Larval Passages

Daily Draw March 28th, 2012

My husband picked up 14 books I had on hold at the library. I’ve got history books, a book about a horse, biographies, a book about nature journalling and some books on tai chi, and three children’s books by Edward Eager that I haven’t read since I was about 11.

When you are troubled in mind and heart, a good book comes to the rescue!

I feel like a card related to Nature today for a bit of cheer, so I’m going to use Nature’s Wisdom Oracle.


Isn’t this a nice one? I made myself earrings once with dragonfly charms and I have a nice fabric with dragonflies on it. They are cherry little things, darting gaily in the garden, like small ships passing by on the way to Somewhere.

And Somewhere is where we are. Somewhere in-between, somewhere where things are not quite right. My Newfie dog is missing her companion and moping around. She can’t read a book and escape.

The dragonfly inhabits water as a larva. It spends most of its life there and then will metamorphose into an adult and inhabit the air. So it really does inhabit two worlds and is here to represent the conscious and subconscious mind and guide you through under the surface to find the pathway to transformation.

I think humans often try to forget that we must make these transformative passages and take the time for them. Yes, it’s all a bit painful and sad and you can’t quite settle yourself in this in-between time, but it’s necessary.

It is like swimming underwater, where you slow down and it’s not unpleasant, but it is slower, more focused. Time stops for a bit and all your senses feel the passage, bathing you with time, and then you break the surface and rise up, hovering, and dart off to a fresh leaf.


Tea and Cakes, Ups and Downs

Daily Draw August 30th, 2009

From the Creature Teacher cards:

DRAGONFLY – I Can Pretend

The dragonfly pretends she is the Queen having tea and cupcakes in a room full of antique Louis XIV toadstools. Imagination is a good thing as long as it doesn’t take you permanently away from the real world.

I am still very sore from the car accident. Our car was written off by the insurance company–so much for new cars in our lives. We figured out that my husband has driven a million kilometers and not had an accident. Too bad a guy ran into us; we waited fifteen years for a new car, only to have it smashed. I remember imagining last year when we bought the car, that we had everything covered until retirement.  It is disheartening, we both feel sick and fearful.

So today I am to believe in the magic of dragonflies and make-believe and the creative mind. I am almost finished a gift I am making for a birthday which has to be mailed tomorrow or the next day at the latest, so I shall plod along with that and get notes done for his gifts and get it wrapped and ready to go.

I haven’t the heart for anything else.