Cawww Me

I have a bad cold and fever today, and my asthma has returned to keep me from lying down and sleeping. I have never been on steroids or ventilators for asthma but I’m going to need them soon if I don’t find an alternative.

Late last year I discovered the Buteyko method of breathing, which has about a 90% success rate with alleviating asthma.

It does actually work but you need to do daily breathing exercises to get a higher control point of how many seconds go by before you inhale (thus building up proper levels of carbon dioxide in the body.) I don’t want to go through this for another year–I couldn’t even get in to see the doctor last year, they told me to go to a walk-in medical clinic–good one since I can’t drive or get to a walk-in clinic. However, I stopped doing the breathing exercises and I’m back propping myself up to sleep at night in the living room–because I didn’t stick to the routine of the breathing exercises.

So, I must banish laziness and do breathing exercises four times a day for about 3 months and then keep it up. I’ve been doing my daily stint of reading 10 to 20 pages of Ulysses by James Joyce every day, and I’ve been doing a daily sewing stint, so I’ll just wrap the breathing exercises into a similar routine. It’s only a trick of the mind to do these things until the habit forms.

From the Celtic Messages deck:


Actually I did see a crow today when I took the dogs out early this morning. I love the sound of the crow in the early morning and the cardinal was singing a lot this morning too along with the trilling of the redwing blackbird.

Crows pick those bones clean, they clear up all the messy stuff and tidy up. Yeah, discard old habits and be more discriminating in how you spend your time.

I have recently been spending a lot less time online, as I’d rather be doing something concrete for myself and my life than e-mail. I have certainly done a lot lately, which has been great–very much like a new start.