mend but quite upset about having this thing on his head.

He has one eye, inflammatory bowel disease, oozing sores, and the cone of shame, but on he goes, seeking love and cuddles and giving back love and comfort to others no matter how he feels.


We have the three-day Victoria Day weekend here in Canada and it looks like the rain is going to stop although our temperatures are cool. The daffodils are up and I wrote a friend about this. Every year for about four years I tell her I’m going to draw or paint the daffs in the garden and I never do.

So today I thought I’d do a Tri-Sacred draw about this to see what was going on, and I pulled the Knight of Wands in various guises.

JACK OF CLUBS (Knight of Wands)


In the first card from the Diary of a Broken Soul Tarot, Samiri becomes hideous as the fire eats him inside out. His skin looks like it is turning into salamander skin. Oh what damage the fire does if you don’t let it out.

The Knight of Sticks is my favourite card from the Tarot of the Absurd. The Knight and his horse look so gracefully coordinated, working in tandem with balletic movements. He takes aim and fires, purposeful and determined, his brush loaded with lemon yellow.

This Gatekeeper from the Ironwing Tarot represents independent study and self-direction. Her energy is channelled in a useful way, being both student and teacher. I like that her crown is made of sewing needles, which reminds me that I was once a beginner at sewing too but through practice can now just sit down and do it. I could wield a brush or pencil the same way with some self-directed knowledge and study.

The other thing is the spiders. They are black widow spiders but she has made them into helping spirits which turned them white as if all the venom had left them. They now help, rather than harm, so I could think of this as a way forward to eliminate fear and the worry lurking within.

I’ve got a lot of empty pages in my sketchbook and my daffodil studies might not be perfect but wouldn’t it be neat to do several studies in different media, and meander around the garden, out in the Spring air, doing a little independent study, like a spider spinning a web?

There is my answer. Forget about not doing them for four years and do them now as an intellectual exercise Just To See what happens finally.