Lenormand Five for Health

I am using the human body associations that Sylvie Steinbach uses in her Lenormand book, coupled with additional nuances of meaning from the excellent book from the Celtic Lenormand. I like Chloe’s insights from that book and often use them although I am not using that deck today. Today I am using the Lenormand Wahrsagekarten which has German notes for meanings on additional cards in the deck.

My question was: I’m worried about my health, what can I expect?

9 Bouquet; 10 Scythe; 25 Ring; 2 Clover; 19 Tower


9 BOUQUET – (face, smile, hair) Beauty, recovery, wellness, happy times, blooming, Spring, renewal. Maybe a literal nod to health improvements making hair and skin look much better?

10 SCYTHE – (teeth, mouth) Cutting without hesitation surgery, surgeon, harvest, shock, cutting down what was. Tough love will bear fruit, drastic change, cut out habits or things that don’t serve the highest good.

I was a bit worried about this because of the surgery aspect. Perhaps I can take it as a warning that if I don’t make changes I’ll be heading for surgery? Because of the nicer cards around this I thought I’d take it to mean simply cutting out. The mouth association reminds me of eating unhealthy foods and cutting those out. Since I fell last week I have been eating properly and feeling a lot better.

The German word for scythe is sense, as outlined in the explanatory cards, which is not the English meaning of sense but I like the dual aspect between German and English. Use your sense in change.

25 RING – (lymphatic system) I do have some problems in my legs with circulation and lymphatic problems. Here is my clue to wise up. The idea of completion, commitment, and a satisfying solution is good here. Chloe had a few extra ideas in her book about breaking out of a cycle or person that ties you to an unhealthy way of being. Bind or lock an intention in place, honour your commitments. The spouse often eats twice as much as me, so portion control is difficult but not impossible.

The lymphatic system is something we take for granted, but as we age it is worn out and sometimes damaged by our Western lifestyle of eating. Ring also makes me think of cinching in a belt or indeed leg irons or shackles, a negative meaning.

2 CLOVER – (ethereal body, aura) Whatever the ethereal body is (a Theosophical term) and I don’t believe in auras, so maybe I could say “energy spirit” instead? Luck, opportunity, hope happy endings, unexpected outcomes. Seize the opportunity, seize what life presents. Positive thinking toward life is a better energy to emit for sure.

19 TOWER – (spine and back) Guards, protects, officialdom, buildings, high ideals, big goals. Solidity, refuge (like the birds find refuge in the Tower as depicted on the card), authority, structure, security, isolation. Gain perspective.

I like Chloe’s idea of gaining perspective with this. Isolation is helpful and the high ideals of commitment to the cause are good. I think the sense (!!) of being too isolated or too inflexible echoes here. Inner security is like a tower that cannot be assailed by outside circumstance, and buildings do move slightly in the wind.

I have problems with my spine and back which would be greatly improved by eating properly to decrease edema and inflammation, and losing weight. The spine is the inner core and yet remains flexible, absorbs shock. I’m wondering if the ‘flu I had several days ago was actually my body saying “Enough!” and purging itself? Since then I’ve been eating properly, and doubly so after I fell, like the shock of the scythe, sometimes the body takes action.

This seems good with some caution connected to the scythe.


Red Clover Infuses the Day

Daily Draw September 2nd, 2012


My herbs for tea came in the mail today and they smell wonderful.

After lunch I put some Red Clover tea with flowers in my special red clover cup that a long-ago friend gave me about 10 years ago. I shall have to get an infuser but it had a lovely flavour.

I had to stop wearing my orthotics for a few days to get my muscles and nerve pain to settle down, but I have finished beading some herringbone tubes for a necklace and just need to string it tomorrow.

For some reason I have developed an aversion to stringing necklaces. I can’t think why other than my worry about crimping up by the clasp, but I need to get this done as my friend made me the beads six years ago and I want to wear them finally. I also have a necklace with a Tree of Life pendant I made to string so it will be a double whammy tomorrow.

If I can get myself to do it.

Bark, Roll in the Clover, and Bring Me a Lily, Fido

Daily Draw April 17th, 2012

I am using the The Illustrative Lenormand Oracle for a few days. Someone was asking about this and it is not available for sale because I made it myself from clip art. I like to encourage people to make their own Lenormand deck because in comparison to a tarot deck, it only has 36 cards, so I feel that most people can complete this task and make it meaningful. Then you have the fun of using them and tuning in to your own Self.


You would not believe how long it took me to design the dog card. I had to excise a dog from the house, recolour and reshape it, and then do a perspective shadow on the dog and recolour his water dish and paint the sky and modify a tree and find a suitable sparrow to sit on his house and be a friend. It took hours but it means something to me.

The dog is about lasting friendship and faithfulness, the reliability of such things, the way someone is always waiting for us. This could be literal for me as well since my dog recently died and I am still having a time getting through it. I put the sparrow in there so the dog could have a friend too. Like a mirrored hall of infinite reflection, dogs have much to teach us about friendship.

That clover smells sweet is an understatement. I have white clover in my lawn and every year I walk outside and think “What IS that beautiful scent” and it’s the tiny little clover flowers in the lawn. Clover is for hope and good luck and success. I have had a terrible week of chronic pain and edema, and this too could be pointing to a new dog out there, ready to bloom for me.

The lovely Lily is one of my favourites. I wore a corsage of lilies when I got married and my husband rescues lilies from the grocery store after Easter, so that instead of being discarded they get planted in our garden. Support and protection, purity and peace are all wrapped up in lilies.

This looks like a very good day and I could use one after yesterday which was simply awful due to my moodiness and physical pain. None of that nonsense today as I have hope and support and faithful friendship.


Clover Works Its Magic

Daily Draw January 24th, 2011

CLOVER – Field

This is from the British Wild Flowers Card game that a friend sent me. I love clover, we have white clover in our lawn and the sweet scent is beautiful in the summer. It reminds me of the Lenormand card that depicts clover.

It augers good fortune and luck and the subtitle in this card deck, “field” seems to speak of a field of opportunity.

Today I am supposed to be going with my husband while he gets some x-rays and ultrasounds. The testing centre is in a town where a dreadful person lives and I have this fear in my mind that I will bump into her. I feel after six years that I should be past this insecure bully, so I am fighting with myself, trying to “feel the fear and do it anyway.”

What’s the worst that would happen? The person sees me and smirks or something? Hardly the end of the world. If I don’t go I’d miss a day out and I haven’t been out of the house for weeks.

The Clover seems rather auspicious for getting a grip on myself and having some luck. Last night I was so anxious my husband said I didn’t have to go. Today though, after a nice rest, I think I should. It is a personal hurdle in my mind that I must take. The card tells me to smell the clover while I can, grab opportunity when it comes my way, and have a day out.

When I get back, I can continue working on some small Coptic Stitch booklets I started to finish after finding them buried somewhere in the house. I’m getting several old projects uncovered and finished, which also echoes the idea of clover, opportunity and how I view things in the world.

Feel the fear, but also smell the clover.