Okanagan Oracle Colour Study 3: Spirit

This is one of my favourite cards from the Okanagan Oracle. I’ve often come across steps and logs like this in woods. Look at all the colours! Brown and taupe, gold, beige, green, sage green, black, black-greys, everywhere small details of colour.

I had a hard time stopping myself from picking cards for this.

SPIRIT – Okanagan Oracle
SUMMER TO FALL – FLYING WEST – Eartheart Wisdom Cards
COVER FOR SCRIBNER’S FICTION NUMBER AUGUST 1897 – Maxfield Parrish, Pomegranate Postcard
KNIGHT OF WANDS – IRON – Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals
RABBIT – Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards


Autumn leaves, and the end of summer, the quiet tones of earth and rock, the evening of day and seasons. Rabbit is out under the moon, the sacred hare of lunar cycles and seasons of life. Fiction under the trees, the heat of August and iron thrumming under the earth, steps to the Underworld of coming winter. Relieve the tension says Limpet, and what came easily requires hard work says the Xenophora pallidula.

Seasons mean power, you must look harder for it, the Spirit is there under your feet and waiting in the woods, reflected in the sky with the evening star, making way for the moon, the tension of the day becoming a different light.





Wrap and Fuse

“Collect your wisdom. Wrap your lightness around the dove that sleeps within and release your heart’s power to fuse with the songs of the universe.”


I’m trying to fill up with resonance but am hampered by pain and have to limit using my arm.

So I shall radiate out the effort of doing what you can. I worked about an hour on drawing and another hour on doing the dishes. I’m wrapping my arm!



Wind Sighing The Lost Courtier

Touch lightly the sky. Breathe in her tender scent & let the fragrant wind sigh into the soul.


Oh I felt bad when I saw this because our old fellow, the quaking aspen that provided such shade when we moved here when there were no shady trees, had to be cut down in the fall this year at the age of approximately 30 years.

In this picture the roots reach deeply into “the mystery of lavender water” which is nice because I have several clumps of lavender in the front yard, including one near where this tree stood. The aspens are connecting heaven and earth, connecting all things. Oh I love this: Sue Lion calls aspens “those lovely courtiers of the forest”—how delightful, as I am surrounded by them, by their rustling wind-talking leaves, their songs that sigh into the soul.

Gone but not forgotten, my old tree sighs still. The spouse planted a lot of allium and red tulip bulbs in the wood chips that remain where he used to be. Hopefully in the spring, the bits of him that are left left will nourish flowers.

I can’t help thinking though that my youth went with the aspen tree. That’s the biggest sigh, the sigh of change and bereavement.


Five Faves From Five Freshies

I had only planned to buy one deck for Christmas but out of the blue four more came. I hadn’t planned it but they came to my attention and that was that.

I chose a favourite card from each deck for eye candy today.

I mentioned this card in my review, but the Alchemy/Bison card from The Messenger Cards by Sandra Kunz is my absolute favourite from that deck.


Next up was the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot. Some people find this creepy but it’s different for me and so I like it.


This is the Knave of Wands looking very much like a 16th-17th century Dutch painting, or even Della Robbia-like to me. Years ago I wanted to buy a very expensive 7-inch Della Robbia Christmas tree for Skye Cottage, one of my dollhouses but it’s just too expensive. These days it sells for $100 or more so it’s way out of my league.

Then Beverly King’s wonderful Lojong for the Layperson cards came to me. Card 51 really struck my eye because of the sundial. In my childhood we used to visit an elderly woman with a sundial and a Pekingese dog. I don’t know who she was but I remember that magical sundial and dog. Around the edge of the sundial is some Spanish moss, and unripe hickory nuts are resting on the dial. It’s such a good composition and has lovely colour.


I finally received the two decks by Sue Lion this week. In the Magic & Myth deck this popped out at me. I love pots of flowers and this card is about blooms in the Spring. I thought it was a geranium and it seems to be the Cranesbill variation judging by the serrated leaves and five petals. It looks like Geranium x oxonianum ‘Claridge Druce’ but I’m not sure. Close enough!


The last deck is also by Sue Lion, this bit of magnificent art is from her EartHeart Wisdom deck. She has numerous trees and variations in this deck which was why I bought it since I love trees. This one is titled Flying West on the back of the card and since we are planning to move and fly west next year this really appealed to me.


Scans really don’t capture the depth of colour in these cards but I’m glad I splashed out and bought them all.