Four for Introspection




Under Glass Today

I was surprised that someone from Llewellyn actually did offer to send me a replacement for the damaged card in the Animal Totem Tarot. Unfortunately, it took a few days to contact me and I’d already sent the deck back to Amazon. My replacement deck is coming and is supposed to be here tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it’s fine, but if not, I now have a contact name.

4 OF SWORDS (Solitude)


It feels like an uneasy respite. I have to take it easy as my right side is in a bad way with various pain. We have geared up for more unpacking, and unpacked another 11 boxes, and now need to hang some pictures and put together a glass cabinet from a box for the dining room so I can put breakables away.

Great, another home reno type of project with the spouse. The spouse is getting older and a bit…confused about working things out or making decisions or remembering details. So to put this cabinet together I will have to read the instructions and provide valuable assistance. Ha-ha.

Oh boy, hot diggity. Maybe that glowing green light in the card will suck me away to the planet Zoltar.

Stand Still, Draped in White



I feel like I’ve been draped in white tissue paper for two weeks as I wrap and wrap and wrap to pack small things endlessly. Like this figure I feel I’m at a standstill, with so much left to do but desperately needing a break.

I still need a canvas carrying bag for my plastic tote with all my fountain pen inks. I saw one that was for tools that was wide enough, but it means yet another trip. However, I need a kitty litter box as well so we need to go to the big town for that anyway.

I am not a shopper. I want to go back to bed and snuggle under the covers and not think about details and lists and packing and shopping.


Jynx Has a Little Lie Down

FOUR OF BLADES (4 of Swords)


The cards got this right, I have a bad cold and have been in and out of bed all day. I should know that when I feel hopelessly down emotionally there might be a physical component to it, like a blooming virus. I’ve lost all my taste, so even a tea isn’t appealing, so I’ve switched to ice water.

I love in the booklet where they say…”wounded but alive.”

Atta boy Jynx, just lie down for a bit.



An Ephemeral Wistfulness

I received notice that the Tyldwick Tarot has finally been released. It’s been a loooong time and I had copy 2 reserved (it could have been copy 1 but I really didn’t care) and now I find myself unable to afford the £50 plus shipping and packaging. Still, if I think about it, even if I had the money I probably wouldn’t buy any card deck for that price.

Time has moved on and change came. I would rather buy a book for $15, or something affordable that will challenge me or get me learning something new. I have been having such fun using the Play Architecture Playing Cards on this blog and they only cost about $12. Plus I have my postcard collection .

Speaking of postcards, the Royal Horticultural Society is releasing a boxed set of 100 postcards in October, with botanical prints from their collection for about $20. I can afford that and the art will uplift me and allow me to learn. I am happy with that. I have a lot of great decks. I’m sorry the Tyldwick won’t be joining them but I’m sure Neil’s deck will sell well as so many people collect decks today.

It’s a different time for me.

LOON – Four of Feathers (Four of Swords)


Retreat, introspection. Go within, ponder, dream and plan. Centred stillness.

You already have the answers, and the decks. I would have liked it but it’s an ephemeral wistfulness, a yearning for someone I used to be.




The Mary-El Light of Inevitability

Daily Draw February 14th, 2012

For Valentine’s Day I put in my pre-order for the Mary-El Tarot after dropped the price. The last deck I ordered for Valentine’s was the Fey Tarot back in 2003. I circled it in the catalogue and had my husband phone the tarot store and place an order. How romantic is that?

Strangely, although the Mary-El is available from the publisher now and will be released by at the end of February, in Canada, is showing a publication date of April, so I have no idea when I will actually get the deck. Talk about confusing. I’m good at waiting.

I haven’t bought a tarot deck since last October, so it took a REALLY interesting deck to get me to move. I appreciate decks where an artist has painted or drawn the artwork themselves. I love that she’s done things differently and written different things, which is SO my kind of thing in a deck.

In celebration of Saint Valentine and lovely gifts that resonate years later, here is a card from the Fey Tarot. May the Mary-El be just as timeless and happy for me.



I like that they refer to the light of inevitability in her eyes. Yes, she’s made that decision about buying the Mary-El and her resolve is to lose herself totally in the experience. This card actually reminds me a bit of the Ace of Wands in the Mary-El.

Fierce with ideas and wings.

The Bell Jar Caduceus

Daily Draw September 5th, 2011

These two popped out together today:


The Ace depicts the classic Caduceus, symbol of healing and the staff of Hermes or Mercury. Caduceus means “herald’s wand” (or staff) in Greek. I didn’t realize that the use of the caduceus for medicine was an error and that the Rod of Asclepius with a single serpent on it is really the proper symbol for medicine since Asclepius was the son of Apollo and practiced medicine in Greek mythology. Interestingly, Apollo was the one who supposedly gave Hermes his staff.

The root of the “mercury” is the word “merx” which means commerce, or “mercator” which means merchant. That reminds me of the Magician in tarot, who is associated with Hermes. Anyway, the caduceus symbol is more properly associated with commerce. Perhaps because of the twin snakes we could mix the two, and think of commerce and healing together. I suppose many people already do this by mixing shopping and money as a healing tool.

I think power and healing come from something other than shopping. While we don’t use the other meaning of commerce much today, it can also mean social interaction with other people. So I could think of this card as the ultimate card of healing relationships and interacting with others in a healthy manner. It’s an Ace, reach for the better thought, the better idea or action. Not shopping.

I love this depiction of the 4 of Swords with the girl huddling in her bell jar, the sickly green light in the distance a reflection of her inner sickness and need to withdraw.

These two cards would seem to be opposites: commerce and withdrawal, but I really think this is another draw about balance and extremes. Why can’t we twine the two together like serpents on the caduceus and therefore achieve balance? A bit of withdrawal to recharge the batteries, and then a bit of healing interaction makes for full health.