That Chipper Bower Bird

This Seven of Pentacles is one of my favourite cards from the Linestrider Tarot.



I was thinking about my sketchbook and how I haven’t been working in it although I have a terrific idea I want to execute, so I drew these two cards in a query about what I should do.

The Seven is about hard work and waiting for fruition. It reminds me of something I saw in a book by Andrew Matthews about waiting for water to boil and thinking that nothing is going on when in actual fact there is, and in an instant the water starts bubbling and boiling even though you were watching it and it was not moving at all. It’s a long-term thing, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Then I see the Five card as a complication of injury, a loss of belief in myself and confidence, and maybe yet another nod to future ill health if I don’t do something now. Maybe all the physical stuff is coming to an end and I can work hard again?

I think when I am in pain I do get disheartened and certainly lose confidence, but the cheery bower bird plugs away, chipping away, adding just the right flowers and decoration.


Scorpion Claws Bite the Air of Desire

I just discovered the world of Midori journals and what they call “fauxdori” journals which are Midori-type journals you make yourself. They are expensive, being made of leather, so I was trying to figure out how to do one in fabric and interface it enough to be like a leather cover.

Mostly, it was making inserts for it that appealed to me: sewing little folders and booklets and making pocket folders and such, maybe using art paper for a journal insert.

I don’t have the money or energy for this but I keep learning and looking. Another thing I didn’t know about last week and then the world opened up into this chasm of delight and creativity. Amazing what people do.

Here is what cards have to say about this new interest.



Yeah, the old scorpion of desire biting you in the leg sort of thing.

Desire is a slippery slope of browsing and yearning for things you don’t have. He could be happy sunning on a rock, but he’s grasping at ideas, trying to pull more and more into his life, spending money and hankering for things that are always just out of reach.

He’s getting cranky, he might bite if you come closer.



Embrace Your Ledge and Cloak, But Go Get Shoes

Daily Draw September 2nd, 2011


Gadfry, I love this Wildwood deck.

I was writing in some items on the grocery list that I keep on the fridge, and I realized it has been many weeks since I went shopping. My husband started going by himself during my clinical depression, and while I do try to go these days now that I’m past that, I am more comfortable not seeing people, particularly any people I knew in my former job. Sometimes the lightning in the sky is there because of our imagination.

It is like this child on the card huddling on the ledge trying to warm himself. He withdraws from trauma to focus on emotional resilience. “Tank da Lawd,” as an online pal of mine used to say. It’s okay to be withdrawn, it’s okay to be safe under your ledge for a time.

Maintaining a resilient mind and retaining a sense of humour are most important to our health, along with the knowledge that the sun will rise on another day filled with opportunities.

Because of the imaginative aspect that I see in the lightning, it’s also okay to feel the fear and go out to the store anyway. Resilience means that you can choose to leave the fireside for a quick dash to buy supplies.

I’m thinking this kid needs some shoes, and maybe some broccoli.

Nobody Can Be Anybody Else in the Garden

Daily Draw October 22nd, 2009

Every now and then I feel such a distance from the greater world of tarot that I go on a browse over the Internet looking for new decks or books, and generally listening to what people are saying.

There is one recent tarot book I am intrigued by, but I realized that the associations the author adds on to the cards bug me. I feel it an arbitrary imposition if systems like numerology are butted onto cards.

Yesterday morning I was reading what used to be one of my favourite books, and the author’s death grip on Kabbalah for every card was starting to bug me too. Who says Binah means this or that or is related to this card or that? Who says this card or that one obviously relates to 4 or 6 or whatever? The cards never did in the beginning, so who decided? One lady argued with me vehemently about numerology once on a tarot list, saying that her parents had been numerologists and she too had been practicing it for years. So what? Why should I or anyone else add those associations onto cards because you and your parents chose to? Why should I believe what you do?

That’s why I like to putter the way I putter on this blog: Mixing and matching books and cards, and making things to go with decks and occasionally making my own decks on the computer.

No constraints or impositions, isn’t it lovely in the quietude?

Today I am entering the Bafflegab World of Osho and the New Century.



I love the way Rolf Eichelmann put those clouds in the Five of Pentacles. It reminds me of Nigel Jackson’s clouds in the Rumi Tarot. Into each life a little cloud will saunter, wisping across the horizon, shadowing the day. Money, and you don’t need a lot to be comfortable, but if you have less than you need it drags you down. I had a dream last night where I went to the bank to change $40 into lower denominations and they didn’t give me my money back, the just gave me 11 large beads and insisted I hadn’t given them more bills.

Always this feeling of lack, of being robbed in life. Some assertion of infinite abundance would be helpful for me today.

However, Osho rattles on about self-acceptance in the next card. “Heart’s-Ease in the King’s Garden.”

In the picture, Heart’s Ease flourishes because it is just itself and happy. It isn’t like the oak, moaning about not being able to bear grapes or bloom like a rose. God could have made a million Buddhas, Krishnas or Christs, but instead he made me. Their work is done, time for me to do my unique contribution.

Interesting that Osho speaks of priests saying you must be a rose or become a lotus, which very much reminds me of the tarot fundamentalists who say you must do this or that and this card means this or that and adds up to this number and means this.

“They drive the whole garden crazy, everything starts dying – because nobody can be anybody else, that is not possible.”

“That’s what happened to humanity. Everybody is pretending. Authenticity is lost, truth is lost, everybody is trying to show that he is somebody else.”

It is not possible to be anyone else but yourself. (Strange how they insist on it though. Yikes.)

Thank goodness I can’t be anybody else.