Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 10: Unknown

ANIMAL MESSAGES – SCARAB BEETLE – What is unregarded or discarded holds a secret, a seed of creation.
FLOWER READINGS CARDS – QUEEN OF THE NIGHT – Power (Selenicereus grandifloras)
CREATURE TEACHER CARDS – OWL – I Always Tell the Truth


I am so happy to be doing one of these finally on the new computer.  I decided to limit myself to fewer cards in these studies from now on, as the last one I did had so many cards that it became tedious to manage.

This one has five cards total which is manageable and a little extra work due to sharpening and colour adjustment and having to make individual shadows instead of using Photoshop to copy the drop shadow into each layer in seconds. However I do find that with the cards turned I can more accurately move the shadow to reflect the light source. But then I have to group the shadow with its card so I can easily move it around.

I thought this was a mysterious group with keywords of power and truth and the unknown. The Scarab Beetle reminded me of my old computer which I despised and the seeds of creation on this one. The write-up for this also says it might mean unguessed-at-knowledge which ties in with what is unknown.

The High Priestess looks like the Virgin Mary with her blue robe and roses, the mystery of knowing and intuition. So perhaps we may feel we are stepping into the unknown but the psyche supports us? This really ties in for me with the Queen of the Night flower and secrets revealed and intuition. The shadow aspect of the self brings opportunities for growth; dreams, cycles and life transitions. The Latin name for this plant starts with a moon reference as Selene is the goddess of the moon, and on the High Priestess card are phases of the moon, held.

With the unknown comes a lack of confidence, I’ve been feeling that all year, but these cards seem to say that it’s only a feeling, the reality underneath is different, there are seeds in the dung.

Owls are most active at night, I’ve been out at night and heard them hooting, wishing I could connect and see one. I am hoping to draw and paint an owl this year using my photo reference book for owls. Don’t lie or pretend things didn’t happen, that’s a dark way even if you have good eyesight. Again, the real unknown versus what we perceive as unknown.

The interesting thing is that I chose these cards by colour without bothering with meaning but they fit together into a meditation.


Edelweiss Shivers and Throws a Log on the Fire

EDELWEISS – (Leontopodium alpinum) – Dedication


Since this is an alpine flower I naturally thought of cold.

It’s Fall here in Canada and cool in the mornings. Being on the temperate west coast, we don’t have central heating in the house, just electric baseboard heaters and a woodstove and fireplace downstairs. I got up yesterday and it was 15 degrees upstairs (59 F for my readers in the USA), and it was obvious that the spouse was not going to put on the fire. I bundled up in a wool scarf, two blankets, and a turtleneck and fleece jacket and toughed it out, eventually drifting into the living room and hovering over an electric baseboard heater.

One of the challenges of this card is “Being too soft or too weak, not speaking up when you need to”, so although moderately warmer today at 16.6 degrees (61.88 F) I could not bring myself to shower and bundled up and came downstairs. The spouse had been up for two hours and had not put on the fire. I’d had enough and asked him why—no answer, so I insisted he start a fire. An hour later the warmth had spread and it was 18 degrees ( 64.4 F) and bearable at least upstairs and a nice, warm 21 (69.8 F) downstairs.

Why do we get so silly about expressing discomfort and not wanting to bother someone to help us? Edelweiss has woolly hairs on its leaves, but I don’t. Part of Dedication I assume is speaking up and looking after yourself. With nerve pain and muscle weakness in my right arm, I am unable to chop and lug wood around. I spoke up, problem solved.




Pohutukawa Challenges Plastic

Whew, just when you thought it was safe to use the chop saw…we’ve been having a time building one of the new wardrobes for my closet. It went together, but the spouse put the doors in upside down and they only have melamine on one end. Cheap!

He fixed that, and then we went and bought a length of melamine and had them cut shelves from it at Home Depot. I wanted two extra shelves so I could get lots of craft bits in there. But we had to trim the shelves again at home to make them fit, and the chop saw was making a funny noise and it’s only a year old. Turns out the blade was loose so we had a few tense moments.

A few tense moments in a sea of tense moments across the year. We are worn out.

POHUTUKAWA – Metrosideros excelsa – Transformation


A beautiful flower from New Zealand, with leathery leaves and fine white hairs on the underside. It reminded me of cleansing, sweeping the sawdust out, and the fine hairs remind me of lungs and breathing. Cheralyn says that this card can indicate a lack of hope, drive and courage. I think so as I have felt that so often in the past month.

We are chipping away at things, but perhaps a reminder that like housecleaning, you’ve got to sweep and get the gunk out from underside to complete the transformation.

I got a horrible smelly plastic cupboard out of my closet and replaced it with this small melamine wardrobe. No more miasma of plastic nauseating me when I go into or past the closet. That’s a good result. I’m putting yarn and acrylic paint supplies in there, and it’s cleared a path so I can put away some other things in drawers already in the closet. They are plastic too but they don’t smell.

We have a plan to put the other two wardrobes up on the wall across from my bed. My deck collection is going in there, and hopefully my quilts and quilt tops, so I can get them out of the plastic (retch) bin they are in.

I have a sensitivity to certain plastics. No point being a martyr to such things, as part of this card’s challenge is also about becoming a martyr. I deserve a nice closet and storage, right? I might even hang some pictures in there or maybe some of my old china plates.


Nick and I Contemplate Flowers and the River

I finally got the Flower Reading Cards into the database today while the guy was cleaning the woodstove pipe so we could use it safely again.

The spouse is listening to an interview by Peter Mansbridge with Newt Gingrich. I had to get that one out of my head so I put my headphones on and listened to Lee Ritenour’s version of River Man by Nick Drake, which has gorgeous vocals by Kurt Elling, my favourite jazz vocalist.

Probably the last thing I should be doing is listening to this particular Nick Drake song. I can feel depression and withdrawal overtaking me. I’ve had two rip-roaring clinical depressions in my life and the last one lasted ten years and nearly killed me.

But gosh, it’s such a haunting song and that guitar just burbles along.

My arm was too sore to post a 2-card Linestrider Tarot draw I did this week. It was the Five of Pentacles and The Sun, which seemed pretty good after the rain, or the river as the case may be.

Instead, here’s a shot of the database with the new deck.


In lilac time, lalala, in summer time. “Betty said she prayed today for the sky to blow away, or maybe stay, she wasn’t sure. For when she thought of summer rain calling for her mind again…”

Good music on a Friday night. It plays better if you play it at least 10 times in a row.




The Valley Of the Wild Rose

I received my Flower Reading Cards by Cheralyn Darcey today, and they are fantastic! She has included Latin names for all the plants, and I knew her background landscapes and buildings were relevant to the flowers, but there were a few that I didn’t recognize. In the book, as well as some botanical information and notes on meaning, she gives you the place names and a bit of background on them. Absolutely fantastic, I was so delighted.


I recognized that the Wild Rose was in Alberta right away because it is the provincial flower and Alberta license plates say “Wild Rose Country” on them (or did at some time.)



We’ve had a small glitch with the home renovations that absolutely enraged me—out of proportion to what it was. When that happens I figure that it’s about something more or a build-up of things. The lead ball in the stomach, the red face of rage, I simply could not hold myself yesterday and this morning, I turned into a snarling mess. I’ve been in bed or hiding in my room most of the morning.

I laughed at the challenges for this card: loss of interest in life and activities, apathy and laziness, impulsive thoughts and actions, promises broken. I feel someone broke a promise and I became a hot bullet of impulsive angst.

Oh dear, I had hoped when I turned 60 that I could change this sort of thing, and I generally am calmer but something just ate me alive, something in the mind. Prickles and thorns in my tongue, directed at the spouse.

Wild roses are so pretty. There is an island in B.C. that has a park where there are sheep roaming around freely, and I remember a day back in the 1980s walking through wild roses and picking off bits of sheep fleece that had caught on the thorns.

Take a new path, be true and trustworthy in actions and words. Alas, I was not and it hurt me physically but I also was mean. Sigh. Maybe I can harvest bits of fleece off the thorns?



Cheralyn Darcey Decks

I’ve had these two on my wish list for a while.


I’m predictably taken with decks with plants or animals, but it’s a rare thing to find artists who work by hand these days. These particular decks are linocut which is a technique I like and I did myself when I did my review of the Mirrors of the Heart deck.

Gosh, was it really twelve years ago? Shiver me stamens and stalks.

I couldn’t afford to order these from Australia but I managed to find them here in Canada online so I hope the order goes through okay. She has a new deck which is done in dark colours like a negative, and that is funding on Kickstarter but is too costly for me.

With winter coming up I wanted something cheery and I can pair it with my botanical postcards or something and have fun and enjoy the art. It rains a lot here. Almost worse than the snow of Ontario is the relentless rain of British Columbia which I find depressing. But one must cope and I find using uplifting plant decks helps.

I bought a type of cranberry plant for the front garden. We managed to transplant the hydrangeas and the rose but I lost the beautiful old viburnum shrub.

Cards and cranberries: a great compensatory combination.