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Hey Kids, Look at That Card Up Close!

I keep forgetting capitalization rules in titles. Is “that” supposed to be capitalized or not, or “at”? I used to have a bookmark for this. ‘”At” is a preposition so is not capitalized. Unless it is the first or last … Continue reading

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Count on Success with the Moon

32 – MOON   More great success in Pixelmator! I imported some of my Photoshop brushes into the program, including the copyright symbol I like to use on scans of cards. I added a border too and used a flower … Continue reading

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Exotic Birdbrains and Drop Caps

Not much doing today, I finished this jigsaw puzzle of the Exotic Birds Playing Cards which are from the Heritage Playing Card Company. Image courtesy of the Somerville site. I also painted three biggish drop caps for a calligraphy project. … Continue reading

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The Existential Existence

Some people might wonder at my fondness for doing jigsaws of interesting card decks. What I like about it is that it can cement in my mind what I like. I do a jigsaw of the latest and greatest super … Continue reading

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Cryptic Moths in Spades

Arrrr Jim lad, there’s nothing like a deck of playing cards with moths. These are the Cryptic Cards by Immy Smith. I suppose you could call this a semi-transformation deck, but her scientific illustrations of moths are gorgeous. She uses … Continue reading

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Sort of an Ace in the Hole

This is An Ace in the Pack playing cards by Lesley Barnes, an illustrator from Glasgow, Scotland. She has a wonderful animation on her web site. She illustrates books and cards and all kinds of things. I don’t think she … Continue reading

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Why Didn’t I Buy THIS one?

When the Daniloff Tarot came out I was really strapped for money, so I never bought it. This year I bought about 5 decks and 4 of them I could live without. While working this jigsaw of the Daniloff, I … Continue reading

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