No La-La Here!

Daily Draw January 21st, 2012

When I woke up today I glanced at my bookshelf, the one I call Poetry Corner, and said “Thank you for my books.” I love that shelf, which is why it is right beside my bed. I also noticed the small framed picture of Kuan Yin from the Universe card in the Chinese Tarot, that has sat on this bookshelf since there was only one shelf of poetry. A long time.

I finished a poem I was writing for a review and beaded around a cabochon yesterday, getting ready to string a necklace for this same review. Things are moving along, gelling in my mind.


This is me dreaming about doing things instead of actually getting down to work. I used to get confused between the 7 and 9 of Cups until I did this study. Now I get it.

I tend to drift off before completing things. While beading yesterday I remembered how much I like bead embroidery and how I gave it up for a time when I got discouraged after closing my business. I have three large necklaces started and want to finish them. Plus I bought ceramic cabochons and a carved bone lizard for another one.

I am getting the drifting feeling with this necklace but I must stay the course. I don’t need more food treats or to buy more beads or pendants or books, or browse the Internet and dream about new projects. I need to sit down and feel the pleasure of work and completion. It doesn’t matter if people are not buying, the designing and effort is so pleasurable in itself.

I could lie around for hours daydreaming; this card is always a warning to me of my tendency to want and dream and drift off into la-la places.


Dogwood Blossoms and Green Willow Boughs

Daily Draw January 20th, 2012



Spring is coming! She is dancing and active and holding her swords in balance.

While I am not able to dance yet, I did manage to finish a painting yesterday as well as a poem I started over a year ago. That has to be good.

Slash and Reach Ace, Ace Baby

Daily Draw August 22nd, 2010

Oh heavens, let’s go back to the Chinese Tarot today. I’ve got this growing pile of favourites and old favourites that looks like a skyscraper swallowing my computer tower. Somehow I can’t put them back upstairs, I like the company.

Thankfully, my pain has finally diminished after resting and sitting for 10 days or so. I am reluctant to do anything for another week just in case, but it’s so nice not to feel constant nerve pain. Hallelujah!

“Hallelujah I’m a bum, Hallelujah, bum again…” I always thought that was a song from my Mother’s generation and the Great Depression (she used to sing it) but apparently, according to the Carl Sandburg bio I just read, it’s from the late 19th century, although they are not able to pin down an exact date. I learned that hobos and riding the rails and tramping about the country was actually a late 19th century phenomenon. I found that thrilling to know; the light shifted on the window of cultural perception.,_I%27m_a_Bum

So, a positive day here now, and tomorrow evening or the evening after the old spruce tree is being taken down. I love that tree, it’s going to break my heart. I must hug it before he disappears forever.


Yeah baby, it’s the REACH card!!

That’s what I call this, it’s one of my personal cards. I am the fiery mind of the Ace of Swords, constantly thinking of new things and projects. Skill, determination, strength, activity, but not excessive activity that will injure me. I’m for that today.

It’s raining, so not ideal for sanding as we can’t take the rocking chair outside. Well, I could wash the walls then and tackle those cobwebs. Yup. This guy looks like he’s an old cobweb slasher from way back.

The Unquiet Drummer

Daily Draw August 4th, 2010


Ooooh, I hate getting The Tower, thinking that something bad will happen. I was out bike riding at 7 a.m. and got hit by a wave of nausea that is still with me, perhaps that’s my Tower experience for today?

I like the picture here with the god of thunder standing on drums. He kills the unrighteous assisted by the lightning goddess who first blinds the victim.

I think it’s a day to take it easy and be quiet since my stomach is unquiet.

Liu Hai and the Lucky Dip

Daily Draw August 3rd, 2010

From the Chinese Tarot:


He seems to have it well in hand as they say. Money is like a kite to him and he is blossoming in the clouds, standing on a lotus, pollinating the world with a toad on his shoulder, smiling as he capably manipulates the coins and harnesses their energy.

This is the god Liu Hai with his toad accompanying him on his back. He is a Taoist god of wealth and prosperity, and is a sign of success and fortune. He is often seen juggling coins or doing tricks with them on a string. The toad is a magical pet with only three legs, and the toad carried him anywhere he wished to go.

Liu Hai was actually a real person, a minister of state in 10th century China. For some reason, perhaps because of contemporary popularity, he morphed into a god associated with a toad who loved water and gold. Liu Hai had to coax the toad out of a well with a line baited with coins.

I like the embroidery and tapestries depicting this legend. This “Wealth Toad” is depicted in Feng Shui ornaments that you can use to decorate your home.There are many small figurines, drawings, paintings, and fabric banners sold commercially with Liu Hai and his three-legged toad. It reminds me a bit of how we latched on Lakshmi in the Hindu pantheon because of her association with wealth.

It seems we all hunger timelessly for prosperity, as if that would fix all the ills in our lives. A caution there and a reminder of balance. Wealth is great but you need the wisdom and ability of Liu Hai to stay in control of it.

A good omen for the day and a very interesting dip into mythology once again. I love my cards!!